Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery is one of the best Shopify Instagram feed apps by Space Squirrel, Ltd. This best Shopify app lets you showcase your products in a unique way by creating seasonal ‘lookbooks’, encouraging users to leave photo reviews, and creating hero image slideshows. All of this is powered by integration with Instagram. 

User-generated content is proven to boost sales by giving your brand a more trustworthy image. Leverage post-purchase email campaigns to get user photo reviews on Instagram by offering discounts and shoutouts to build your bank of UGC. 

You can have users buy products instantly from within the Instagram feeds themselves, and even allow them to choose different variants without having to redirect to the product pages. You can build product-specific galleries automatically by having tags in your Instagram photos and encouraging customers to do the same. 

Analytics are also included, allowing you to measure conversions in line with your goals and making this one of the best Shopify apps for Instagram feeds out there right now. 

Highlighted Features

  • Create product-specific galleries, lookbooks, and hero slides
  • Boost trust with UGC photo reviews
  • Auto-generate email campaigns for photo reviews 
  • Measure conversions with built-in analytics
  • Instant purchasing within the gallery