Messenger Channel by Shopify

Messenger Channel by Shopify

The Messenger Channel is a Facebook chat app developed by Shopify for selling via Facebook Messenger. This best Shopify app isn’t particularly special, but it is worth setting up to connect your Shopify account to your Facebook page.

The Facebook chat app by Shopify allows you to track users with Facebook Pixel and send detailed order status messages to customers through Facebook chat.

You can customize the Messenger icon to fit your Shopify store’s theme, and you can set up automated customer responses to drive prospects through your sales funnel, nurturing them all the way to the checkout.

The Messenger Channel lets you send products to prospects through Facebook chats. Customers can then buy products without even having to leave the Facebook Messenger app.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reply to customers through Facebook Chats
  • Official Shopify app for connecting with Facebook Messenger
  • Send products through Chats
  • Track customers with analytics
  • Customize your Messenger icon