Shopify Sales & Marketing Social Media Engagement Hacks

5 Social Media Engagement Hacks For Your Shopify Store

How many times have you seen a published social post but not many people engage in it? Or have you ever wondered why customers didn’t notice your online store even when you’ve posted lots of valuable goods? Worry no more, I’m now going to give you 5 social media engagement hacks for your Shopify store.

Why does social media engagement play a pivotal role in growing more sales?

Well, social media with over 3.9 billion users is definitely an ideal place to connect with more customers, but it seems like you don’t know how to reach them, or how to attract their interaction to your social shop. Frankly speaking, you need to invest more in social media engagement.

Social media engagement is a winning key for a successful business

Social media engagement is a winning key for a successful business

Social media engagement simply is how people interact with your brand content on social media platforms. By boosting social media engagement to your online store, you can create a strong relationship with your customers that later drive more revenues and conversions. 

Increase engagement to your site to drive more sales and traffics

Increase engagement to your site to drive more sales and traffics

When you engage with your customers effectively, then your customers will be willing to like, share, comment, retweet, repost,.. or take any forms of actions on your social content, that’s when they start toengageto your shop. So if you have confidence in your services or products, then we got some social interaction drawing tips that can surely help in optimizing your social media engagements and drive sales to your store in a snap.

Check out our 5 social media engagement hacks for Shopify businesses!

Strong visual content can be great social media engagement hacks

No one wants to read a wall of text, even you. Even though you have tried to fill in lots of valuable information and share plenty of experience, there will always be more chances for your content to have better engagement if you stick another trendy, well-designed visual content to it. 

Keep your contents on-trend

According to Buffer, 150% of retweeted content on Twitter all have images on it. So first tip from Socialhead, make sure your images are on-trend and flashy enough to catch people’s attention.

Catching up with the latest trends is not a bad idea, but don’t make it too common so your audiences will feel bored to death. Basically, you can always play with effects, frames, fonts, or colors,… to create an original visual content type to attract positive engagements to your brand.

Most retweeted content all has images on it

Most retweeted content all has images on it

Shareable valuable content could raise engagement immediately!

Stuck with ideas? Sticking some motivational quotes on your images because this type of content will never go out of style. Audiences are so in love with eye-catching images with valuable text on them, they can both learn and then simply share back to their new-feed at the same time.

Motivational quotes for don’t-know-what-to-post day

Motivational quotes for don’t-know-what-to-post day

CTA buttons in your photo posts to get more social interactions

Increase 13% the chance of having customers click on your link with a call-to-action button on the image, said Twitter statistics. Every customer matters, so try to convince them in many ways possible to engage with the link that leads to your blog, your website, or products, just like these brands. 

Call to action in photo posts to drive more social interactions

Call to action in photo posts to drive more social interactions

Stay creative with visual contents

When visual content is growing strong on Twitter, the same effect happens on Facebook and Instagram too. A study has shown engaging posts with images can drive up 39% chances of having your content shared or reposted by the audience on these social platforms.

Tik Tok is one of the most preferred platforms in 2020

Tik Tok is one of the most preferred platforms in 2020

On the other hand, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Pinterest is still one of the most preferred social media platforms of all time, with the number of monthly users growing more than any other channel. Why is it? Well, obviously thanks to its new-feed always being filled with lively, colorful visuals content that keeps their audience engaged throughout their browsing journey. 

Visual content is powerful, so don’t just stop at images!

At this point, we can learn from the best an extremely creative type of content: Video. In fact, people on the internet always want to engage mostly in videos, the rise of Tik Tok and the Instagram platforms has proved it! 

One in four people prefers a company that provides a product video.

One in four people prefers a company that provides a product video.

So they surveyed 1000 Facebook users and found out that 1 out of 4 customers will lose interest in a product, or a company if there’s no promoting video for the service. Following that, make sure you don’t harm yourself on photos and only photos, but be creative and think of other visual content types too if you want to stay on top of other competitions. 

Last words, if you are promoting on Facebook, you should know that 85% of Facebook users are more likely to watch videos without sounds on, so don’t forget to add subtitles to your videos.

Private social groups- secret social media engagement hacks

You might think: What benefit a social group can help to increase your brand engagement? Well, let’s find out.

Discover customer pain points

As we’ve talked about in the previous part, public visual content will help reach more passing-by visitors, but it will work best only in your new feed. Moreover, a private group is a great place to get closer to customer intentions, stay in touch with prospects, and discover their wants and needs.  

The private group allows you to stay in touch with different range of customers

The private group allows you to stay in touch with different range of customers

Even though starting a private social group might take a little more effort, plus you also have to invest in human resources to manage the group, however, the data that you collected from a private group is worth the price.

For example, by setting specific questions for requesters, you can easily group each type of customer’s intentions, to recommend the right product for the right person which helps a lot in optimizing your ads later. 

Questions will help discover customers' intentions

Questions will help discover customers’ intentions

Increase your brand awareness 

Otherwise, you can choose to build different communities depending on your audience’s needs. This strategy can be seen most clearly in cosmetic brands when they will not stop at simply creating a support group for their buyers, but usually, build a whole beauty community to reach more potential customers instead. 

Facebook groups such as ‘Makeup Lovers’ or ‘Skincare aholics’ were all born under the leadership of some cosmetics brands to make it easier for them to sneak in conversations and promote the right products when needed. 

Private groups all have their purpose.

Private groups all have their purpose.

With this type of engagement, make sure to have a strong moderator team to keep track of your customers’ senses, and maintain your community always staying active and fun. 

Encourage social interactions

Wonder why famous influencers or Youtubers always tell their subscribers to keep interacting with their content such as like, share, or comment? Because this action will help improve your click-through rate (CTR) higher than ever.

Convince them to react

We already know that CTA buttons in photo posts will increase the chance of having people engage with your social content. With the same idea in a different method, think about telling your audience to interact by adding “Please like/ share/ comment if this helps” or “Retweet if you agreed” kind of phrases at the end of your posts. By doing this, you can see very clearly how your engagement improves well in a short time. 

People usually tend to interact more with your posts if you tell them to. However, don’t over-use this type too much or later it would cause some annoyances to your customers.

Encourage more social interactions in your content

Encourage more social interactions in your content

Seeking their opinions

Another effective way to encourage more social interactions: Questions. Don’t hesitate to ask customers about their thoughts on your brand, their feedback on your products, or how they feel about the services, etc… No matter if you post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with this kind of content, not only you can attract a large number of customer comments to your post, but also you can easily discover their pain points in order to upsell more in the future. 

Make a questionnaire and spread them around your front pages and private groups to attract as many people as possible. This is the simplest way to get a high rate of customer engagement without spending too much time and effort.

Asking for customers' opinions is a way to attract more social engagement

Asking for customers’ opinions is a way to attract more social engagement

Talk to your customers

Keep responding to the audience’s comments on-the-go so they’ll feel like always being heard and cared for while browsing with you. This will quickly grow more consumer trust in your brand. 

Socialreply helps you engage with your customers on-the-go

Socialreply helps you engage with your customers on-the-go

Thanks to the rise of technology in 2020, you don’t have to waste much time checking around social channels for conversation, cause there are plenty of tools to simplify your communication process with customers, at this point, Socialreply is a must-have to try.

Blogging- one of the most stable social media engagement hacks

If questioning is the easiest way to attract social engagement, blogging is the key to turn every engagement into customers. A valuable blog posts section on your website will increase your brand awareness and even more. It helps you stay one step ahead of other competition in impressing potential customers.

Skillfully-written blog posts will drive a lot more traffic back to your website. Additionally, in the long-term, it will increase your conversion rate too. Although it’s not easy to start blogging even when you are an expert, we’ve got your back at this.

Find the best-performing type of blog post

If you are a newbie in this whole blogging thing, then you might be a little confused and cannot decide what kind of style you want to use for your blogs. Just write everything you can imagine, and try every type of blog content you can think about. 

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to convert potential customers

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to convert potential customers

Over 2 million blogs are published each year around the globe. That means blogging is considered one of the most important factors for an effective marketing strategy. At this point, holding a website with many writing styles will help you attract different ranges of customers. Meanwhile, it also helps improve your blogging skills really fast. 

In addition, you can easily discover what is your customers’ most favorite style of blogging by checking post views, visiting times, conversions… 

SEO to your blog to drive millions of organic traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important key to get your website a higher rank in worldwide top search engines. The more you put care on optimization to your website, the more chance for your blog to show up in the most relevant search results, and reach more customers’ attention than ever before.

Research the keywords related to your blog, and pick carefully words that are easy to look for on the internet. On the other hand, don’t crave the most popular words with the highest volume. Avoid competing with other big companies, or your content will go missing amidst other sites on the internet. If your blog cannot appear on the first page of search results, there is no way to outperform other competitors.

Make your blog stand out among the others with SEO

Make your blog stand out among the others with SEO

Value-added content 

Keywords are important to increase your site awareness. However, an ideal article will not contain too many keywords repeating in every paragraph. Thus, don’t stuff too much on the blog or it could cause a bad impression later on search engines. Retain a reasonable amount of keywords to create a professional look for your site. Plus, save spaces for more valuable information to make your content precious.

If you have found your best-performing type of content, carry on drawing more customers’ attention. Make a little research about some evergreen topics on the internet to write about. For example, you could and should write topics about the Coronavirus to match more audiences’ intentions on search engines. 

Worry about your blog could be floating around on the internet with no one finding out? No matter what you’re writing about, well-researched content will always help you stay above other competitions. So make sure your content is worth your time reading.

Another way to find out what kind of subject that your customers want to read about is analyzing your customer replies that you have collected in your private groups before. This is one of the cheapest and effective marketing strategies after all, isn’t it?

Social giveaways- badass social media engagement hacks

Staying active on social media is great. However, in a long-term marketing strategy, if you don’t provide your customers any interesting content, they won’t be able to remember your brand much compared to the others.

In this regard, a give-away, mini-game, contest, puzzle,… or any type of promotion campaign will definitely give you a hand in getting more audience engagements for the shop, increasing brand awareness, and converting more customers in an instant.

A giveaway can get you more social interactions than ever in a short of time

A giveaway can get you more social interactions than ever in a short of time

Increase brand visibility 

Creating promotions is a way for you to express how much you value your customers from time to time. And through it, you can send a thank you message to them.

You can not only show your love with give-aways but also use them to reach more audiences quickly. 

Call-to-action sentences to expand your Instagram community

Call-to-action sentences to expand your Instagram community

By using call-to-action sentences, you can tell them to follow, retweet, or tag more friends on the give-aways post. This can help you collect more followers and potential prospects for your online store. Plus, your post might have a chance to show up multiple times in the news feeds of many people.

Promote your best-selling products

You might have a very beautiful store with high-quality products and we respect you for it. However, not many people can have enough patience to stay on the page and browse all the products you have. 

As we already know, visual content is the key to reach more potential customers. So, set your finest product as a winning reward, and don’t forget to show its photo in your giveaway post. This allows you to promote your goods to more and more prospects in the community.

Show off your goods in a giveaway post to reach more audiences.

Show off your goods in a giveaway post to reach more audiences.

In conclusion

Social media is where businesses can interact with customers in many ways. It provided an ideal marketplace for any online brands wanting to drive more sales in a short period of time.

However, being stand out among millions of other competitions to attract more customer engagements is something that seems hard to achieve, especially in this era of social media and technology where customers always can find many options, many choices to suit their wants and needs anytime anywhere on the internet. 

Not every online shop owner knows how to reach their customers in a most natural way without being too pushy. That’s why we hope 5 social media engagement hacks from Socialhead, you might find a way to engage more with audiences and build a long-trusting relationship with them effectively.