7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2021.

Apparently, everybody is familiar with Instagram – a social network for sharing pictures and videos around the world. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram has become one of the inseparable parts of human social daily life. 

Apparently, everybody is familiar with Instagram - a social network for sharing pictures and videos around the world. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram has become one of the inseparable parts of human social daily life.

Most popular social networks worldwide in 2020

Instagram ranks No.6 in the top 15 most popular social networks worldwide.

According to the latest data by Statista, Instagram has reached 1,082 million active users and counting in 2020. Instagram has been listed in the top 15 most popular social networks worldwide. 

Obviously, Instagram has turned a big 10 years in 2020. 

Nowadays, Instagram is not only a place for sharing photos and videos with friends or one of the biggest global social networks but something more. By that, we mean Instagram has become a powerful tool for social commerce businesses to make sales. 

Before selling on Instagram became a trend as nowadays, most people did not believe that they could actually sell anything on a photo and video sharing platform like Instagram. However, the statistics proved their thoughts wrong and too subjective. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Data on Instagram shopping survey by Oberlo

According to a survey conducted by Oberlo, 83% of users acknowledged Instagram helped them discover as well as research new products and services easier. While 80% of others said they preferred buying products or services through Instagram.

These stats not only show us how much customers love shopping via Instagram but also remind social commerce entrepreneurs once again how important it is to sell more on Instagram. 

In 2018, more than 71% of U.S businesses used Instagram to approach more customers. This percentage has kept growing up to 75.3% in 2020 for the U.S market only, not to mention the rising number of worldwide social commerce businesses on Instagram.

In brief, with the huge number of active users as well as other marketing and advertising activities taking place on the platform, Instagram is such a potential market where customers are already available to be engaged. 

With such great potential, it’s time for merchants to start their business on this new sales channel – Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop will enable merchants to tag products in their posts or stories so that audiences just need a click to reach your products’ details. Moreover, merchants can activate some advantageous features such as Instagram check-out, live shopping, loyalty programs.

New Facebook Shops & Instagram Shop: What You Need to Know

Instagram Shop feature enables merchants to sell more on Instagram.

It’s not an exaggeration to compare that Instagram Shop is as good as Facebook Shop or even better in some opinions. Perhaps, these 2 sales channels may link together in the near future since they are under the same roof – Facebook Inc. 

To activate the Instagram Shop feature as well as set up an Instagram shop of your own, merchants need to switch your Insta-accounts from individual to business. 

Then add it to Facebook Business Manager to fully keep track and activate your Insta-shop features.

7 reasons why selling on Instagram is a must for social commerce businesses.

To social commerce or online businesses, selling on Instagram is switching from should-do to must-do with 7 certain reasons that can greatly benefit merchants. 

Visually capture customers’ attention.

Research shows that 90% of information is transmitted to our brain via visual things. Therefore, it is a huge advantage to promote your products to customers through images since Instagram is all about visuals. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Instagram audiences are easier to approach through visuals.

If it takes customers quite some time to read and process the information in texts to make a purchase, then it only takes less than 5 seconds to impress customers through scrolling through their Instagram feed. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

If you want to sell more on Instagram, visualize your products.

Accordingly, in a fast-moving world like nowadays, social commerce businesses can actually sell a lot of products on no other better platforms than Instagram. If you want to sell more Instagram, start an Insta-channel now.

Directly approach tech-savvy audiences.

Instagram is a social media platform full of young and tech-savvy audiences. Most of them are between the ages of 18 and 29 who are seriously interested in shopping online or even prefer it. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Instagram has a great amount of tech-savvy audiences.

Research shows that up to 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business account. In addition, 78% of users say that they see brands on Instagram as popular. 

Accordingly, getting your business on Instagram means you are getting great opportunities to market your products widely to all potential customers on this platform. 

Maximize your product content visibility.

If you may not know that most of your posts on other social media platforms are hidden due to the on-site ranking algorithm.

Therefore, even if the audiences have interests, care about your products, or even already subscribe to your social pages, they won’t be able to see most of your content. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Boost your product visibility on Instagram if you are craving for more sales.

However, Instagram is on another hand. Instagram helps social commerce businesses or regular users to maximize their posts’ percentage of being seen based on the posting time. 

As long as you publish your content at the right time, your posts have a fair chance to be shown to Instagram audiences.

The good time for posting varies by platform. The more your content appears, the better you sell on Instagram.

Boosting customer engagement rate.

A survey on social media users’ behaviors shows that the average Instagram users tend to be a lot more engaged than those on Facebook especially when it comes to product or branded content. This result strengthens your decision to sell on Instagram since customers are waiting to be converted.

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Instagram has audience engagement higher than other platforms.

Moreover, Instagram users can share your content and help you promote it to others if they find your content helpful, catching, interesting, or else. This is also one of the good ways to drive more free traffic. Make sure that you create good content before publishing it on Instagram.

Leverage other users’ content.

Instagram is one of the rare social media platforms that enable users to interact with brands. By creating their own content of the products they like, users tend to input several hashtags to capture brands’ attention. This kind of on-site interaction offers social commerce businesses 2 advantages.

One is brand awareness and familiarity growth. More and more people are creating content with your products in use and hashtags of your brand, so your brand is being marketed for free on Instagram. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Customers interact with brands by their own content, which helps you sell more on Instagram.

The second one is brand trust growth. With a lot of customers posting pictures of your products, you are having such a great opportunity to build testimonials. 

Moreover, you can also embed your Instagram feed on multiple social media platforms to channelize traffic from webs to Instagram and vice versa as well as strengthening your brand trust again. 

Don’t forget to interact with your customers while they are trying to interact with your brand. Reposting pictures of users on Instagram feed or stories is one of the most popular ways to leverage content generated by users. Eventually, you will realize it is necessary for you to sell on Instagram.

Treat every customer personally.

Consumers always want to be treated specially as if they are a very important customer of your brand. Instagram enables you to connect with your customers personally. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Interaction with brands on Instagram makes customers feel they are special & personally treated.

There is more than one way to do that. For instance, you can consider taking customers to where and how your products are made through pictures or short videos on Instagram so that they can feel the true values of your brands and products.

Or you can create questionnaires in Insta stories to gather customer feedback and personal opinion, this makes customers feel their roles mean a lot to your brand. 

Build customer credibility.

Instagram not only helps you get closer to a wide range of customers but also helps you build a trustworthy image of your brand and products. Brands can leverage their own authentic Instagram resources to strengthen their brand websites.

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Socialwidget enables you to create galleries of your Insta-feeds.

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

And embed them on websites as social proof.

To do so, social commerce businesses can use Socialwidget to embed the best-performing Instagram feeds on websites as social proof. By that, brands can channelize social traffic from websites to Instagram and vice versa. Moreover, you can increase the dwell-time as well as grow customer trust.

7 easy & simple tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Optimize your Insta business profile.

Since more and more people are seeking brands on Instagram instead of other platforms, your profile on Instagram plays a crucial role as your face as well as your customers’ first impression. 

If a customer browses into your Instagram channel, your profile will be the first point he/she considers before making any purchase or even looking at your products. 

Therefore, having a good profile is not only necessary but also important to increase the conversion rate as well as the dwell time of audiences. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Create a good profile for your Instagram channel.

To fully customize your business profile, you should pay attention to these factors:

  • Profile picture: Eye-catching but easy to remember.
  • Bio: Short and clear with all the most important info.
  • Clickable Link: Lead to your main sales channel.

Besides, an aesthetic and optimized profile can turn the audiences into followers. By that, it not only strengthens your Instagram channel but also increases brand trust.

Using Instagram Ads. 

This is a very classic strategy for all social commerce businesses to sell more on Instagram, but it works all the time. Don’t be too stressed if you are new to social media advertising. 

Promote Instagram posts.

You can find a bundle of documents related to running ads on Instagram, or you can take some simple beginning method to get used to Instagram ads first. 

One of the easiest ways is to promote your best-performing post. When you get a nice Instagram content published, you can advertise that post by hitting the ‘promote’ button. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Sell more on Instagram by promoting your best-performing posts.

For Instagram, the easiest way to run ads that newbies can take is to promote your post. This method is simple but effective and also time-saving for business owners. When you get a nice Instagram post, you can use it as an advertisement by hitting the ‘promote button’. 

You will need to set up 3 things before you can promote your posts on Instagram: Budget, Destination (Where you gonna send audiences to including website, profile, or direct message), and Target Audience. Don’t forget to check everything thoroughly once again before confirming. 

A little tip for newbies is that you should spend small budgets on Instagram ads to test the market and also understand how Insta-ads actually works so that you can plan carefully for later ads. 

Instagram Story Ads

With 500 million users creating & watching Instagram stories every day, Insta-stories have become the new best place for advertising as well as the trendy effective way to sell more on Instagram.

Your Insta-story ads will show up between users’ stories in order not to make them feel annoyed. Through this kind of ad, you can not only deliver your products closer to customers but also express your brand personality. Be creative and genuine if you want to attract more followers and customers. 

Moreover, Insta-story ads have call-to-action buttons that help you engage customers better as well as increase the conversion rate.

Create Insta stories with product links.

Social commerce brands should leverage Instagram stories to make their brands more human. By often creating stories, you can regularly promote your products to customers daily and keep constant engagement with customers at the same time.

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Sell more on Instagram with the ‘See More’ button on stories.

In addition, you should input the product links in your stories to seamlessly lead audiences to your products and easily convert them into your customers. These stories with call-to-action buttons will help you sell more on Instagram if you make it your brand habit.

Leverage the power of influencer marketing.

Known as the “territory” of influencers and KOLs, Instagram is a business market affected mostly by influencer marketing. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Influencers help brands sell more on Instagram.

Research shows that 90% of marketers use influencer marketing to sell more on Instagram, and 92% of them claim that it is more effective than traditional advertising. 

This belief is not unfounded at all since influencers generate higher customer engagement and conversion rates than brands themselves. Therefore, partnerships with influencers can help social commerce businesses sell more on Instagram. 

Furthermore, brands can track immediate results through performance on the influencers’ Instagram channels. 

In addition, different influencers specialize in different fields, so brands can target more exactly the audiences who may have concerns or interest in your products. 

Since the influencers already have a great number of followers who share the same interests, you will get a higher chance to sell more on Instagram.

Make your Instagram feeds shoppable.

One of the effective tips to sell more on Instagram is to make your Instagram feeds shoppable. Instagram’s shopping feature enables social commerce businesses to tag products in pictures so that the audiences can shop right on your feeds. This is Instant Purchase feature.

With this feature, customers can add products to carts and make purchases right on feeds. Easy and convenient for both shoppers and store owners.

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Add product tags on your pictures to sell more on Instagram.

This boosts your conversion considerably by engaging your customers all the time as well as encouraging them to buy products as much as possible without spamming ads. To set up shoppable Instagram feeds, you can find out here.

You can use Socialwidget to tag products on your Instagram images to make your Instagram shoppable.

Run Insta-only promotion.

You can sell more on Instagram by adding promotions on Instagram posts or stories. Offering discounts and promotions for Instagram followers only will encourage your customers to make purchases. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Run promotions to sell more on Instagram.

In addition, Insta-only promotions encourage users to follow your channels to assure they won’t miss good offers in the future. This is an old but gold tip that works all the time since customers always love promotions. 

Optimize hashtags.

Hashtags are the last but not least factor for a successful Instagram post. Good and targeted hashtags will make your content visible to a wide range of users. Therefore, you must choose and use hashtags with care and consideration in order to get the best results. 

7 brilliant tips to sell more on Instagram in 2020.

Optimizing hashtags is a good way to sell more on Instagram.

A little tip to optimize your hashtags is to pick those that are popular and frequent use. Adding hashtags will enable your posts to show up more to Instagram users, and help you sell more on Instagram. 

Make small research on hashtags using and list down the best ones for your content before you publish content. Be a little picky and don’t spam hashtags in your posts.


In brief, Instagram is an opportunity to skyrocket sales as long as you leverage it to the fullest. 

Still, wonder why you must integrate with Instagram to sell more? Then please read our 7 reasons once again. Or if you already read, try to apply our 7 tips to sell more on Instagram and see the differences. 

If you have any good tips or advice, please share them with us and other merchants in the comments below. Wish you all the best and happy selling.