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Socialhead x CJDropshipping – Team Up for The Greater E-commerce Experiences

Socialhead x CJDropshipping - Team Up For Greater E-commerce Experiences.

Socialhead team is so excited to introduce our valued merchants to CJDropshipping. it is the best dropshipping supplier and fulfillment service from China.

With currently over 1000 positive reviews and recommendations on Shopify App Store, this app has proven itself to be one of the best social selling supporting tools that all worldwide dropshipping merchants should never miss, especially the newbies.

Sharing the same vision with CJDropshipping, Socialhead always hopes to help businesses of all sizes grow and scale up to the fullest. Therefore, a marketing partnership has been formed.

Starting from December 25th, 2020, Socialhead and CJDropshipping officially become marketing partners. The goal is to offer worldwide merchants more opportunities to skyrocket their sales.

Through this collaboration, we are confident that Socialhead’s valued merchants will earn more advantages in growing. The merchants can also scale their social commerce businesses with CJDropshipping’s crucial features.

On the other hand, we also hope that its merchants will have more options for social commerce solutions through our 4 must-have Shopify apps including Socialpublish, Socialshop, Socialreply, and Socialwidget.

What does CJDropshipping offer our merchants?

As an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider for every online merchant around the globe, CJDropshipping offers merchants 3 main brilliant features that will strongly empower their dropshipping businesses.

Socialhead x CJDropshipping - Team Up for The Greater E-commerce Experiences

Dropshipping – Available on Shopify App Store

With CJDropshipping, you can

  • Import products to your stores within clicks.
  • Request for product sourcing for FREE.
  • Increase conversion rate by having our marketing partner shot marketing videos for your winning products.

Moreover, merchants can enjoy more convenient services from CJDropshipping such as order fulfillment, global logistics, quality check, order tracking, 24/7 customer support, etc.

Socialhead x CJDropshipping – Team Up for The Greater E-commerce Experiences

CJDropshipping is now Socialhead’s marketing partner

CJDropshipping – A brilliant and must-have Shopify app for all dropshipping merchants especially newbies.

Get this app for FREE. Available on Shopify App Store

Or check out more information about our marketing partner via the website