Socialhead News A brand new Socialhead

A brand new Socialhead – Make social selling easier than ever with 4 apps in 1

The Socialhead development team would like to express our grateful appreciation to all +10,000 current valued users as well as our new and potential customers for trusting us and letting us accompany you on your journey to social commerce successes.

A brand new ‘Socialhead’ - Make social selling easier than ever with 4 apps in 1

A brand new ‘Socialhead’ – Make social selling easier than ever with 4 apps in 1

‘Socialhead’ – 4 apps in one place.

We would like to inform you about a new change in our Shopify apps. By doing so, we can serve our valued customers even better than ever. We can also provide the best supports for new customers.

Since Sep 21st, 2020, the big 4 apps including Socialpublish, Socialshop, Socialreply, and Socialwidget have united as only one ‘Socialhead’

A Brand New ‘Socialhead’

Make social selling easier than ever with 4 apps in 1.

Besides the 4-app integration, all the plans and functionalities are guaranteed to be unchanged. If there are any latest updates, we would like to inform you immediately.

Full package of functionalities in ‘Socialhead’.

This means there will be no more app-switching when you now can acquire the full functionalities of 4 big features. Moreover, there are also crucial features included in one platform.

Socialpublish –  A must-have tool for social management:

  • Auto-publish your latest products & discounts on social media.
  • Manage multiple social accounts in one place.
  • Edit & fully keep track of all posts easily with the drag & drop feature.
  • Enable your logos on images to build brand awareness.
  • Boost conversion by adding discount tags.
  • Publish positive customer reviews as on-site social proof.

Socialshop – Product feed optimization with ease.

  • Create, list & sync product feeds to Facebook Catalog & Google Merchant Center.
  • Add custom labels to your products for efficient tracking and management.
  • Customize or combine multiple data fields to highlight your product names.

Socialwidget – The best solution for social widgets.

  • Create galleries of your best-performing Instagram feeds.
  • Showcase your widgets on your website as social proof.
  • Auto-adapt to all device screens and layouts with the best quality and visuality.
  • Integrate with ease and full customization of your Instagram feeds.

Socialreply – Messenger marketing expert.

  • Instant responses to all messages & comments across Facebook accounts.
  • Centralize all Facebook accounts in one place for easier management.
  • Place orders & send product information right in chat.
  • Auto-hide & auto-reply comments.
  • Update customer information to the Shopify store’s database.

All the functions you have enjoyed will be totally available in ‘Socialhead’ from now on.

Browse into or Socialhead’s app page to access the full package of 4 apps.

4 Socialhead's apps in 1 place

4 Socialhead‘s apps in 1 place

What benefits will you get from this app integration?

With the big 4 apps coming together, Shopify merchants will be able to achieve more advantages for their social commerce businesses.

  • Save more time than before from app-switching.
  • User-friendly integration.
  • Higher productivity when 4 apps work together.
  • Get apps quickly without visiting the Shopify App Store.
  • Much more proactive and timely customer support in-app.

How to get the full package of ‘Socialhead’?

Please take note that 4 apps (Socialpublish, Socialshop, Socialwidget, Socialreply) are still available individually on the Shopify App Store. Therefore, the question remains how can Shopify merchants acquire the full package of ‘Socialhead’?

There are 3 ways for Shopify merchants to get the full functions of Socialhead.

Install all 4 apps from the Shopify App Store.

Visit Shopify App Store > Search for Socialpublish/ Socialshop/ Socialwidget/ Socialreply > Hit Add app & Follow instructions. 

Once you install all 4 apps manually, you have activated the full package of Socialhead.

Install Socialhead's apps on the Shopify app store

Install Socialhead‘s apps on the Shopify app store


Install app directly on Shopify

Install app directly on Shopify

Get apps on our website ‘’.

Browse into > Get free app > Choose an app > Fill in your Shopify store name & install now. 

Get all 4 apps to complete your Socialhead package.

How to get the full package of ‘Socialhead’?

How to get the full package of ‘Socialhead’?

Get apps on our website

Get apps on our website

Get the full package of Socialhead in-app. (Recommended)

Visit the Shopify App Store/ > Install one of 4 apps (Socialpublish/ Socialshop/ Socialwidget/ Socialreply) > Get into your installed app > Click on other apps tab > Install app now. 

Do the same way to get all the 4 apps in the Socialhead platform, and you acquire the full functionalities.

Get the full package of Socialhead in-app

Get the full package of Socialhead in-app

Get the full package in-app

Get the full package in-app

If you have any other questions about getting apps or using full functionalities, feel free to communicate with our support team. Tell us what’s wrong via [email protected] or in-app live chat.

Get the brand new ‘Socialhead’ – the 4 big apps in 1 control center to rock your Shopify business now.

If you already get the full package, visit and enjoy now!