Guru Club: Instagram Referrals

Guru Club: Instagram Referrals

Use the Guru Club: Instagram Referrals – one of the best Shopify apps for Instagram feeds to instantly reward shoppers who promote your brand on Instagram. This app for Shopify will boost your brand’s image and outsource your marketing efforts to your customers themselves! 

The Guru Club app will automatically refund a small percentage of a customer’s purchase if they tag your brand in an Instagram post after buying. You get to decide the amount to be refunded. 

This is UGC at its absolute best: a fully automated reward system that actively encourages users to share your brand and products, without requiring any work from you. 

Not only does this show your brand to more people, but it also reduces cart abandonment and increases your conversion rate by offering a practical incentive to the customer (money). 

This is one of the best Shopify Instagram feed apps for reducing cart abandonment and driving up conversions.

Highlighted Features

  • Automatically give a partial refund to customers who share your brand on Instagram
  • Download the resulting UGC
  • Track progress and goals
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Outsource your marketing to your customers