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Best 10 Shopify Email Marketing Apps in 2021

Do you know more than 4% of site visitors from email will buy something, compared to less than 2.5% from search engine and 0,6% from social networking sites? Well, so stop wondering whether email marketing is still important or not (because IT IS!) Thus, we pick out these best 10 Shopify Email Marketing apps so that you can install them for your business betterment! 

#1. Automizely Emails & Pop Up

Rating: 4.9 (4221)

Pricing: $11-$99/month | Free Plan Available

Automizely Emails & Pop Up by Automizely & Aftership is one of the best Shopify Email Marketing apps. It is renowned for powerful automation, robust features to enhance your sales performance significantly.

Features of Automizely Emails & Pop Up

  • Email automation: utilize sleek templates to take good care of your existing customers (newsletter, thank you email, birthday emails,etc.) and at the same time helps you win back customers (abandoned cart emails, win-back emails,etc.)
  • Website pop-ups:  Automizely’s professional website pop-ups come in different types for you to expand your subscriber list (exit intent pop-up / upsell pop-up, countdown timer pop-up, etc.)
  • Web push notifications: this robust app also enables merchants to send push notifications to convert online shoppers who consent to receive web push messages
  • Sales tools: once you’ve installed this app, you’ll get access to its various sales enhancement features such as hot badge stickers, free-shipping notification bars, etc.
  • Facebook Messenger Live Chat: besides emails automation and website pop-ups, Automizely is also popular because the app also empowers you to embed a Live Chat widget onto your website to support your customers better and faster

#2. Pop Up, Live Chat, Email & SMS

Rating: 4.9 (36)

Pricing: Free for $20,000 emails/month | $1.5 per $1,000 extra emails

Another awesome Shopify email marketing app we want to introduce you today is Pop Up, Live Chat, Email & SMS by Better Sales. This potential app receives a nearly 5-star rating for its powerful email & SMS automation, professional sign-up pop-ups & chat widget- all-in-one app. On top of that, it’s the most affordable one in this list!

Features of Pop Up, Live Chat, Email & SMS

  • Email collection pop-ups: this cool app will offer you fully customizable, engaging pop-ups so that you can grow your subscriber base steadily
  • Smooth automation: want to set it and forget it? That’s 100% possible with the app’s sophisticated pre-built email flow from welcome messages, personal thank-you notes to product recommendations, etc.
  • Robust audience segment: segmenting & sending personalized emails to your subscribers for higher conversion rate has never been easier
  • Beautifully pre-made email templates: have no design skills? That’s alright cause this app got you covered with a bunch of lit & trendy email templates
  • SMS marketing: professional emails are good but sometimes, not enough. The app by Better Sales gets that and allows users to send SMS to your audience to boost the response rate of your marketing campaigns
  • Live Chat widget: want to take better care of your customers? Pop Up, Live Chat, Email & SMS has your back! You can support your customers faster and also ask for their email address or whatever info you need 

#3. AVA SMS,Email Marketing,Pop Up

Rating: 4.9 (213)

Pricing: From $9/month | Free Plan Available

AVA SMS,Email Marketing,Pop Up is one of the most worth-installing Shopify Email marketing apps thanks to its powerful automation and a bunch of handy features that surely empower you to run effective email marketing campaigns.

Features of AVA SMS,Email Marketing,Pop Up

  • Automation Workflow: this app enables you to create smooth and powerful email flow to convert more sales in the most effective way ever. To name a few: Cart abandonment, upsell & cross-sell, transactional email, holiday, custom birthday, etc.
  • Split testing: Avada also supports merchants to split testing on their email campaigns
  • Various pop-ups: expand your email list with gamification pop-up, newsletter pop-up, add to cart pop-up, etc.
  • Segmentation: when you send an email to your subscribers, bear in mind that ‘the more personal, the better’. Fortunately, Avada empowers you to send email to your audience based on their  customer information/behaviors, order/items attributes

#4. OrderlyEmails: Email Templates

Rating: 5.0 (625)

Pricing: $49/theme | Free Testing

With hundreds of Shopify email marketing apps out there, if all you need is an app that offers professional pre-made email templates then OrderlyEmails: Email Templates is a no-brainer. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you only pay $49 for the email theme you want, which includes a whole package of 30+ Shopify email templates.

Features of OrderlyEmails: Email Templates

  • Designer email templates: with a one-time purchase, you can upgrade your Shopify ordinary email templates into a masterpiece with no design experience needed
  • Easy editing: the ‘Magic Designer’ will pull your Shopify store’ logo, brand name, etc. to automatically embed them onto your email templates without you having to sweat
  • Include upsells & discount in email: win back your customer with the product recommendations and sweet coupon/ discount codes right in your emails

#5. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Rating: 4.2 (1409)

Pricing: Email – $20/month; SMS – $5/month | Free Plan Available

Want to create effective automated email marketing campaigns? Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS is nothing but a wise choice. Similar to many powerful Shopify email marketing apps, Klaviyo is famous for its smooth email flow.

Features of Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

  • Pre-built email & SMS automation: one thing Klaviyo does better than many Shopify email marketing apps is its ready-to-use email & SMS flow. That means you have access to successful email flow of other eCommerce sites
  • Dynamic forms: to send your customers personalized emails, you need their email addresses first. Klaviyo offers tons of appealing pop-up templates so that you can expand your mailing list at ease
  • A/B testing: there is always room for improvement. Thus, the app allows you to make changes to text message, CTA buttons or anything you like to keeps improving your email & SMS marketing campaigns non-stopping
  • Segmentation: give your email a ‘human touch’ that makes your customers scream ‘This is written only for me’. With Klaviyo, you can send email to welcome first-time buyers or for VIPs, etc.

#6. Woo Spin Popups: Wheel Pop ups

Rating: 4.9 (709)

Pricing: $7.99 – $29.99/month | Free Plan Available

Expanding your mailing list is an important prerequisite to effective email marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should take Woo Spin Popups: Wheel Pop ups into account. Unlike other Shopify email marketing apps, this app focuses solely on email capture by various fun & engaging gamified pop-ups.

Features of Woo Spin Popups: Wheel Pop ups

  • Card dance: the coupons are all shown, the card will move from left to right, top to bottom and stop at one of the discount codes
  • Spin to win: incentivize your customers to fill in their email to spin and win a coupon
  • Pick a gift: offer your customers 5 identical gift boxes for them to try their luck
  • Reel of coupons: let your customers spin the reel to match the discount and win coupons
  • Advanced pop-up configuration: you can choose to display your gamified pop-up on either desktop or mobile only and decide on the possibility your customers will win a coupon playing your games

#7. Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch

Rating: 4.4 (1443)

Pricing: $14.99 – $24.99/month | Free Plan Available

Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch is one of the most trusted Shopify email marketing apps right now. This cool app is popular to Shopify merchants thanks to its beautifully designed dynamic forms, integrations with major mail provider services to unlock email automation’ full potential. 

Features of Mailchimp Forms by Mailmunch

  • Various Mailchimp forms: expand your mailing list with a wide range of pop-ups, scroll-boxes, top bars, etc. 
  • Discount coupons: offer your customers a sweet deal to earn their email address in a more convincing way
  • Landing pages: the app allows you to build landing pages designed so that you can come closer to your marketing goals (attract traffic, increase sign-ups, and boost sales)
  • Email templates by categories: Mailmunch makes it much easier for you to find your suitable template by category filter (food / apparel / cosmetics / electronics, etc.)
  • Drag-and-drop builder: spice up your email content with any element at ease

#8. Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Rating: 4.6 (24677)

Pricing: From $15/month | Free Plan Available

Privy – Pop Ups, Email, & SMS is one of the most popular Shopify email marketing apps. Privy is 100% worth-installing as it offers everything you need to leverage high ROI email marketing campaigns.

Features of Privy – Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

  • Email collection: Privy offers you various types of pop-ups (Spin-to-win, cross-sell, etc.) so that you can expand your mailing list quickly and effectively
  • Powerful targeting capabilities: send your customers the most personalized emails & texts based on their device, cart value, location, etc. 
  • Automated email: the app recognizes return shoppers who have previously signed up for email list and auto-send them cart abandonment email in case they exit without purchasing
  • SMS marketing: this awesome app also supports merchants to send text message triggers including cart abandonment and welcome first-time buyers
  • Free shipping bar: embed a fixed ‘free shipping bar’ to incentivize your customers to spend more

#9. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Rating: 4.7 (3972)

Pricing: From $16/month | Free Plan Available

By far, Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS is one of the most well-known and trusted Shopify email marketing apps. Technically, this app is still all about email and SMS marketing. However, it is powered with robust automation and boosted with its ease of use.

Features of Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

  • Pre-built workflow: this stunning app designs ready-to-use templates that are 100% customizable including cart abandonment, win-back email, new subscribers, etc.
  • Customizable email templates: add coupon codes and let the app auto-picks products to feature in the email to create beautiful shoppable emails
  • Build your email & SMS list: collect customers’ email addresses and phone numbers with Omnisend’s pop-ups (sign-up boxes, landing pages, spin-to-win, etc.)
  • Robust segmentation: send the most relevant and personalized emails/SMS to various audience segments including VIPs, first-time buyer, specific product category/items, etc.
  • Web push notifications: Omisend also supports you to send push notifications in association with email or text messages, increasing your chances of converting

#10. Email Marketing by CM Commerce

Rating: 4.7 (1062)

Pricing: From $9/month | Free Plan Available

Millions of branded emails are sent on a regular basis but not many of them generate much profit. That’s because these emails are yet to be fully optimized! And Email Marketing by CM Commerce was developed to help you leverage email marketing campaigns & get closer to your goals with its powerful automation, beautiful templates and so much more!

Features of Email Marketing by CM Commerce

  • Sophisticated email automation: create your custom email templates and set your defined triggers to initiate the email automation process (cart abandonment, welcome new sign-ups, upsell with personalized receipts, etc.)
  • Granular segmentation: everyone hates receiving robot-like emails. Thus, use the app’s powerful segmentation to send the right email to the right subscribers 
  • Email collection pop-ups: surely this powerful app can enable you to expand your subscriber base with eye-catching pop-ups
  • Social proof: boost your store’s credibility with authentic, visual customer product reviews displayed on site & inside your emails