Brand Collabs Manager: Maximize Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns!

As Instagram confirmed that Creators will be their marketing core in 2021, Brand Collabs Manager has been shifted to Instagram, making it easier for brands and influencers to find and build strong relationships with each other.

Let’s see how this feature can work and bring up even more potential customers for your social media channel.

What is Brand Collabs Manager

Started from Facebook, now expanding to Instagram, Brand Collabs Manager helps creators showcase their social profile in front of brands, simplifying the process of finding matched branded partners to collaborate with on Instagram.

Through this feature, businesses can also search for creators on the marketplace, and choose to partner with the one whose audience lines resonate with branded images.

Influencers Marketing is growing strong worldwide

The industry has grown faster than ever in the last few years, and is expected to be worth 15$ billion dollars in 2022. Therefore, Instagram is actually going ‘all in’ this time, just to get a slice of this Influencer Marketing pie. 

A win-win relationship for both Brands and Creators

Brand Collabs Manager proves that spending efforts on building beautiful Instagram accounts is never a poor decision, for anyone.

Brands Collabs Manager helps brands and creators find each other

Brands Collabs Manager helps brands and creators find each other

With this feature, creators can make money using their social media reputation and followers. On the other hand, businesses can easily find and maximize their connections with influencers, for more revenues and engagements.

How Brand Collabs Manager actually works 

For Brands 

It doesn’t matter how large your company is, you can always find a like-minded creator with a reasonable budget. 

    • A huge size marketplace of creators: Businesses may look for their ideal Instagram influencers to partner with, and there are always high-quality ones available at a large scale.
    • Identify your relevant partners: With Brand Collabs Manager, there is a higher chance for you to find the exactly wanted creators. Because it allows you to specify target countries, followers count, audience types, age, gender, interest,… of the creators.

  • Maximize partnership performance: For each marketing project, brands can clarify their ideas in advance, then send briefs in detail for creators. This to avoid any misunderstandings during the working process.
  • Track and analyze content insights: Rather than just seeing post likes and waiting for creators to send detailed statistics as before, now brands can be proactive checking and comparing insight data across all creators’ contents.

For Creators

Besides Businesses, Creators, who take the majority part of Brand Collabs Manager, can also make more money using their Instagram profile.

    • Find best opportunities to collaborate with: Not only brands have the ability to find creators, but the other way too. In the marketplace, creators can seek relevant branded proposals and make contact directly without leaving the platform.
    • High control over displayed datas: In order to impress brands and drive valuable collaborations, creators may prepare their ‘social media CV’ including resume, previous branded contents or partners, target followers,… And every piece of information can be customized.


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  • Share transparency performance metrics: With Brand Collabs Manager, creators can easily prove their work results and achievements. Before this, it seems hard for influencers to report their performance precisely to brands. 
  • Manage everything in one place: This works best on micro or nano influencers who usually multi-task on their own. Now they have this tool to overview and organize everything in the same spot. 

Why you should adapt Brand Collabs Manager 

Instagram releases more tools to support Influencers Marketing

From Creators Profile, Shoppable Post, Instagram Checkout, to Branded Advertising, Shopping from Creators and Shopping Tab, every feature has been launched one by one just to enhance Influencers Marketing.

Creators on Instagram are a vital part of our community, and we will be investing even more resources in 2020 to help them build their businesses on Instagram.

Said by the official Instagram team, and though Brand Collabs Manager is still only available for limited places and accounts, it’s surely a trend that you should not miss out on.

Transparency measure to create effective marketing campaigns

Once creators have the ability to share their performance data metrics, businesses can also have the best vision to analyze and improve their branded content for more engagements.

Depending on the in-depth database shared, brands will be able to decide which post they should pay more for advertising on. This to convert more potential customers and sales opportunities.

Brand Collab Manager might put a final stop to the era of Like counts.

Indeed, it’s been a while since we evaluate marketing campaigns’ effectiveness through public Likes, because it no longer works. Nowadays, Brand Collabs Manager allows you to judge through interaction and engagements, which is much more trustable.

Improve influencer marketing strategies in a long term 

Compared to other platforms, Instagram is no doubt the leader above all while holding a huge database of creators. No matter what size of business, there will always be a wide range of creators for you to connect with.

Instagram is going all in to support influencer marketing

Instagram is going all in to support influencer marketing

83% of users find products or services through Instagram shopping posts, then Instagram stories. Together with extensive insights from Brand Collabs Manager, businesses can always build partnerships that target precisely their expected audiences.

Simplify the reporting process for Creators

Brands need statistics to improve their marketing projects. That’s why, creators always have to keep reporting back all data through screenshots, emails and messages. This usually causes lots of trouble for both brands and creators:

  • Misunderstanding in some data details
  • Late responses that leads to low-quality campaigns
  • Creators have to reveal their personal information

There are more, however with Brand Collabs Manager, these issues may not happen frequently anymore.

The feature helps Creators make more money using their Instagram presence

The feature helps Creators make more money using their Instagram presence

Literally, the platform will create a two-way communication stop and take responsibility for all data transfer in between. This to avoid disconnection problems and minimize reporting concerns for Creators.

Brand Collabs Manager is surely potential for businesses

Via this article, we can somehow have an overview of influencers marketing vision on Instagram. Brand Collabs Manage helps businesses of all sizes to research and connect with like-minded creators without leaving the platform. Otherwise, brands can easily create smarter partnership marketing campaigns that will boost up engagements, followers and sales potential.