Messenger Chat + Abandoned Cart By BiteSpeed

Messenger Chat + Abandoned Cart By BiteSpeed

The Messenger Chat + Abandoned Cart app for Shopify is more than just a chatbox. This app gives you Messenger integration, a powerful tool to reconvert shoppers who abandon their carts, and a spin-wheel to win discounts and prevent cart abandonment.

Offering discounts in exchange for email signups and preventing cart abandonment is a great way to boost revenue and level up your marketing efforts.

A lot of shoppers browse and leave without adding anything to their cart. These prospects can be converted if they can be convinced to enter the sales funnel. Fun smart popups like spin wheels are a fantastic way to do this.

The whole process is automated, saving you time and money while growing your revenue and marketing potential.
Highlighted Features:

  • Integrates Messenger into your Shopify store
  • Smart popups like the wheel spin to win signups
  • Prevents cart abandonment
  • Automated smart campaigns