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Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2021 (10 Must-have Apps)

Among thousands of Shopify apps, including free and paid, it’s really hard to pick the apps that bring you the guaranteed results. Or, the apps have the worth-paying factors to help you with your Shopify business. That’s why we are going to highlight the 10 best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2021.

What are the Shopify apps to increase sales in 2021?

Did you know that Shopify used to be a snowboard-selling business in the first place? Even before it turned into one of the world’s biggest social commerce platforms on the earth? Accordingly, more than anyone, Shopify understands all the concerns and obstacles of Shopify merchants, especially how to increase sales.

Because of that, they have created the Shopify App Store as a support center where developers build thousands of useful apps that are available for merchants to start, run, and grow their businesses better.

Here are what we would like to recommend.

Socialhead: All-in-one Social Commerce Solutions

Socialhead is a full package of 4 Shopify apps with multiple social commerce solutions for all Shopify merchants worldwide. Their purpose is to increase sales easier and faster on social media.

Socialhead, including Socialpublish, Socialshop, Socialwidget, and Socialreply, is trusted by +10,000 Shopify merchants worldwide and recommended by +500 5-star reviews on Shopify.

There will be no app-switching when you can get the full functions of 4 big apps and more crucial features included just on one platform. Each app will provide Shopify merchants with several specific features and benefits.

Socialhead with 4 big apps to help increase sales

Socialhead with 4 big apps to help increase sales

In general, it’s like you are having a whole social media team to take care of your Shopify businesses when you get Socialhead’s apps by your side.

Socialpublish will always ensure that your latest products and discounts will be published and updated on your social media platform with the best appearance to drive traffic and boost conversion.

Socialshop allows you to list, sync, and optimize your product lists on Google Shopping and Facebook Shop like a piece of cake to promote your products to more customers and raise brand awareness.

Moreover, Socialwidget will build customer trust by embedding your best-performing Instagram feed on your websites, while Socialreply is a 24/7 customer support channel to help merchants respond to all messages and comments across Facebook accounts. Eventually, all these solutions will lead to only a fundamental purpose – to increase sales.

Are Socialhead’s apps free?

Try Socialpublish Premium 14 days for FREE!

Try Socialpublish Premium 14 days for FREE!

Besides, Socialhead also provides Shopify merchants with various plan options including Standard, Premium, Platinum, and Forever Free. More conveniently, you are given a 14-day free trial for the Premium plan to experience all the functions before deciding to upgrade.

In brief, Socialhead is a must-have full package of social commerce solutions that all Shopify merchants, especially newbies, should try. Find out more information about the Socialhead full package here or on our website:

TADA: Email Pop Up

TADA is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales through popups. In detail, TADA enables merchants to create and customize popups as they want to best engage with customers. 

Through the gamified and full-screen popups by TADA, merchants can offer customers coupons or discounts in exchange for email addresses. 

TADA – The best Shopify app for email collecting through popups

With the same goal to get customers’ emails, TADA also diversifies the method with multiple types of popups to better interact with customers (Including the wheel of coupons, pick a gift, overlay discount popup, side by side discount popup). 

So, what benefits TADA offer users? In general, TADA will help merchants to grow the list of customers’ emails, convert visitors into buyers easier with coupons and discounts, lengthen the dwell time on your Shopify stores, and more.

TADA actually offers merchants multiple benefits

TADA actually offers merchants multiple benefits

Currently, TADA is providing new users with both FREE PLANS and 7-day trials, so new merchants should try this Shopify app to increase sales for their stores. 

For more detailed information about TADA, you can check out here

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing solution, then Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing is the best choice for you. With this Shopify app, merchants can easily build and manage their brand ambassador team to not only boost traffic, increase conversions and revenue but also improve customer retention.

Trusted by currently over 350,000 merchants worldwide, Affiliate marketing by Secomapp is well-built to help you track affiliate performance through links, coupons, emails, product SKU, commission to ensure the affiliate system runs smoothly and accurately.

Affiliate marketing app on Shopify

Affiliate marketing app on Shopify

Besides, Secomapp also provides multiple features to support you in affiliate marketing:

  • Control referral order 
  • Easy payout with multiple payment methods (Paypal, store credit,…)
  • Integrate with Shopify to sync affiliate contacts to Shopify customer list
  • Monitor referral traffic and sales easily with reports and analytics

With a full package of features to support affiliate marketing, Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best Shopify apps to help merchants advertise without the upfront cost. In brief, if you are considering leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to boost your business, then you must try Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing. Free plans are available for you on Shopify App Store.


Oberlo is a stunning Shopify app to increase sales by finding suppliers and products for all Shopify merchants.

A useful app on Shopify

A useful app on Shopify

Find the winning products & add them to stores

This is one of the core functions of Oberlo to help Shopify merchants to discover millions of potential products from AliExpress. Then you can import the selected products with the full available description, variants, images & prices to your Shopify stores. All you need to do is pick, import, and sell.

More conveniently, Oberlo allows the product price to automatically update when cost changes as well as edit the products’ information. You can also take advantage of Oberlo’s network of vendors to select the best products with higher selling opportunities.

Update your products' prices automatically with Oberlo

Update your products’ prices automatically 

‘Never worry about shipping’

With Oberlo’s help, you can ship the products straight from your vendors’ warehouse to your customers’ doors whenever you get an order. Moreover, Oberlo helps you keep track of orders effortlessly even when you won’t ship or handle products yourself.

Keep track of your orders effortlessly

Keep track of your orders effortlessly

Besides that, there are more advantageous features such as a sales dashboard, 24/7 customer support, product page customization, etc. Those are what Shopify merchants can gain when they use Oberlo for their stores.

In brief, Oberlo is a must-have Shopify app for all merchants who just start social commerce businesses. Especially the ones who don’t know where to find vendors or products. More importantly, it provides users with the Forever Free plan. You can just equip your stores with this Shopify app and begin to increase sales easily. 

Ali Review

If you are searching for one of the Shopify apps to increase sales, then you definitely cannot miss Ali Review. This app can help leverage the impact of customer reviews.

This Shopify app empowers more than 40,000 Shopify merchants worldwide for strengthening social proof and increasing sales by displaying reviews through shoppers’ journeys.

If you are still wondering about the great impacts of reviews or why you must leverage authentic testimonials to increase sales, read this.

Ali Review, one of Shopify apps to increase sales

Ali Review, one of Shopify apps to increase sales

In general, Ali Review will enable you to import customer reviews in bulk from AliExpress and CSV File at a time. You can use those as fresh reviews to brighten up your store and boost conversion by displaying triggered review popups. Grab shoppers’ attention by publishing product reviews and ratings on Google Shopping Ads.

You are also free to do the customization for the review layouts and displays so that they best convert your customers. Moreover, you can collect more authentic reviews via email campaigns.

New reviews will be auto-updated into feeds with manual operating, and more stunning minor functions are included. Shopify merchants are offered a 14-day free trial to experience Ali Review. You can choose the plans from $9.9 per month afterward.

Find out more information about Ali Review here.

Ali Review has teamed up with Socialhead

Ali Review has teamed up with Socialhead

An interesting bonus function for you is that Ali Review has collaborated with Socialpublish to become Ali Review Integration. This function enables Shopify merchants to import and publish reviews as posts on Facebook and Twitter right in Socialpublish.


Unlike the other usual analytics apps on Shopify, Conversific does more than just provide merchants with store sales data. It is a new thorough solution for actionable profit analytics and traffic optimization to increase sales.

A special analytic app on Shopify

A special analytic app on Shopify

Conversific will take care of your store data from A to Z. In general, Shopify merchants can fully monitor their store data including sales, traffic, conversion, visitor count, etc in one single place.

Conversific will request to access your Google Analytics data to deeply analyze your business in detail.

With all the data you need, you can take data-driven actions to increase sales and grow your businesses better. For more detailed information about the functions, you can visit the Conversific page on Shopify App Store.

Conversific's abilities

Conversific’s abilities

Besides the benefits, Conversific offers Shopify merchants 100% free accounts with full access to all features.

Therefore, all merchants who are looking for a data analytics tool must try Conversific at once because it’s easy, handy, and free. It takes you only a minute to create a Conversific account or you can sign in with your Google accounts.


ReferralCandy – one of the best Shopify apps for referral programs has grown sales for more than 30,000 online businesses and even more.

It helps Shopify merchants to create referral campaigns. In this way, you can raise brand awareness and conversion by having customers recommend your brands or products to other customers.

For each customer that buys, the referrers will get the rewards in return. This is a very stunning way to increase sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

Give it a try with the Referral Candy app for 30 days free of charge

Give it a try with the Referral Candy app for 30 days free of charge

With the main function to generate sales by advocacy, Referral Candy is an ideal app. Especially, it is for Shopify merchants who are in the scaling up period. Currently, Referral Candy is offering customers a 30-day free trial before being charged. 


This is an all-in-one help desk for Shopify stores with more than 400 positive feedbacks from customers currently. Gorgias empowers Shopify businesses to increase sales by optimizing their customer support via chat with some mind-blowing functions.

  • Manage all chats in one place.
  • Check out customer order history for accurate information.
Another useful app to increase your sales

Another useful app to increase your sales

  • Automate up to 40% of customer support tasks.
  • Update Shopify orders directly from the help desk if customers add more products to their carts.
Update your orders quickly

Update your orders quickly

  • Intelligently detect the intent of what customers are asking for.
Gorgias helps you detect your customers' intentions

Gorgias helps you detect your customers’ intentions

For details, merchants can access the Gorgias app’s page on the Shopify App Store. Shopify merchants can experience this app for free in 7 days. To social commerce businesses, it is the right tool to reach a higher state of live-chat customer service and grow sales, and it is worth trying.


Trusted by +50,000 Shopify merchants worldwide, PageFly offers social commerce newbies a powerful yet easy-to-use drag and drop page designer. This package of features is brilliant for anyone to build beautiful and highly-converted all kinds of pages on their own. Merchants don’t have to pay for a real designer to do so.

With PageFly, Shopify merchants can create multiple types of pages such as landing pages, homepages, contact pages, FAQs, pricing, etc in just only one app.

Obviously, PageFly will provide you with all the essential design features to create, build, and customize your pages to the fullest.

Build multiple pages easily with PageFly

Build multiple pages easily with PageFly

Do not worry if you are a stranger to page design since PageFly is very user-friendly and easy to integrate with drag & drop editor & no coding. Pages created by PageFly integrate with other top Shopify apps like Loox, Yotpo, Ali reviews,, TRUST, Rivyo, Opinew, etc.

More importantly, PageFly is offering a free plan for all Shopify merchants. PageFly is such a good start for new merchants to design pages. 


To break the language barriers and increase sales across the globe, Shopify merchants should and even must use Transcy. It’s a powerful multilingual translation and currency converter. Transcy provides exclusive functions that you hardly can find anywhere else.

A Shopify app for currency converting

A Shopify app for currency converting

 Multilingual translation

  • Translate product info, front-end content, photos, images, etc.
  • Manage & translate store languages to target the right customers.
  • Allow to manually edit or translate the content as you want.
  • Instantly translate and auto-update newly added content to save time & effort.

Currency converter

  • Convert currency on your store into customers’ local currency.
  • Accurate exchange rates are updated daily.

Friendly language & currency switcher

  • Auto-detect visitor country.
  • Auto-detect devices to display responsive switchers.
  • Able to choose switcher styles and positions to fit your store’s theme.
Shopify apps to increase sales

Transcy also helps with translating

Transcy is providing free plans for all Shopify merchants, you can access Transcy’s website or app page for more information. 


It’s challenging or even impossible to tell you which apps are the best for your businesses. Therefore; in this list, we just recommend you with the top 11 best Shopify apps to increase sales steadily in 2020.

Each app will have specific functions to support Shopify merchants to start, grow, and scale businesses in multiple aspects. We are going to summarize the core functions of 11 apps so that you can pick the right ones for your own businesses. 

  • Socialhead (All-in-one social management solutions)
  • Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing (No.1 Solution for Affiliate Marketing)
  • TADA (Popups for collecting emails)
  • Oberlo (Find products to sell)
  • Ali Review (Social proof)
  • Conversific (Data analytics)
  • ReferralCandy (Referral program)
  • Gorgias (Live-chat help desk)
  • PageFly (Page builder)
  • Transy (Language translator & currency converter)

If you have more stunning Shopify apps to increase sales, please share with us and other merchants in the comments below. Good luck with your business and happy selling.