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Socialhead x Xendit: Simple, Easy & Secure Payments

Xendit – the best payment gateway will officially join Socialhead as a marketing partner to help merchants rock their businesses in 2021.

What is Xendit?

Xendit is an Indonesian fintech company that provides the most advanced payment infrastructure uniquely for Indonesia, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. Xendit is also named as the Top Companies in 2021.

One of the top companies in 2021

Xendit serves businesses by providing a suite of world-class APIs and a dashboard UI that simplifies payment processing, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud, and more.

They have multiple products and services in different categories to serve you including:

The most advanced payment gateway in Indonesia, the Philippines, and South East Asia

Accept Payments

  • Xenpayment: Accept major payment methods with ease.
  • Xeninvoice: Create, customize and manage invoices.
  • Xenshield: Fraud prevention with machine learning.

Send Money

  • Xendisburse: Disburse unlimited funds 24/7, e-wallets, and cards.
  • Xenbatch: Easy and instant transfers with an excel upload.
  • Xenpayout: Simplify refund and payout when you don’t have destination accounts.

Business Operation

  • Xenplatform: Payment infrastructure for marketplaces and platforms.
  • Xencapital: Fast, flexible financing to grow your businesses.
  • Xentax: Manage all of your tax needs in one place.
  • Integrations: Enable payments with a single import of code.

Xendit’s payment solutions not only work perfectly for businesses but also for customers. All the solutions are built to simplify your payment processes while protecting you from risks and frauds. With these payment solutions, both sellers and buyers don’t have to worry about payment inconveniences and problems anymore.

What makes ‘Xendit’ outstanding from other payment platforms?

Until now, Xendit has become the most trusted payment gateway. Xendit has been processing millions of transactions monthly, growing 25% month on month for the last two years. 

The vital role of Xendit has been proven by the fact that they are trusted and backed by a lot of large venture capitalists in the world, who invested in Facebook, Slack, Twitch and Grab, etc. 

They make the difference by offering users 3 big advantages:

Onboard With Ease

Unlike most other online payment systems, Xendit impresses users with friendly integration. By simplifying the experience, they take users only 3 simple steps to get started with all the one-stop payment solutions:

  • Create account
  • Options to get started
  • Activate account

Fast & Secure

Fast, easy, and convenient are what users will experience with Xendit’s payments. Access transaction history on one centralized dashboard. Pay as you go with competitive pricing and no hidden fees. Your payment will be safe with fraud prevention.

Excellent Service

Experience responsive and timely support with Xendit customer service team on standby or live chat, emails, and calls during office hours.

Until now, Xendit has become the most trusted payment gateway in Indonesia and the Philippines. They have been processing millions of transactions monthly, growing 25% month on month for the last two years. 

Xendit is trusted and backed by some of the largest venture capitalists in the world, who invested in Facebook, Slack, Twitch and Grab, etc. 

For more information about Xendit’s products and services, check out the website

Xendit Becomes Socialhead’s Official Marketing Partner

With the greatest goal is to simplify payments to the fullest and offer payment solutions for Indonesia, the Philippines, and South East Asia, Xendit has successfully partnered up with multiple e-commerce platforms and corporations such as Samsung, Lazada, Traveloka, and etc. 

They proved their vital role in the e-commerce market by cooperating with multiple giants

By offering multiple payment solutions, Xendit definitely helps businesses boost e-commerce sales and customer satisfaction by the most advanced payment solutions with a seamless experience and better safety.

Recognizing the crucial and potential benefits of what they can offer e-commerce businesses, Socialhead and Xendit have concluded an agreement for a partnership in 2021.

Xendit - Socialhead

We team up to offer merchants simple and secure payments

On February 26th, 2021, Xendit will officially become Socialhead’s marketing partner.

By “shaking hands” with the most advanced payment gateway, we expect to offer our current +20,000 valued merchants worldwide easier, safer, and much more simple payment processes in e-commerce businesses.

Let them take care of your payments while you focus on growing your business only! 

Xendit – One Month Free Waiver For Socialhead’s Merchants

Xendit will offer a special promotion – ‘ONE MONTH FULL FREE WAIVER’ for all Socialhead merchants.

You will have the opportunity to experience some of Xendit’s services for FREE in one month.

Terms and conditions

  • Free waivers are applicable to XenPayment (Money-in) channels of Virtual Accounts (Bank Transfer) and E-wallets only.
  •  The program is eligible for Xendit’s new users
  • Applicable free of charge (VA and e-wallet) for 1 full month (1st day to 30/31th day of the month).
  • Applicable to billing statements for the following month after customers’ accounts are active (Eg: You activate your account in February, free waiver will be applied for transactions made in March).
  • After the promotion is over, all other products and services of Xendit remain at usual rates: 

                     ◻ VA (4500)

                     ◻ E-wallet (1.5%)

                     ◻ Retail Outlets (5.000)

                     ◻ Cards (2.9% + 2.000)

                     ◻ Disbursement (5.000)

                     ◻ All subjects to 10% VAT

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice by Xendit.

Check out  Xendit – The most advanced payment gateway for all e-commerce transactions. 

Available on in Indonesia and the Philippines.