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Best Shopify Gift Card Apps to Grow Your Business

There are many ways to run your eCommerce business more effectively, including Shopify gift cards. Therefore, using these best Shopify gift card apps can be the key to increase your online store’s revenue and retention.  

What are Shopify gift cards?

Gift cards are prepaid stored-value money cards, and they are usually issued by retailers or banks. You can use them as alternatives to money for purchasing in a specific store or related business.

Gift cards help increase customer's intention to purchase more

Gift cards help increase customer’s intention to purchase more

Imagine how happy you are when going shopping with discount vouchers in your hand. That is also how gift cards work! They help create a hype for people to return for more purchases and show how a business treats its loyal customers.

Shopify store owners can make Shopify gift cards online and distribute them to their customers through email as encouragement. Additionally, a gift card is also considered a special type of product that customers can buy and use as payment for future purchases.

Why should businesses use gift cards and Shopify gift card apps?

Despite selling online, Shopify merchants still have to pay for expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies, and more. In other words, businesses are vulnerable with more cash going out and less coming in. Moreover, customers nowadays are making more budget purchase decisions than ever, making the situation even harder for online stores. 

Fortunately, Shopify gift cards come in as life-savers for many businesses. Online merchants can create these cards for free and sell them to their customers. This will enable supportive customers to purchase and redeem later.

Keep your store's money coming by using gift cards

Keep your store’s money coming by using gift cards

Additionally, you can also reward a gift card to your customer to encourage them to return. 

You might ask, why bother using Shopify apps if creating a Shopify gift card is free? Well, it is because you can only create a Shopify card out of the box.

On the other hand, Shopify gift card apps will allow you to set a program to decide which customer can get a gift card. Furthermore, you can design much more stunning gift cards to attract more customers to reach your business. 

Best Shopify gift card apps for keeping your customers engaged 

To grow your business more effectively on Shopify, there is no doubt that Shopify gift cards will make a great blast to your store.

Here are our suggestions for the best gift card apps for Shopify to grow your business. 

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by

Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Starting from $19.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify gift card apps for online merchants. When combining this Shopify app with gift cards, you can rest assured that your revenue and loyalty will increase dramatically.

This Shopify gift card app allows merchants to set rules for better gift cards management. Source: Shopify

This Shopify gift card app allows merchants to set rules for better gift cards management

More than just creating your Shopify gift card, you can use Gift Cards & Loyalty Program by to build a gift card program. 

  • Online merchants can make a gift card and Store Credit program for their store without worrying about which Shopify plan they’re on.
  • Customers are enabled to send branded gift cards and gift vouchers to gift recipients via email.
  • This gift card app also offers you multi-channel capability. It means that you can offer your gift cards across multiple stores.

Additionally, you can set rules to get more retention and loyalty for your Shopify store. Therefore, you can easily manage rewards and loyalty cards by using Store Credit and Loyalty Points.

Moreover, Shopify merchants can also establish automated bulk gift cards and gift vouchers that operate based on specific conditions. For example, if customers purchase at your store 3 times, they can receive a gift. With this, you can encourage customers to buy more and keep returning to your business. 

Besides Shopify, Shopify Plus merchants can also take advantage of this Shopify gift card app. Combined with the existing benefits of being a Plus member, you can crank up your business with the Gift Cards & Loyalty Program app. 

If you are curious about Shopify Plus, you can read more about it and when to upgrade your Shopify account.

Highlighted features:

  • Create loyalty programs for your customers.
  • Set rules for managing Shopify gift cards.
  • Boost your store’s marketing abilities with automated bulk gift cards.
  • Available for Shopify Plus merchants.

ShopKeeper Branded Gift Cards

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $19.99/month with a 10-day free trial.

ShopKeeper Branded Gift Cards is a more specific app that brings a professional look to your gift cards. It is among the Shopify gift card apps that help eCommerce merchants replace default gift cards with their own brand designs.

Create gift cards for your brand with ShopKeeper. Source: Shopify

Create gift cards for your brand with ShopKeeper

There are a few things that make this app a bit more special than the others:

  • Besides creating professional Shopify gift cards for your brand, you can also make them more personalized. Customers who bought the cards can add a “to” and “from” name to every Shopify gift card. This will make each of your gift cards personal and unique.
  • You can add any custom logos, photographs, or designs to the final design of your Shopify gift cards.
  • Additionally, you can access a professional graphic designer who has experience in eCommerce and digital gift cards. Therefore, you can rest assured that your store’s gift cards will look stunning on any device. 

Highlighted features:

  • Create your own branded gift cards.
  • Make your Shopify gift cards more personal with a note and ‘from’ name.
  • Get access to a professional designer to help you finalize your gift cards.
  • Freely add any custom logo or design to your gift cards.

ShopKeeper Gift Card Scheduler

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $9.99/month with a 10-day free trial. 

Another great option among the Shopify gift card apps is ShopKeeper Gift Card Scheduler. However, unlike the others, this app will allow your customers, or card purchaser, to send this gift card to the recipient at any time in the future.

This Shopify app lets you send gift cards automatically. Source: Shopify

This Shopify app lets you send gift cards automatically

With this app, your customers don’t have to forward the Shopify gift card to the recipients.

  • After purchasing the gift card, your customer will receive the standard gift card notification email from Shopify.
  • In this email, there is a link that the purchaser can fill in the recipient’s email address and choose the delivery date.
  • After that, Gift Card Scheduler by ShopKeeper will ship the card directly to the recipient immediately or in the next 365 days as scheduled. 

There is one thing that you should keep in mind. The ShopKeeper team claimed that they will collect the recipient’s name and email address only AFTER customers have completed the purchase. This allows them to maintain one’s privacy and security.

Highlighted features:

  • Send digital Shopify gift cards to the recipients.
  • Schedule your gift cards and deliver them automatically.
  • Enable customers to use gift card emails and links.

ShopKeeper Easy Gift Cards

Rating: 5/5

Price: $9.99/month with a 10-day free trial.

Similar to the Branded Gift Cards app, ShopKeeper Easy Gift Cards is another variation of its Shopify gift card apps for online merchants. However, unlike the other app, this one only brings fewer features but the same effectiveness.

Another variation for Shopify gift card Apps from ShopKeeper. Source: Shopify

Another variation for Shopify gift card Apps from ShopKeeper

  • This Easy Gift Cards app allows online merchants to choose more eye-catching Shopify gift cards than the default ones.
  • Shopify merchants can make these gift cards personal by giving them a personal note and signature. Moreover, this app allows their customers (gift card purchasers) to enter the recipient’s name to make the card even more personalized. 
  • Additionally, this Shopify app requires no transaction fees or any other hidden fees. You get for what you paid to grow your business.

And more importantly, ShopKeeper Easy Gift Cards is completely compatible with any device. Therefore, your immersive gift cards will bring great experiences to your recipients. 

Highlighted features:

  • Create more personalized Shopify gift cards.
  • Provide eye-catching gift cards.
  • Support compatibility among devices for better gift card experiences.
  • No transaction fees or hidden fees are required.

Final words

These best Shopify gift card apps surely play an important role in keeping your customers interested and encouraging them to purchase more. Although you can create a gift card for free, you should give it a try at these Shopify apps to boost and run your business more smoothly than ever!