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Top 10 Shopify Checkout Apps To Convert More Sales in 2021

“Do I have a fast checkout process & a professional checkout page that converts?” If this question is lingering in your mind, congratulations on clicking at the right article! We’re now going to introduce you to top 10 Shopify Checkout Apps to power up your checkout page, increasing your opportunity to up & cross sell.

#1. Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

Rating: 4.9 (1356)

Pricing: From $6.99/month

Unlike shopping at a retail outlet, shopping at an eCommerce site exposes shoppers to a bunch of distractions. That’s when you might want to install Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO for your website. This is one of the Shopify checkout apps that allow your customers to check out anytime & anywhere and thereby reducing your cart abandonment rate.

Features of Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO 

  • Sticky add-to-cart bar: when your customers scroll pass the ‘Add to cart’ button, a bar will appear on the top of their screen, reminding them to check out instantly
  • Sticky cart: enable this function so that a floating cart icon will follow your customers wherever your customers browse on your website
  • Quick Buy Button: thanks to this app, your customers can add a product to their cart directly from the product listings without jumping in-and-out to the product pages
  • Sticky checkout bar/button: improve your customer experience by making it easier for them to check out with the always visible Checkout button
  • Skip to check out: when a white shirt is added to cart and your customers want to check out right away on a black hat, both items will be included at the checkout page
  • Customizable buttons: you can adjust any button as your likings. Plus, the app also offers seasonal themes (Halloween, Winter/Snow/Christmas, Valentine’s Day)

#2. Fast Checkout In One Click

Rating: 4.6 (411)

Pricing: 4.99/month | Free Plan Available

With too many Shopify Checkout apps out there, how to find the one that works best for your tight budget? Well, take a look at Fast Checkout In One Click. As its name suggests, this simple but effective app enables your shoppers to checkout immediately in a single click. 

Features of Fast Checkout In One Click

  • Add buy now button: this app allows you to add a ‘Buy Now’ button right below the ‘add to cart’ button. When customer choose Buy now over add to cart, they’re re-directed straight to checkout page
  • Optional Cart page pop-up: if you want, you can also set a pop-up so that right after your customers hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, a pop-up will appear, letting them preview their items
  • Buy button’s animation: you can also customize the look of your buy button with eye-catching animations of different styles

#3. Language Translate ‑ Transcy 

Rating: 4.8 (1021)

Pricing: From $9.99/month | Free Plan Available

A quick stat: 76% of online shoppers look for websites that price products in their local currencies? Thus, in an ocean of Shopify checkout apps, you’ll certainly love to install the savage Transcy to convert your default price into multiple currencies, allowing your customers to checkout using their familiar currencies. 

Convert currencies means convert more sales

Convert currencies means convert more sales

Features of Transcy

  • Support a wide variety of currencies: Transcy is one of the very few Shopify apps that can support merchants to convert their store price into a staggering +160 currencies
  • Smart currency converter: the app’s advanced algorithm auto-detects your customers’ geolocations then switching to their local currencies in a literal flash
  • Seamless integration with Shopify Payments: your customers can see the prices displayed in their local currency and checkout using that currency too
  • Translation support: all in one- that’s how we describe Transcy. The app’s powerful language translation can auto-translate all your website content to +100 languages (from product listings to customers’ reviews)

#4. Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Rating: 4.9 (125)

Pricing: Free 

Sadly, we can never stop unforeseen issues from happening. Therefore, amid bunches of Shopify checkout apps, Terms and Conditions Checkbox is a must-have. Of course, the app cannot prevent customers from filing a claim against you but it surely helps protect your business. Plus, it also allows your customers to bypass the cart page to checkout instantly.

You can customize your ‘terms and conditions’ checkboxes and choose to display them in a pop-up when they click at the link

You can customize your ‘terms and conditions’ checkboxes and choose to display them in a pop-up when they click at the link

Features of Terms and Conditions Checkbox

  • Add ‘terms and conditions’ to cart page: customers will be required to tick at your checkbox in order to proceed to the checkout page
  • Add multiple terms and conditions: this app allows you to add multiple terms and conditions. That means you can add shipping/ maintenance terms or any other terms and conditions you feel reasonable
  • Terms and conditions pop-up: when your customers click at the terms and conditions link, they can read them in a pop-up instead of being brought to another page
  • Buy now button: this free also allows you to place a ‘buy now’ button to improve your customer checkout experience

#5. Slide Cart ‑Sticky Cart Drawer

Rating: 4.9 (158)

Pricing: $19.99/month | Free Plan Available

Slide Cart – Sticky Cart Drawer, developed by App HQ Pte.Ltd is one of the most worth-installing Shopify checkout apps you could find right now. This stunning app is renowned for its full features you need to enhance your customer experience, increase your average order value and improve your conversion rate. 

Incentivize your customers to shop more with appealing discount code

Features of Slide Cart – Sticky Cart Drawer

  • Upselling: the app allows you to add up to 5 upsell items right in your customers’ carts before they checkout or you could also alert them about an upcoming product or an important sales event
  • Rewards: incentivize customers to spend more by giving them rewards when they reach your required minimum. The app will show a progress bar so that customers know how much they need to spend to get the rewards
  • Discount box: with this functionality, you can enable a discount box module to allow your customers apply a coupon right in cart for a more seamless experience
  • Floating cart icon: just like Sticky Add to Cart we mentioned above, this app allows you to embed a floating cart that is always visible on your customers’ screens no matter where they scroll to

#6. Monster ‑ Cart Upsell Drawer

Rating: 5.0 (93)

Pricing: $7.99/month | Additional charge may apply

Now welcome to the table the highly-functional Monster ‑ Cart Upsell Drawer, professionally coded by Monster Upsells. There are dozens of Shopify checkout apps, but very few of them reach a perfect 5-star rating and this savage app is the one. As we examined, with all the features it offers, we think it totally deserves it! 

This app offers literally everything you need to convert more sales

This app offers literally everything you need to convert more sales

Features of Monster ‑ Cart Upsell Drawer

  • Add-to-unlock multi-goals: the app’s awesome reward feature allows you to set multiple goals to incentivize your customers. For example, unlock 10% off after $100 + 20% off after $200- your customers can see their progress on a bar
  • Tiered Pricing: you can also show your customers how much money they’ll save when they buy in larger quantities with the app ‘Buy more save more’ functionality
  • One-tick upsell: for one item, 2 different customers may have 2 different ‘extra’ needs. Therefore, you can use this app to turn on a tick box that adds some extra money 
  • Upsell: Monster will suggest your shoppers relevant items under the ‘frequently bought together’ section right below the checkout button in customers’ cart page
  • Real-time analytics: you can actually see how your upsell campaigns perform with key up-to-minute metrics such as cart conversion rate, number of upsells generated,etc.

#7. Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

Rating: 4.8 (841)

Pricing: From $2.95/month | Free Plan Available

Buy Me – Buy Button developed by MakeProSimp is one of the most brilliant Shopify checkout apps that can genuinely help you improve your customer checkout experience and thereby decrease cart abandonment & increase conversion rates.

Buy Me- Buy Button allows your customers to actually see what they add to cart

Buy Me- Buy Button allows your customers to actually see what they add to cart

Features of Buy Me – Buy Button

  • Quick buy on product listing: enable your customers to add to cart and checkout immediately on non-product page, improving their shopping experience
  • Add-to-cart bar: when your customers scroll pass the add to cart button, a fixed ‘Buy me’ bar will be visible on the top of their devices’ screens
  • Cart preview: the selected items will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen, allowing your customers to visualize what they just added to cart
  • Social media shareable link: you can enable your customers to share your products to their friends on social media for free promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google +)
  • Remember my cart: if your customers are shopping passionately on your website then run out of battery, they can choose to remember the cart and continue to checkout later when they log in on any other device (tablet/laptop,etc.)

#8. Order Cancellable

Rating: 5.0 (12)

Pricing: $7/month

Customers may fill in wrong contact info or find a better alternative, etc. and that’s when they want to cancel the order. If so, improve your customer experience & save your precious time with Order Cancellable. This is one of the Shopify checkout apps that helps you reduce time spent dealing with customer’s cancelation by letting them do it themselves. 

Features of Order Cancellable

  • Order cancellation: when your customer selects to cancel their order, a confirmation pop-up will appear. Right after they confirm, the order will be cancelled and they’ll be auto-refunded
  • Customize cancellation reasons: you can list out a bunch of bullets as to why they want to cancel to know more about your customer insight 
  • Reordering: the app will refill the shopping cart with all the items in the canceled order. When your customers click at the reorder link, they’ll be taken to the cart/checkout page or they can edit any wrongly-filled info before they reorder
  • Daily fulfillment time: be easy on your customers, but don’t be too easy! That’s why you might love to set the fulfillment time so that customers cannot cancel their orders after this time 
  • Time limit for cancellation: you can set a fixed time limit and your customers can only cancel/edit their order after the time starts (e.g: customers can only cancel orders within 1 hour)

#9. One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

Rating: 5.0 (229)

Pricing: From $19.99/month | Free Plan Available

Are you being tentative to decide which one of the Shopify checkout apps will work it out for your business? Maybe One Click Upsell & Cross Sell is everything you’ve been looking for! This app is worth every penny thanks to its AI-powered upsell feature & ease of use.  

Features of One Click Upsell & Cross Sell

  • Exit intent pop-up: give your customer a sweet deal if he intends to exit your store
  • In-cart upsell: propose to your customer an upgrade version (size/material,etc.) or complementary items or bundle items, whatever you call it
  • Thank you page upsell: after your customer process their payment, don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer them exclusive deals 
  • Tier pricing: low down the price when your customer buy in a larger quantity to incentivize them to purchase more
  • A/B testing: this powerful Shopify checkout app also empowers you to experiment with your offers so that you could figure out which one will work out better for you 

#10. Wrapin ‑ Gift Wrap & Options

Rating: 5.0 (226)

Pricing: From $1.99 | Free Plan Available

And last but not least, we’re glad to introduce you to the simple but powerful Wrapin – Gift Wrap & Options. Wrapin is not loaded with various features like many Shopify checkout apps but if you want to earn some extra money by offering gift wrap service to your products, then it’s a perfect one for you!

Features of Wrapin – Gift Wrap & Options

  • Offer gift wrap on specific items: you can add the gift wrap option on the products you want
  • Pricing on gift wrap options: you can charge a minor fee or make it free to gain an edge over your competitors
  • Gift text message: let your customers add a personalized text message for every gift-wrapped box. You can set a character limit in the app settings