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Improve Your Ads With Precise Pixel Tracking and Dynamic Audience Builder

OnePixel is a comprehensive pixel solution to help Shopify store owners easily manage multiple Facebook, TikTok & Google pixels - all in one app!

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Seamless Multi-pixel Integration
  • Support Facebook, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat & Microsoft pixels, all pixels in one app.

  • Integrate as many pixels as you like, of any kinds you want.

  • No coding or technical knowledge is required, error-free, intuitive dashboard.

Support Server-side events (Conversion API)

Say goodbye to data-loss effects due to iOS 14.5 changes, you can get the most comprehensive and reliable customer data thanks to our server-side tracking.

Comprehensive Pixel Report

With OnePixel built-in reporting modules, you’ll be able to closely monitor your visitors’ on-page actions and later move them down the buying funnel with highly targeted ads.

Dynamic Facebook Audience Builder
  • Create a highly targeted Lookalike Audience lineup of up to 20%, based on existing lists or campaigns.

  • Create a Custom Audience list based on the events your site visitors take or the URLs they interact with.

Hassle-free onboarding
that gets you started in minutes!

  • 01. Connect to your Social Accounts

    1-click successfully connect to your TikTok, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat & Microsoft ads account. Enjoy precise pixel tracking!

  • 02. Set up your main pixel

    Determining which one is your main pixel will help us get the right data from the right source.

  • 03. Remove Shopify Pixel

    To avoid data conflicts and duplication, you must remove the Shopify pixel from your site beforehand. And you’re good to go!

Connect to your Social Accounts Set up your main pixel Remove Shopify Pixel

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