Outfy – Automate Social Media

Outfy – Automate Social Media

Outfy – Automate Social Media might just be the auto post app for Shopify you’ve been looking for all this time. It’s become one of the best Shopify apps for managing your social media content schedule and is used by loads of businesses on Shopify.

The app for Shopify helps you create videos, GIFs, ads, and other social media content automatically, giving your brand a much better chance online. It even chooses the best hashtags to use to ensure you get more reach and engagement with your posts.

The app supports various platforms and can be used for all your Shopify stores. Save time and money by automating content creation with surprisingly effective results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can auto-create VIDEOS
  • Auto-create collages and GIFs, as well as product posts
  • Find the best hashtags for greater reach
  • Easily manage everything on social media