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Best Shopify Affiliate Apps that You Must Have in 2022

Fed up with sitting behind the desk from nine-to-five to seek effective digital marketing solutions for your eCommerce site? Well, that signals one thing- it’s high time you stepped forward and onward with the so-called Affiliate Marketing. Thus, we’re now introducing you to these best Shopify affiliate apps so that you can improve your brand visibility and round up your bottom line.

Best Shopify affiliate apps that you should not miss out in 2022

#1.UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

Rating: 4.9 (2280+)

Pricing: $29.99 – $199.99/month | Free Plan Available

Put a great emphasis on affiliate marketing campaigns? Then UpPromote Affiliate & Referral is one of the best Shopify affiliate marketing apps you could find right now. Evidently, it has a 4.9-rating star from +2,280 reviews. This awesome app has a networking platform so that advertisers and publishers can reach out to each other. On top of that, it has a clean interface with bunches of robust features. This includes a professional and highly customizable affiliate registration form, various commissions and manageable links/coupons for your affiliates and for your business. 

UpPromote is one of the most savage Shopify Affiliate Apps with multiple and powerful affiliate features

UpPromote is one of the most savage Shopify Affiliate Apps with multiple and powerful affiliate features

Features of UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

  • UpPromote Marketplace: this is the app’s affiliate network platform where you and your affiliates can reach out to each other after you’ve listed your affiliate program there 
  • Customizable registration form: give advertisers on the app’s marketplace a registration form. Besides adding information about your program, you can make your form more eye-catching with your business logo, banner, etc.
  • Flexible offer options: attract potential affiliates with multiple offers including product commission, auto-tier commission, commissions on order values. You can even add a lifetime commission to sweeten the deal also
  • Affiliate empowerment: allow your affiliates to gain access to your promotion resources including affiliate links, coupons, brand media assets, etc. Each of your affiliates will have a separate portal for easier management 
  • Multi-level marketing: what truly sets UpPromote apart from other top Shopify affiliate apps is that each affiliate can invite or recruit unlimited distributors. Their network commission will be calculated on either commission of the affiliate who directly brought the order or total sale with the percentage set by you
  • Convert customers into affiliates: advertisers do not inherently mean influencers or bloggers. UpPromote got that! Thus, you can add a post-purchase pop-up to incentivize your customers to refer their friends for rewards. Or you can convert signed-up customers with automatic email    
  • Email templates: this app allows you to reply your affiliates/customers with professional pre-filled email templates so that you can minimize the workload needed

#2. Goaffpro ‑ Affiliate Marketing

Rating: 4.8 (1448)

Pricing: $24/month | Free Plan Available

Similar to UpPromote, Goaffpro – Affiliate Marketing is also one of the most popular and best Shopify affiliate apps you might love to have a hands-on experience with. This robust app comes with a bunch of tools that are built intuitively so that merchants can manage their affiliate marketing campaigns effectively. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll access the app’s network platform where you can attract affiliates with multiple commissions. More importantly, the app’s interface is clean and user-friendly so it should be a wise choice for those with the least technical knowledge and skills.

Ease of use, various functions & great scalability, Goaffpro is for sure one of the coolest Shopify Affiliate Apps in 2021

Ease of use, various functions & great scalability, Goaffpro is for sure one of the coolest Shopify Affiliate Apps in 2021

Features of Goaffpro ‑ Affiliate Marketing

  • Goaffpro Marketplace: even with the free plan, you still can list your program and business info on the app’s affiliate networking hub where prospecting advertisers or list your business can reach you or you can actively scout for them 
  • Registration form templates: unlike many Shopify affiliate apps that offer a rather fixed sign-up form, Goaffpro certainly gives users more flexibility. The app allows you to play around with text, brand’s logo and banner and in addition on 3 beautiful pre-made templates
  • Multiple commission offers: besides the default commission, you have many other options including Product Commissions, Affiliate Commissions. You can even add Collection Commissions to apply the same commission on all affiliate promote any products in a specific collection or Lifetime Commission like UpPromote
  • Bulk import affiliates: already have a long list of affiliates? That’s cool cause this stunning app allows you to import hundreds of affiliates via CSV file
  • Automated coupons: assign coupons to your affiliates so that they can use it for promoting your campaign (even without an affiliate link). Plus, the coupon will be auto-applied when the referral link is used
  • Bulk email composing: if you have a massive number of affiliates, replying every single one of them is time-sucking. That’s why Goaffpro enables you to compose email and send them in bulk 
  • Multi-level marketing: this robust app also allows you to set up sub-affiliates programs when they all get commissions when a sale is made. The app supports up to 10 levels of affiliates. Plus, you can even give them a bonus for recruiting other sub-affiliates
  • Post-checkout pop-up: convert brand advocates into your affiliates has never been this easy with the app’s pre-filled pop-up template. You can adjust the look and feel so that it matches perfectly with your brand image

#3. Affiliate Marketing & Referral

Rating: 4.9 (95)

Pricing: From $5 – $15/month | Free Plan Available

Notwithstanding the fact that Affiliate Marketing & Referral is not so popular, if you do not want to splurge your hard-earned money on an app that offers bunches of features you hardly ever touch, then this app should be one of the best Shopify affiliate apps for your demands. It offers you efficient tools to work everything out with your affiliates. Plus, the app also offers a post-purchase pop-up at the thank-you page so that you can leverage your customers as another affiliate source. It’s noteworthy that this app has rational pricing plans, but it doesn’t have a platform to connect you and affiliates like some top-notch Shopify affiliate apps. Therefore, we only recommend it for those who already have a long list of affiliates.

Rational pricing, a simple and tractable dashboard is what makes this one of your best Shopify affiliate apps ever

Rational pricing, a simple and tractable dashboard is what makes this one of your best Shopify affiliate apps ever

Features of Affiliate Marketing & Referral

  • Sign-up & sign-in form: though you can set up quite logical registration forms including sign-up page, sign-in page & password recovery page for your affiliates, you can only make changes to the text and the URL, without the eye-catching brand logo and banner like the 2 apps we mentioned above
  • Multiple commissions: you can set commission on specific products for specific affiliates and vice versa as well as collection/lifetime commissions like Goaffpro. Additionally, you might love to use multi-tier commissions to encourage your affiliates (the more sales they generate, the higher commission they’ll get)
  • Automated discounts: whenever an affiliate link is used, the app will automatically apply coupon for your customers
  • Multi-level affiliate: increase your brand visibility as well as your revenues by empowering your affiliates to reach out to other affiliates and they all get commissions whenever a sale is triggered 
  • Email functionality: though this app allows you to send email in bulk, the email templates, similar to the sign-in form, are filled with text and CTA buttons only. If you’re meticulous about your email visuals, this function offered by the app might sound off-putting
  • Post-purchase pop-up: the app also enables merchants to utilize their existing customers as affiliates with a customizable pop-up emerging after customers finish processing their payment

#4. GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing

Rating: 4.9 (140)

Pricing: $39 – $199/month | Free Plan Available

GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing has an impressive 4.9-rating on the Shopify Appstore. Hold on! Does it live up to the hype? Well, as we’ve scrutinized, this is one of the best Shopify affiliate apps in the meantime. It has an affiliate network platform so that both affiliates and you can team up with each other at ease. More importantly, the app also comes up with a dozen of powerful tools and advanced configuration so that you can keep track of your affiliates easily and conveniently. Well, this app might not be the most economical choice but guess what? It’s worth every penny of yours!

There are very few Shopify affiliate apps that have a high-rating on the Shopify Appstore and GrowthHero is one of them

There are very few Shopify affiliate apps that have a high-rating on the Shopify Appstore and GrowthHero is one of them

Features of GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing

  • Marketplace Listings: the app has a marketplace where you can contact, invite and perner up with the affiliates that match with your specific demands
  • Customizable registration form: fill up important info about your business and your program with a registration form you can also decorate it with brand’s logo if you want to
  • Flexible commission modifier: though the app doesn’t have a lifetime or collection commission, you can still play around with its Product-based commission, SKU-based commission and bonus commission
  • Multi-level marketing: what sets GrowthHero apart from top Shopify affiliate apps is that you can empower only specific affiliates to recruit others in the partner settings
  • Affiliate management: manage your affiliates, check out on their progress and performance via trackable links and coupons
  • Various email templates: this awesome app offers merchants a wide range of pre-filled email templates for prompter communication with your affiliates and your customers
  • Post-purchase modal: besides the affiliate group, just like the best Shopify affiliate apps above, GrowthHero allows you to embed a pop-up to your customers so that they can refer your products to their friend and family for a discount code/ commission

#5. Automizely Referral & Rewards

Rating: 4.9 (430)

Pricing: Free

As we stated above, affiliates don’t have to be influencers or professional advertisers. Indeed, they can also be your existing customers, making purchases on your site. And if they’re the only affiliates your store ever needs, we see no point in wasting your money on top Shopify affiliate apps that will cost you an arm and leg. Instead, we recommend Automizely Referral & Rewards. This is the only app we bring here today that is 100% Free. Technically, this app helps you to give your customers a reward when they refer your products to their acquaintances. 

Want to make customers your brand ambassadors with ZERO cost? Automizely Referral & Rewards is undoubtedly one of the most irreplaceable Shopify affiliate apps

Features of Automizely Referral & Rewards

  • Refer a friend & get discount: get your customers to refer and promote your brand to their friends, family, and acquaintances and give them a reward them for generating more sales for your business
  • Flexible reward options: motivate your current and new customers with various rewards including percentage off, fixed amount, free shipping or a free product
  • Reward email: an email with your selected reward will be automatically sent to your customers for their successful referral

#6. Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

Rating: 4.8 (880)

Pricing: $89/month

Hey, does affiliate marketing play a key role in your digital marketing strategies? If your answer is a YUP, don’t be laid-back about investing in an affiliate app. That’s because that app will surely affect your affiliate campaign performance! Hence, we highly recommend Refersion: Affiliate Marketing. The app developer offers a single pricing plan at a relatively high fee of $89 per month. However, with its robust features and scalability, it’s still one of the best Shopify affiliate apps at this very moment. 

Though it's not cheap, Refersion should be regarded as one of the top Shopify affiliate apps thanks to its high-quality affiliate platform, intuitive dashboard and powerful features

Though it’s not cheap, Refersion should be regarded as one of the top Shopify affiliate apps thanks to its high-quality affiliate platform, intuitive dashboard and powerful features

Features of Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

  • Refersion Marketplace: like UpPromote and Goaffpro, Refersion also offers its users a free affiliate network platform where they can reach out to highly-credited affiliates both actively and passively
  • Customizable registration form: you can have your own custom registration form to collect the most important information you want to collect from your potential influencers or ambassadors
  • Intuitive merchant dashboard: just like many other Shopify affiliate apps, you have a separate dashboard to keep track of your affiliate programs. But what’s cool about the merchant dashboard this app offers is that you can have a broader view of your campaigns including your program revenue and top affiliates section
  • Recruit customers as ambassadors: word-by-mouth marketing is old but gold! Make existing customers a part of your affiliate network with post-purchase coupon widget 
  • Powerful coupon tracking capabilities: Refersion allows you to track discount code conversion triggers on multiple platforms including Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat