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Make every Instagram Account
a Social Commerce storefront!

Fully Customizable & Shoppable widgets for more conversions! Drive social proof, visibility and credibility across channels. Create seamless shopping experiences for more sales within just a few clicks.

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200+ reviews on Shopify

Convert 92% Of Prospects
Into Customers!
  • Create powerful Social Proof using your own Instagram feed.

  • Shoppable widgets to drive cross-channel sales and conversions

  • Expand your Instagram reach and community in a flash

  • Attract user-engagements to both your website and Instagram

  • Fully customized widgets to make your page stand out

Shoppable Instagram Widget

Let customers shop through your Widgets by tagging product and its variants to your photos, videos, or carousels. Drag-and-drop items to adjust positions with ease.

Expand Instagram Community

Craft your seamless shopping storefront with CTA buttons, to drive discoverability and sales for both Instagram and websites.

No Coding Needed

Fully customized Instagram widgets with multiple templates and layout settings. User-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to set up!

Showcase Instagram feed on your
website within minutes

  • 1.Connect Accounts

    Authorize Socialwidget with your Instagram accounts to start using.

  • 2.Choose Widget Template

    Choose a template that suits your needs and customize it as you want. Tag products and variants to create a Shoppable Widget. Preview your widgets before publishing to guarantee the best feed visuality on all devices.

  • 3.Embed Widget on your Shopify store

    Choose which Pages you want to stick the Widget on, switching widget positions manually or automatically on the site for better displaying results.

  • 4.Activate Widget

    Toggle “Active Your Widget” from “Off” to “On” to make it run. You can always go back to view and edit your widgets at any time by pressing the “Go to Gallery” button.

Connect Accounts Choose Widget Template Embed Widget on your Shopify store Activate Widget

Turn your beautiful Instagram Account into a
powerful eCommerce Selling Channel!

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