In this article, we’re going to provide you some up-to-date info about a massive integration: Facebook is merging Instagram and Messenger.

Starting this Wednesday, this latest Facebook updated version will allow Instagram users to freely send messages to their friends using Messenger chatting systems, or we called it: The Instagram Messenger.

Undoubtedly, this is the first move from Facebook to achieve the plan that has been announced last year: The integration between WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

However, not only simply that Mark Zuckerberg wants to provide his users with “end-to-end encryption” across all platforms, but there are lots bigger intentions behind this update.

Facebook Is Merging Instagram And Messenger

Facebook Is Merging Instagram And Messenger

Gain back user trust after data privacy scandal

As a consequence of publicizing scandals lately, Facebook is somehow losing more customers’ trust than ever. Never happened in the whole Facebook or any social media platform’s history, a large amount of user data has been hacked and used for bad political purposes.

With this move, Facebook is trying to gain back customers’ trust and prove that they care about users’ private information.

“I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than today’s open platforms.” – said Mark Zuckerberg in an interview.

Remain safe in front of bad accusations

Besides winning back user trust, Facebook will provide a completely private chatting condition for users, by staying out of all conversation in this update. It might seem good for user privacy but will definitely pave way for illegal actions going through the system.

According to Mark’s open letter, Facebook will have the right to not take any responsibility for the bad sides of the conversation across the messaging function including drug sales, social bullying, scams, and anything like that.

Dominate the global messaging market

Nearly 100 billion daily messages are being sent across family members on Facebook every day, due to coronavirus situations. In addition, each platform also holds a large amount of monthly active users in-app.

By merging Instagram and Messenger, Facebook can have full control over a huge number of customers’ personal data. And this is very important to optimize their ads to sell more in the future.

With the largest customer database, Facebook will always stay one step ahead of other tech companies in this messaging market.

Facebook can facilitate its clout by this massive integration

Facebook can facilitate its clout by this massive integration

A seamless chatting experience

At the moment, some Instagram users are already using Messenger to chit-chat without needing to log into their Facebook account. Frankly speaking, Facebook users can now send texts, videos, or photos straight to anyone on Instagram platform, and vice versa.


See that Messenger icon at the Instagram box chat?

See that Messenger icon at the Instagram box chat?

“We’re connecting the Messenger and Instagram experience to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram”, said Adam Mosseri, representing Facebook, and Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger and Facebook’s vice president.

Not only this feature is here to improve the user chatting experience, since the ‘Instagram Direct’ is becoming out of style and seems pretty unpreferable with consumers, but also this integration was born to prevent the authorities from breaking the platform apart, and help Facebook strengthen their market position even when they’ve been facing some serious legal issues lately.


Not only customers' chatting experience get improve but also Facebook's position

Not only customers’ chatting experience get improve but also Facebook’s position

Privacy-focused experience for users

You might not know, but this plan was firstly announced in March 2019 by Facebook. The company has been testing the functionality in some selected markets all over the world ever since. Sooner or later, this feature will be globally applied in the upcoming time. And with this movement, the new Facebook update will definitely enhance their dominance on the messaging market in the future.


Facebook promises to bring about ultimate privacy for users

Facebook promises to bring about ultimate privacy for users

A greater version of Messenger

Until now, there is no timeline from this Facebook update plan. However, they informed that during this early period, Instagram users can freely choose whether they want to try this new function or not.


Messenger just created 'Watch Together' on Instagram to make users feel more engaged to their beloved ones and to the platform also

The feature ‘Watch Together’ from Messenger has made users feel more engaged with their beloved ones and the platform also

When being asked about the difficulties that might cause if the regulators wanted to split up these three platforms, Vishal Shah, the head of items from Instagram, has called the update a “massive investment from an infrastructure perspective”. He also notified that “The back end systems that we were sitting on top of were not the same. We had to get to a place where they were similar infrastructure. We had to move features and important things over across both Facebook Messenger, as well as on [Instagram] Direct”.


Swipe up if you want the message to vanish instantly when you leave the box chat

Swipe up if you want the message to vanish instantly when you leave the box chat

As they’re upgrading the platform to a better version, 11 additional brilliant functions will be added to optimize the Messenger experience on Instagram including:

  1. Selfie Stickers
  2. Chat Colors
  3. Customize Emojis
  4. Animated Message Effects
  5. Directly Replies
  6. Content Forwarding
  7. Message Controls
  8. Seamless Cross-App Communicate
  9. Watch Together on Facebook Watch, IGTV, and more
  10. Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates.


Almost everything Facebook Messenger has, Instagram box chat DOES and so much more!

Almost everything Facebook Messenger has, Instagram box chat DOES and so much more!

Your privacy is under control

Lastly, to retain the internet safety environment, Instagram has also confirmed that with the newly updated rules, users can easily control their message privacy options. For example, they can choose to block anyone across all platforms or decide who they want to have a conversation with from other apps and vice versa. This function allows people to avoid disturbing messages from the unwanteds and somehow prevent cross-app ‘online harassment’.

In conclusion

In brief, Facebook is merging Instagram and Messenger, therein lies some necessary info. With this article, we hope to keep you updated with all of this information.

Along the move towards this integration, Facebook promises its users a greater Instagram Messenger experience.