Smart Product Filter & Search By Globo

Smart Product Filter & Search By Globo

Want to apply filters to products and collections? Smart Product Filter & Search is a heavy-hitting product filter app for Shopify that allows you to install custom filtering options to narrow products down on a collection page, or even to find specific collections on your store.

This is a feature that few other solutions can offer.

You can also set up a product filter tree on the search results page so users can find what they’re looking for even easier. The search bar offers live search with images, price, and star ratings shown as the user types.

Users can share their filter results via URL without losing the results they see. There are 11 filters in total, including price, brand, size, color, and sale percentage.
Highlighted Features:

  • Filter by products or collection
  • Filter on the results page
  • Copy URL of filter results
  • The smart live search function