Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews stands tall as one of the best Shopify apps for collecting reviews and leveraging social proof to boost conversions. The app for Shopify has thousands of reviews and features to match.

Judge automatically collects photo and video reviews by request, giving you plenty of social proof to proudly display on your Shopify store.

The best Shopify app for social proof also lets you display a floating reviews tab, share reviews on social media automatically, and collect SEO rich snippets from Google star ratings.

This is one of the best photo review and social proof apps for Shopify that will explode customer trust in your brand, as well as boost your site’s SEO performance.
Highlighted Features:

  • Auto-request photo and video reviews
  • Increase social proof with media-rich reviews
  • Post on social media to boost engagement and traffic
  • Improve SEO with rich snippets
  • Offer coupons as rewards for more detailed reviews