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Shopify Embedded Apps: Simplify User Experience, Delight Customers!

Did you know that App Bridge 2.0 is the future of Shopify? 

In 2022, the importance of user experience will be more highly acknowledged than ever. Shopify is making its first moves in encouraging application makers to simplify the onboarding process. 

That’s why Shopify embedded apps have been one of the hottest trends and we don’t want to be left behind!

This July, Socialhead will switch all of our major applications including OnePixel, Socialshop, Socialwidget, OneUpSell, and OneSection to embedded apps using App Bridge 2.0

In other words, from now on you can use our applications directly from the Shopify admin panel. No more channel hopping!

What is Shopify App Bridge 2.0? 

App Bridge is a standalone vanilla Javascript library, that allows you to embed your app directly to the Shopify admin and Shopify POS, as well as customize UI elements outside the app. 

After that, the app will become Shopify embedded app, which you can get access to and use right in the Shopify admin panel.

First launched in May 2021, but not until 2022 that the embedded app becomes a trend. 

OnePixel Embedded app

OnePixel Embedded app

The reason behind? Since Shopify wants to make sure their users have the best experience with applications, they give preference to the ones that use the app bridge 2.0 technology.

Why we decided to switch to Shopify Embedded Apps? 

#1. Delight our customers

Most Shopify users are online merchants who are not very tech-savvy. They prefer apps that are easy to use and get onboard. 

Switch to embedded apps is a great way that we can better interact with our merchants, giving all customers the same great in-admin app experience.

#2. Stay ahead of the competition

Shopify is encouraging app providers to switch to embedded apps by displaying that in the app highlight section: “Seamless workflow: use directly in the Shopify admin”.

Moreover, the embedded app is forecasted to be the future of Shopify. It’s most likely that all apps on Shopify will be migrated to App Bridge 2.0. We believe that the sooner we step into the game, the better.

Our next action: All major apps will be embedded!

If you’re tired of switching tabs to manage different apps on different domains, that nightmare is over! 

This July 2022, we’re planning to switch all of our applications to Shopify embedded apps, with an aim to bring you:

  • Faster loading applications
  • Simplified user experience
  • Delightful time

How will you be affected by this change? 

Essentially, you will NOT receive any negative effects! All your data and login information will be kept the same. 

The only small change is that when you navigate to our website, you’ll be redirected to the Shopify admin dashboard and continue using it from there. 

In short

Your satisfaction is our top priority as always. Please do let us know if you like this movement or not and why