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Socialshop Pricing: Flexible Plans for All BigCommerce Businesses

After 2 years of constant improvement, Socialshop has gained tons of notable achievements and won widespread popularity among the BigCommerce store owners community. 

In particular, Socialshop has been supporting +20,000 global merchants to sync +32 million items to Facebook & Google Shopping and optimize +10,000 product feeds. Moreover, Socialshop has become the 1st official Facebook partner to launch Facebook Shop worldwide. In addition, Socialshop’s empire even expanded to Shopify & WooCommerce to assist more and more online businesses to sell across channels.

It was an amazing journey and we could not make it without your trust and support. We are eternally grateful for that! 

To help you grow stronger and further as your most reliable partner, we would like to inform you that Socialshop pricing plans are being put into practice today!

In detail, Socialshop will provide you with 4 official plans including 3 paid plans and one Free plan. As we’ve always wanted to make things easier for our merchants, you’ll have a 14-day free trial before deciding to either stick with the chosen plan or upgrade and downgrade to a more suitable plan. 

With 4 plans that suit businesses from newbies to ‘big fish’, we aim to deliver you more robust features and services to help you start, grow and scale up your businesses.

Let’s see what Socialshop Pricing plans offer you!

All Socialshop Pricing Plans in a nutshell!

Want to have a sneak peek over the 4 plans before diving deeper into each one? Here we go!

According to our Socialshop pricing strategy, there will be 4 plans available for you to choose from based on your businesses’ size and demands:

  • Starter: FREE
  • Standard: $9.9 per month
  • Professional: $29.9 per month
  • Advanced: $49.9 per month
Take a look at our pricing plans put side-by-side

Take a look at our pricing plans put side-by-side

Ready to Choose the Plan that Best Suits your Business? 

Starter Plan

We know some merchants might not need all the features we offer. Hence, there will always be a ‘Starter Plan’ to provide you with basic feed tools. 

This plan offers you our key features for FREE but at the basic level such as creating and syncing ONE product feed to Facebook and Google Shopping. With a free plan, you can only update your product feed on Facebook and Google Shopping daily or weekly. 

Among Socialshop pricing plans, this is the best choice for BigCommerce newbies who have just started a store. However, if you want to grow your business bigger with more products and variants, you definitely need an upgraded plan. That’s why Socialshop has 3 other plans!

Standard  Plan

Secondly, we have the ‘Standard Plan’.

This is the right plan for growing businesses that have a small scale and less than 500 products and variants to sync. Standard Plan allows you to create up to 2 product feeds. Moreover, you can filter specific products from your feeds by selection or rules and also have more options to update your product feeds (Hourly, Daily, and Weekly).

If your business is growing a little bigger and you sync more products, then no other better choice to level up your business than a Standard Plan with Socialshop.

Professional Plan

This Socialshop pricing plan best suits businesses that step up to an advanced level with a greater scale and less than 5,000 products and variants

With higher demands of syncing more products to Facebook and Google Shopping, you are enabled to create up to 5 product feeds and also can filter specific products from your feeds.

Don’t forget you can schedule to update your product feeds weekly, daily, or even hourly.

Professional businesses of all sizes are most likely to choose this plan. In case your business has more than 5000 products and variants, we have the next exclusive plan.

Advanced Plan

The ‘Advanced Plan’ unlocks full features of Socialshop but at an advanced level. 

This plan enables you to create up to 8 feeds and sync up to 10,000 products to Facebook and Google Shopping. You can exclude specific products from your feeds or filter them by rules. Moreover, of course you are able to schedule sync time (Hourly, Daily, or Weekly). 

This plan is built for large and scaling businesses; however, if you still have higher expectations and needs then you can request a Custom Plan.

Custom Plan

If you have over 10,000 products to sync and would like to create more than 8 feeds, you can send a request for a custom Socialshop Pricing plan.

Based on your own business model and demands, you can request a suitable number of products and feeds or else. All you have to do is to make a request and send it to us. 

Follow the instructions below to customize your own plan with UNLIMITED functions:

  • Go to Contact Us
Contact us to have your Socialshop custom plan with unlimited functions

Contact us to have your Socialshop custom plan with unlimited functions

  • Choose the number of products/variants and feeds you want to request
Give us 2 numbers- how many products & variants you want to sync and how many feeds you want to create?

Input 2 indexes: How many products & variants you want to sync and How many feeds you want to create?

  • Send Request > Done
Once you finished, please wait for our response within 24 working hours

Once you finished, please wait for our response within 24 working hours

Our team will process your request and get back to you with the proper pricing quotation within 24 hours (Working time). And of course, the 14-day Free trial will be applied to your Custom Plan as well.

Decide on which plan for your BigCommerce store yet?

Well, that’s it! The Socialshop Pricing plans are officially available now and we genuinely hope you could pick a plan that best fits your demand and budget.

Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact our Customer Support team via live chat or email [email protected].