Facebook Channel by Shopify

Facebook Channel by Shopify

Facebook Channel developed by Shopify is the company’s official tool for selling on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop. This app for Shopify is essentially the same as the aforementioned Socialshop – Facebook, Google Shopping Feed but without the fancy features. 

Unlike Socialshop with fully functional solutions for product feeds across sales channels, Facebook Channels simply help you publish products on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping as well as to measure your progress with the Facebook Pixel.

Even Facebook Channels is not so ideal since it only updates your Facebook product feeds or Instagram feeds every 30 days, but it’s simple, basic, and easy to use for Shopify newbies. If merchants only need to bring their products from Shopify to Facebook or Instagram Shopping without optimizing or any other further customization, then Facebook Channel is the best Shopify app for you.

This Facebook product feed and Instagram feed app for Shopify is free, which is very suitable for merchants who are starting their first Shopify stores.

Highlighted Features:

  • Publish product feeds on Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage products without leaving Shopify
  • Advertise products with free and paid ads
  • Easy and free to use