AliExpress Review Importer By

AliExpress Review Importer By is no stranger to the Shopify App Store. The developers have made some of the most popular apps for Shopify and AliExpress Review Importer is one of their latest as well as the best Shopify app to make life easier for merchants.

This best Shopify app offers unlimited reviews imported from AliExpress, completely free. You can choose to only import reviews of a certain rank, for example, 3 stars or more, or just 5-star reviews. You can also choose to only import photo reviews or those from a specified country.

AliExpress Review Importer is one of the best Aliexpress review apps for Shopify to explode your brand’s social proof and SEO ranking. You can even translate reviews into English. Top marks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Import up to 25 AliExpress reviews per second
  • Choose the criteria of the reviews you import
  • Translate reviews into English
  • Build social proof and improve SEO