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10 Shopify Best Selling Products to Sell on Any Marketplace in 2022

To be successful in Shopify selling, you have to know your customers’ needs and tastes. For that, knowing which products are trending to set up your store list is extremely crucial. That’s why we suggest 10 Shopify best selling products you can sell on any marketplace for more profit.

10 Shopify Best Selling Products to Sell on Any Marketplace in 2022

1. Doormats

Similar to any home decor product, doormats have become one of the best-selling items during the pandemic. They can create a warming and welcome atmosphere for both guests and their owners.

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A beautiful doormat can spice up your daily life

That is also what non-commercial buyers usually pay attention to, the doormat’s design rather than its function. A doormat with trendy designs can easily attract more guests to your store.

According to Shopify, annual doormat Global Order Growth is 147.8%. Additionally, the percentage of Global Shops Growth in selling this product is 91.7% (2020). With such growth around the world, this product is extremely popular in Australia. 

2. Plastic household storage containers

One trending product climbing up the ranking chart recently is household containers. Just like other household goods, we can assume that these orders increase due to the work-from-home circumstance. And people need more containers to store their stuff. 

Household containers become one of the Shopify best selling products

Household containers become one of the Shopify best selling products

These multi-purpose containers can have various shapes and sizes to suit different needs. You can store anything, from clothes to tools, in these containers and make your home clean and tidy.

2020’s Shopify report shows that the Global Order Growth reaches 276.2% with 115.64% of global shops growth selling this product. Among countries, the United States is the one with the highest growth.

3. DIY soap dish

Soap dishes have become quite popular recently thanks to their convenience and cleanliness. Not to mention, they can bring an elegant style to your home. These soap dishes often have aesthetic pleasure, and they can be made from many different materials, from porcelain to wood. 

An elegant soap dish makes a great Shopify product

An elegant soap dish makes a great Shopify product

The best thing is that you can make your own soap dishes and sell them online. They’re simple to make and customize at a very low cost. The ability to customize the product is what draws your customers’ interest.  

4. Indoor plants

Indoor plants, which are also known as air-purifying plants, help reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere in your house. Moreover, they help increase the humidity and prevent allergens and irritants to your health. 

Indoor plants help to purify the atmosphere

Indoor plants help to purify the atmosphere

These plants vary from small to medium sizes. The ones with particularly large leaves such as Monstera quickly become one of the strongest home decoration trends. 

As online merchants, it’s important to take care of these plants carefully and keep them strong. You should also prepare some specialized containers for such products to keep them safe during shipping. 

Moreover, shipping units also play an important role. If they are not careful, your plants will end up ruined before reaching your customers’ front door. If you’re in the US,  you can contact Roadie’s plant shipping and see what they offer. 

5. Smart home devices

Due to social distancing and work-from-home situations, people tend to look after their homes more seriously. Therefore, they demand products that can help their “home sweet home” become more convenient and playful somehow. 

One thing to be mentioned is smart locks. Instead of making your house complex with a security system, buying one of these locks can bring effectiveness over their prices. With this device, you can lock and unlock your front door freely, or monitor your locks remotely. Those are what make these smart locks more popular in recent years. 

Smart locks protect your home

Smart locks protect your home

Smart plugs are devices that allow users to automate any electrical socket in their home. Users can control them remotely via smartphones and tablets, set an activity schedule, or turn off the program when not using them. 

The selling point of smart home products is that users can have full control of all of those products remotely. Users can also get notified whenever someone is trying to break into their house no matter where they are.

6. Phone accessories

There is no doubt that accessories for phones belong to the top tier in searching results. When a person wants a new phone, he or she will usually find what comes with it. More than just accessories that come within the box, there are also third-party brands’ products.  

Phone accessories such as power banks, cases... are unquestionable Shopify best selling products

Phone accessories such as power banks, cases… are unquestionable Shopify best selling products

Something like phone cases or additional charging cables are usually searched the most. Besides, other accessories, such as selfie-stick, power bank, screen protector, contribute to the vast number of orders taken. 

7. Portable green screens 

Green screens for making videos have been around for a long time, but they only became popular recently. Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, many companies decided to apply a work-from-home policy. 

Useful and movable green screens. Source: Shopify

Useful and movable green screens. Source: Shopify

These screens help create a clean and professional background which is perfect for online meetings and zoom callings. They can also be used to keep your privacy at home from your fellow workers.

Furthermore, because these green screens are foldable and mobile, users can move them around easily to set up their working spaces. 

8. Blue light glasses

Working long hours in front of the blue light-emitting screens can cause eyestrain, fatigue, or headaches. These blue light glasses help block out and reduce the amount of blue light entering our eyes while using the devices.

Blue light glasses help relieve eyestrain

Blue light glasses help relieve eyestrain

Blue light glasses are a better solution to protect your health and your eyesight. Moreover, these glasses have new and modern designs, with compact sizes which make them easy to be bought online. Besides, having compact sizes also helps minimize damage during their shipments. 

That’s why this product’s sales are expected to continue growing in 2021.

9. Kid’s face mask

A small simple thing can bring a lot of meaning to your children. Parents want their children to be safe when they come back to school. Thus, these masks fit the size of a child and have funny drawings to make children excited.

Facemask for kids makes a meaningful Shopify product

Facemask for kids makes a meaningful Shopify product

10. Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes are just like any other normal toothbrush but without plastic handles. Consumers expect these toothbrushes to be eco-friendly and replacements in the effort of saving the ocean.

New bamboo toothbrushes can make their way to Shopify best selling products

New bamboo toothbrushes can make their way to Shopify best selling products

In the recent attempts of trying to keep the environment clean, bamboo toothbrushes have been on an upward trend on the market. Still, they are relatively new products which are suitable for many niches and potential customers. 

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There is no better way to make more sales than launching these products over many marketplaces. Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, and Instagram Shopping are platforms full of potential customers with billions of users daily. 

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Sell on other platforms easily with Socialshop

Sell on other platforms easily with Socialshop

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Time to get selling 

Above are 10 Shopify best selling products that we’d like to suggest for your online store. You should also try to sell them on other marketplaces to make more sales and better conversions.

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