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Top 11 Shopify Marketing Apps To Grow Your Business In 2021

Selling on Shopify is surely not easy, that’s why you need additional solutions to assist you throughout the process. But what to use and which is worth paying for, especially when there are over 4,000+ solutions with unlimited features on Shopify App Store? 

There are different criteria that you can use to evaluate Shopify apps, suchlike ratings, reviews, or installation rates,… But in this article, we’ve highlighted 11 of the top free Shopify marketing apps (either entirely free or free plan offered) that help shorten the list and facilitate the picking process for merchants.

Let’s find out.

#1. AC email marketing automation

Doing one-man-business means most of the time, you have to handle all the customer messaging issues by yourself. Though a lot of Shopify marketing apps provide auto-message delivery services, AC Email Marketing Automation will make conversations more personalized for a higher engagement rate for you.

Plenty of marketing automation recipes to grow your business

Plenty of marketing automation recipes to grow your business

By using their 500+ ready-made automation recipes, you could improve your store services in many ways:

  • Reduce abandoned carts: Create campaigns (using email, SMS, forms…) to remind customers about their last time shopping cart hanging, then offer great deals or newsletter to win them back.
  • Send personal messages: Track, overview, and analyze customer chat history to understand the context, afterward you can predict what they need and target better.
  • Seamless connection across channels: Centralize all your pages in one place, making it easier to turn off-site behaviors into effective selling campaigns.

Not to mention the app also lets you build an ultimate landing page with just dragging and dropping actions.

#2. Wizgo Marketing Automation

All in one, that’s how they describe Wizgo. Basically, if you haven’t got your own checklist of what to do for marketing effectively, just grab this solution instead.

AI-based automation brings more personalization to your marketing plan

AI-based automation brings more personalization to your marketing plan

With special AI-driven automation, this tool helps deliver a highly-tailored customer experience via email, SMS, the web, and even mobile applications. 

As introduced, they’ve prepared all the methods to drive engagement throughout customers’ browsing journey, such as: Building shopping flows, auto messages, real-time chat management on  Facebook/ Instagram/ Whatsapp, push notifications for websites, triggers, pop-ups, exit-intent overlays,… 

And to ensure higher efficiency, Wizgo’s analytical report is here for you to define market segmentation and track marketing activities in clicks.

#3. Growave ‑ Loyalty, Wishlist +3

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

Growave provides an all-in-one marketing platform to empower your Shopify store

Growave provides an all-in-one marketing platform to empower your Shopify store

Best for small and medium-sized Shopify stores to have loyalty and rewards, reviews, wishlist, Instagram, and UGC in one place instead of several separate apps.

Highlighted features:

  • Has seven features in one app (Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Reviews, Referral, Instagram galleries, Social Sharing, and Social login) which can save your time and money.
  • Automatically sends targeted emails to customers with personalized wishlist emails and discount codes.
  • Provides detailed analytics reports.
  • Fully customizable and integrates with other popular apps.
  • Good customer support system.

#4. AiTrillion Marketing Automated

From email campaigns and website push notifications to loyalty and affiliate marketing programs, the app will analyze every customer’s behavior to come up with the most personalized message suggestions for your shop.

Multiple solutions centralize in one AiTrillion dashboard

Multiple solutions centralize in one AiTrillion dashboard

As proud to have over 11 different automation features in 1 simple app, AiTrillion will help increase your store sales in many ways:

  • Onboarding process: Suggest customers with relevant products, promotions, or coupons. Also by displaying product details, reviews, and ratings, you can get your customers’ attention right straightaway.
  • Retain current buyers: Send personalized suggestions, give seasonal discounts, and share interesting content about new releases and trendy items to sway customers back to your shop.
  • Overview of customers’ insights: In one platform, you can get a centralized view of consumer transactions across all channels, therefore predicting and optimizing all the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for the store.

#5. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Work smart, not harder – that’s how the app wants you to experience. Still about email and SMS marketing, but Omnisend has dug into every aspect, and pulled out all the ways to enhance the efficiency of your campaigns.

Advanced reports help optimize your marketing campaigns better

Advanced reports help optimize your marketing campaigns better

There is a reason why the solution is being trusted by 70K+ merchants worldwide. Indeed, it’s one of the most Shopify user-friendly marketing apps that allows even non-technical people to interact with ease. With a few clicks, you can:

  • Set up pre-built flows: Abandoned cart/ products, subscribers welcoming messages, feedback, reviews, or even retargeting emails to win back customers.  
  • Enhance email & SMS services: Shoppable emails, ready-made newsletter templates, drag-and-drop email builder, coupons,  … to attract engagements.
  • Gather customer data: Using various customizable forms such as pop-ups, registration boxes, landing pages, and wheel of fortune for an easier approach.

#6. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

As everybody knows, personalization is the key to higher engagements, conversions, and even sales opportunities. And, Klaviyo focuses mostly on this factor to build the best-automated marketing experience for your shop.

Dive into all data to craft the most unique experience for each customer

Dive into all data to craft the most unique experience for each customer

It is no exaggeration to say this is one of the most popular Shopify marketing apps of all time. Serving over 265K stores around the world, Klaviyo surfaces the personal experiences across every corner of your shop, from order information, and cart contents, to product recommendations, website feeds, and emails. 

Basically, the app lets you customize every content detail with “personalization on the next level” within clicks, regardless of how many recipients you have.

#7. Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots

No matter how many tools you apply to the store, at the end of the day it’s all about generating sales. 

Knowing the idea, Tidio’s core features were built to tap into the moment, where we can convert qualified leads into a potential selling opportunity.

The app provides multi-ways to approach customers using Chatbots

The app provides multi-ways to approach customers using Chatbots

According to Tidio, you’ll be able to raise 40% more revenue just by responding to customers promptly. And to make sure to provide ultra-quality customer support all the time, there are tips:

    • Using chatbots: They’ll take care of your hanging messages even when you’re at sleep. Otherwise, bots can be set up to handle simple questions or solve the most popular inquiries, so you don’t have to do it again and again.
  • Reduce cart abandonment and turn-away customers: Welcome new/ returning customers, send discount codes, offer free shipping, send personalized messages to engage with them while shopping,… And yes, Tidio bots can do it all.
  • Merge all channels together: Never turn down a potential consumer because they reached out to you through a route you rarely utilize, so the app lets you integrate every of your channel to maintain consistent services.

#8. Tobi SMS Marketing Automation

Tobi is packed with the most essential features that every Shopify merchant needs to increase revenue. You can set up flows to reach customers in the most natural way, and at the exact time schedule.

Tobi applies automation to their essential marketing features

Tobi applies automation to their essential marketing features

67% of visitors abandon their shopping carts. That’s why, unlike other multi-purpose Shopify marketing apps, the tool mostly focuses on ways to win back customers and avoid cart abandonment, and guess what, everything is automated. 

Either you can pick pre-built templates or customize messages for different purposes including Order recovery, abandoned cart alerts, promotional messages, customer rewards, asking for reviews, updates about receipt/ delivery status,… Just entirely up to you.

#9. Email Marketing by CM Commerce

Sometimes, just by optimizing your email marketing campaigns, you could see a huge enhancement in revenue for real. And this app allows you to maximize your email marketing profitability, just by clicks

The app has a library of creative campaigns for you to customize

The app has a library of creative campaigns for you to customize

Holding a large library of sophisticated automation flows, you’ll be amazed by how much you could set up for success with just emails, check out some key features:

  • Send custom receipts that could open up a new sales opportunity: Upsell right at the moment that you’ve never thought about before.
  • Showcase 5-star visual reviews to build trust: Catch their attention with ultimate social proof that could lead to even more buying decisions.
  • Create follow-up emails to retain customers: With high-engaging email recipes and perfect timing, you can increase repeat customers to the store.

#10. Consistent card – Abandon cart

Obviously, you could easily guess their core features just by the name. 

It cannot be denied that keeping customers to finish their shopping journey is always a serious problem for any business. Even in pandemic situations when E-commerce has a strong evolution, the cart abandonment rate is still more than 75% worldwide.

Reduce cart abandonment rate can be daunting, but this app will help you

Reduce cart abandonment rate can be daunting, but this app will help you

Understanding the situation, Cartkit aims to provide solutions that could improve cart activities and drive customers to check out faster.

“Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, there’s immense power behind the curtain.”

While other Shopify marketing apps could only solve problems on the surface, CartKit confirmed that they will always dive deeper into customers’ journeys, analyze the sessions, then find out the best ways to build relationships and boost sales. Focus on most essential functions, but make it exceptional above others – that’s why the app receives thousands of good reviews on Shopify App Store.

#11. Socialreply: Live Chat, Chatbot

Throughout a conversation with customers, we could either interact, build relationships, grow subscribers, or even drive sales. And that’s why Socialreply focuses on maximizing your messaging experience, making it personalized enough to convert prospects.

Socialreply holds a super friendly UI for even non-technical users

Socialreply holds a super friendly UI for even non-technical users

As an official marketing partner of Facebook & Instagram, the app merges all your Facebook messages and comments, together with Instagram DMs in 1 place only, easier to track across channels.

Moreover, with multiple Chat-Flows and Growth Tools recipes, you can greet visitors and expand subscriber lists even when you’re away.

Not to mention that things are super user-friendly that even non-technical users could set up like a pro.

Find Shopify marketing apps that best fit your business.

Shopify is a huge marketplace full of potential for any business sector at any scale. However, we understand that picking the perfect tool for your store can be frustrating sometimes.

These are the most useful apps we discovered during our research, and we hope that one of them is the appropriate fit for your store. Every tool has pros and cons, but since a lot of merchants have put trust in them, there’s no reason to not give those a try!