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Top 10 Shopify SEO Apps To Increase Your Store Ranking in 2022

What effect does SEO have on businesses? Definitely a lot. We all know that the higher you rank on search engine results pages, the more visitors and clicks your site will receive. Therefore you could also raise up your brand’s visibility and get stable, qualified traffic in a long, long time later.

Well, having a strong website that always shows up on top of Google search results seems like a goal of any brand. However, not everyone has enough budget for a whole SEO team. Otherwise, it’s no easy thing at all to rank in the top search engine results, especially when you’re competing against larger companies with higher marketing resources.

Thankfully, if you’re selling on Shopify, there are tools that can support you with all the website optimization tasks. In this article, we’ve filtered out top Shopify SEO apps of all time that could work for any scale of business. Let’s head inside.

Top Shopify SEO apps for all online merchants in 2022

#1. Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

As known as one of the first Shopify SEO apps above all, Booster knows very well about the problems that you might bump into while doing SEO. Thus, the app provides multiple features that help push your website on top of the search results.

Booster provides multiple features in 1 app

Booster provides multiple features in 1 app

With this tool, you will be able to save hours of:

  • Optimizing image alt tags, meta title and description, alt text, sitemaps, JSON-LD.
  • Auto fix and monitor broken links, also they have a URL Keyword Optimization to guarantee the links will always stay in a good structure.
  • Detect issues based on rules and send weekly reports back to your mailbox.
  • Improve website loading speed by reducing image sizes. This gives you a higher search ranking and provides better customer service.

Along with those features, the company also provides a world-class supporting service that can solve any of your concerns 24/7.

#2. Plug In SEO

As known as one of the most installed Shopify SEO apps, Plug In provides only 2 transparent pricing plans for any size of business: Free and a Plus one. So the free plan is for startups who are just getting started with their online store and want to acquire a basic optimization. Despite being free, this plan still allows users to scan SEO concerns across unlimited websites.

Only 2 transparent pricing plans for any size of business

Only 2 transparent pricing plans for any size of business

Otherwise, the paid version enables you with premium support from the developers along with premium function set and sophisticated optimization tools. This plan also includes pre-built templates at no additional cost to perfectly meet your store’s demands.

Check out some highlighted features:

  • Bulk edit SEO data including meta tags, image alt tags, headings, filenames, keywords,… just within minutes.
  • Help detect and fix issues for different pages: Collection, blog, product, and homepages.
  • JSON-LD schema markup.
  • Auto scan and fix 404 broken links across pages.
  • Periodic SEO Scan/Audits.
  • Multilingual SEO support.

#3. Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

Unlike other multi-function Shopify SEO apps, you can guess their key feature just by looking at the app name. Indeed, optimizing visual quality should never be underestimated. It could be considered one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO for businesses.

Hextom focuses on image SEO.

Hextom focuses on image SEO.

According to the company, it’s all about the visual data. People always focus too much on fixing many other elements, but forget about the key asset of SEO: Image. Many startups have failed because of that.

So to make sure your images are fully optimized, the tool provides these solutions:

  • Reduces the size of your photographs to enhance page loading times.
  • Add watermarks to your images in bulk.
  • Adjust image sizes for different sales platforms or social media channels. 
  • For higher visibility, you could start bulk cropping, scaling, and resizing your images while still maintaining the resolution quality.

#4. AVADA SEO: Image Optimizer

One of the top Shopify SEO apps, Avada provides every essential in one bundle, and even better, it’s entirely free. The app focuses on generating features that speed up your page loading time and make websites super Google-friendly without requiring any technical knowledge.

The app offers exclusive SEO features for free

The app offers exclusive SEO features for free

Based on Google best practices, this tool will:

  • Auto-add relevant Structured Data (Google snippets, JSON-LD) for your pages.
  • Insert alt tags for images across your site pages, automatically.
  • Optimize your image size and quality to improve your website loading speed and enhance customer experience.
  • SEO analyzing and reporting: Auto scan and predict all the SEO issues might happen, therefore give you best suggestions for better SEO improvement.
  • Verify your website ownership with Google Search Consoles, Alexa, Bing, Pinterest and more.
  • Broken links fixing and redirecting.

With a full pack of free, most needed SEO features in one place, the app is surely a must-try, especially for any new business with a low SEO budget.

#5. Search Pie: SEO Booster & Speed

Created by Secomapp – a company that focuses on developing tools for improving sales and traffic, this all-in-one tool received thousands of good reviews on the App Store.

Shopify might have a lot of SEO apps, but this is indeed a practical solution for SEO newbies since it allows them to perform all forms of optimization with just a few clicks.

Only a few minutes to get your website ready to go

Only a few minutes to get your website ready to go

In only a few minutes, the app will have your store Google optimized and ready to go. Let’s take a look at some powerful features from Search Pie:

  • Add JSON-LD to structure your product data more search engine friendly, no coding.
  • Convert SEO languages into easy-to-understand content, making it easier for even non-technical to use.
  • Auto identifiy and fix SEO issues across your pages. The app will also give you detailed reports, suggestions and how-to-fix guides for better optimizing.
  • Competitors’ website analyzing: Keep an eye out for your competitors’ page rank and SEo status to improve your site.
  • Update Image ALT text more SEO-friendly, and generate trendy keywords for better targeting.

#6. Smart SEO

Basically, the app will guarantee your meta tags and alt tags are in good working order, but in a more convenient way compared to other Shopify SEO apps. For better rankings, traffic and sales, all you have to do is pick a template, everything else will be handled automatically.

The only Shopify SEO app allows you to generate meta tags instantly

The only Shopify SEO app allows you to generate meta tags instantly

“Optimize your Shopify store in a way search engines will love.”

Said by Smart SEO, and certainly, the tool has enough features to help you achieve that target, for example:

  • Instantly generate meta title, meta description and alt tags by rules. And the best thing is that you don’t need to wait hourly or daily for the generation like other apps. With Smart SEO, it only takes you a few minutes.
  • Add structured data in JSON-LD formats to improve search engine results.
  • Multilingual SEO and Shopify Store Languages support, which is good for merchants who are having a multi-language store.
  • Manage your store sitemap and broken links in a breeze.

#7. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

As everybody wants their website to be more aesthetically appealing, they usually pick very high-quality images to post. But the fact is, if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you might be losing up to half of your potential clients.

Because of that, lots of Shopify SEO apps offer image optimization. But when it comes to images, TinyIMG SEO is definitely the most customer-favorite above all. 

Bulk compressing images without reducing the quality.

Bulk compressing images without reducing the quality.

Within a few clicks, this tool will incredibly reduce the size of your images up to 70%, while still maintaining the quality. This helps a lot in improving page speed and site experience, also lower bounce rate and exit rate. Otherwise, there are other powerful features:

  • Auto optimize all images without touching. Just set up in advance and let the system run automatically afterward.
  • Generate reports on your page speed and SEO, as well as provide practical recommendations for resolving any issues discovered. Making it easier for you to reach problems and fix them.
  • Optimize SEO meta tags to improve search rankings.
  • Add schema markup using JSON-LD.
  • Detect broken links and redirect users automatically to other working links.

#8. SEO Manager

As they call it the “super-charged SEO tool”, you’ll be amazed by how many powerful features they’ve centralized in it. With an extensive list of 20 unique functions in one single dashboard (more than any other Shopify SEO apps!), this software will take care from A to Z every aspect of your website optimization.

20 different features centralized in one app.

20 different features centralized in one app

One of the best features of the Shopify SEO Manager is that it provides SEO beginners with a complete step-by-step tutorial for improving their site. In other words, you can design a fully search-optimized Shopify store even if you have no prior experience with SEO, coding, or marketing.

Besides the basics, there are some fantastic features that are worth trying:

  • Bulk edit meta tags, also provide pre-made templates for faster optimization.
  • SEO scan and recommend improvements.
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Log, manage, import/ export and fix 404 broken links in real-time.
  • Submit and manage Google sitemap.
  • Integrate with Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed, Google Mobile-friendly Test, Google SERP Simulator, Google Trends,…

#9. SEO King

With a flexible pricing strategy, the app offers a generous free plan with lots of essential features: SEO scan, JSON-LD, bulk optimization for alt text, meta tags, product images,… So if you’re just getting started on Shopify, the app is definitely a great choice to begin with.

Run optimization automatically for your products and images

Run optimization automatically for your products and images

This is also considered as one of the all-in-one Shopify SEO apps, since it’s holding a large library of functionalities in one place. Such as:

  • Bulk update alt text and meta tags. You could also customize the keyword pattern and apply it to the data all automatically.
  • Scan across your store as well as your competitor’s sites to find out best-performed keywords. 
  • Run an AI-based auto-optimizer in the background to update trendy keywords for your products and photos.
  • Sitemap and JSON-LD manager.
  • One-click compressing every data for your shop, from products, photos to blog posts and collections.

#10. Socialshop

Last but not least, after optimizing your websites, your product listings on shopping channels will also need to be edited and highlighted too. 

Shopify is a potential marketplace, but in this era of online shopping, it’s better to surface your products on other marketplaces and optimize them for higher visibility. At this point, Socialshop is definitely a great choice.

Use Product Scoring to optimize your product content.

Use Product Scoring to optimize your product content

Not only sync products, but Socialshop knows how to make your listings stand out above competitors. With a pack of exclusive features, the app allows you to optimize products for higher discoverability. Check out these key functions:

  • Filter inventory by collections or by products to improve your shopping ads performance.
  • Use product mapping and category mapping to customize SEO-friendly content for each item.
  • Avoid product disapproval with the Scoring feature. The app will scan across your items and give detailed suggestions for each field, making sure all products get accepted by Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping.