Bizzy Social Proof by Pixel Union

Bizzy Social Proof by Pixel Union

Bizzy Social Proof is one of the best Shopify apps for leveraging social proof. You can display orders from shoppers in real-time, helping to build confidence with new prospects visiting your site. This app for Shopify makes your store look a lot busier to new visitors and is great for increasing conversions.

The social proof app for Shopify takes this a step further to include retargeting. Shoppers who recently viewed an item will see sales notifications for that item next time they come to your store.

All of this is built around the idea that people are more likely to commit actions when they see others around them committing the same actions.

The app has multi-language support so you can show notifications in the user’s default language.

Highlighted Features:

  • Build confidence with live sales notifications
  • Make your store look busier
  • Retarget shoppers who previously viewed one of your products
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to set up