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Instagram Shopping from Creators: How to set up for more Sales!

Since the shoppable posts feature reached 130 million users clicking through monthly, Instagram Shopping from Creators is finally here to enhance your shopping posts even more!

Only available in selected countries and brands, the function allows you to shop directly through creators’ Instagram posts. 

According to social media experts, Shopping from Creators can raise more sales, improve customer trust and better visual experiences than just branded posts.

Wonder if this feature is the best suit for your business or not? Read this article to find out what it is, and how to use it properly for the highest performance.

Instagram Shopping from Creators: What is it?

Businesses must be familiar with Influencer Marketing for a quite long time. The tactic is indeed very effective in promoting products, driving traffic, and attracting authentic engagements for brands. This time, Instagram has enhanced it stronger than ever.

People easily feel more inspired by the content from famous creators, especially the ones that they prefer most.

Therefore Influencers Shopping is full of potential, that’s why Instagram decided to immediately tap into this side of the market.

From 2019, they’ve released Shopping from Creators, which allows influencers to tag your brand products directly into their posts.

Creators can tag branded items directly to create shoppable posts

Creators can tag branded items directly to create shoppable posts

Through the shoppable post, customers can easily click on “View Products” to see more details, then make a purchase using Instagram Checkout function.

Full guide to set up Instagram shopping from Creators

Step-by-step for Business Owners

#Step1: You must have an Instagram Business Account to use this function.

If you don’t know how to create a Business Account, go to your Instagram profile > Edit profile > Switch to Professional Account > Continue > Select your Category > Done

How to switch from Personal Account to Business Account

How to switch from Personal Account to Business Account

After selecting your page category, choose Business type for your account, click Next and you’re done.

#Step2: After switching to a Business Account with its Instagram Checkout function enabled, time to grant access to your influencers.

Go to your Profile > Settings > Business > Shopping > Approved Accounts > select Creators as you want.

Grant access to your product catalogs for Creators

Grant access to your product catalogs for Creators

Once the creators have access to your collections, they can easily tag products into their stories and posts.

#Step3: Whenever a creator tagged any of your products, you’ll be able to track the performance of the posts.

In order to do this, click on the View Insights button under influencers’ posts. As long as they don’t remove your product tags, you can easily check for:

  • Impression of the posts.
  • How many clicks to the posts.
Check post insights easily with Shopping from Creators

Check post insights easily with Shopping from Creators

This allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your influencers and their content. Thereafter, you can optimize product campaigns based on analytics for better performance.

Set up Instagram Shopping from Creators – as Influencers

#1. First thing first, you will need a Creator Account. If you haven’t got one, the steps are similar to the guide for businesses (see above), but instead of Business, you’ll pick the Creator option.

How to create an Instagram Creator account

How to create an Instagram Creator account

#2. Ask brands to add your Instagram profile to their Approved Accounts (check out the tutorial above) , so you can have access to branded products and start tagging.

#3. Once you have access, you can easily tag any product to your photos, videos, carousel posts and even Instagram stories.

– How to tag branded products to create a Shoppable Instagram Post? 

On your Instagram account, create a new post. After adding media and writing captions for the post, you will see a new tab show up right under the “Tag people” button. 

How to tag branded products in your posts

How to tag branded products in your posts


Click in Tag products > choose the brand you want > find suitable products for your post > press Done.

#4. The steps are quite similar for Instagram Stories, but please note that you can only have a maximum 5 product tags for your feed posts, and only 1 product sticker for Stories.

You can only tag up to 5 products from a brand per post

You can only tag up to 5 products from a brand per post

The potential of Instagram shopping from Creators

Despite the fact that the feature is only available in selected countries and accounts, Instagram will surely expand it soon in the future. Let’s find out why.

Instagram is testing Brand Collabs Manager 

In the middle of 2019, Instagram hinted about releasing a tool to support the connection between brands and KOLs network, called Brand Collabs Manager. The program allows influencers to step up and find appropriate brands that are related to their content and audience type. 

Brand Collabs Manager allows you to track KOLs’ performance

Brand Collabs Manager allows you to track KOLs’ performance

In addition, Creators can share their insight analytics through the platform, making it easier for businesses to track creators’ performances. 

Extra visibility on Instagram Explore Page

Once you’ve realized how much admiration Instagram has for its Creators, you’ll see that the whole section on the Explore Page has been saved only for creators:

Instagram will soon replace this section by “Creator Looks”

Instagram will soon replace this section by “Creator Looks”

Instagram Shopping from Creators for that reason will be giving extra highlights compared to other posts. And by using it, you’ll get more chances to showcase products to the whole world.

Influencers Shopping helps Instagram gain more money

There are lots of reasons why Instagram will focus on this feature. First of all, just because they will charge a selling fee per transaction. 

– How? 

Remember that Shopping from Creators is only available for brands with Instagram Checkout enabled. There will be an extra cost for using that function, just take a look at this price list.

Creators are a vital part of Instagram community

Said Instagram in 2019, and therefore worldwide influencer shopping will be pushed even stronger in the upcoming months.

More sales but Less control

As a result of using Instagram features, brands won’t be able to have full control over their conversations with KOLs, such as data shares or any creators’ information.

Otherwise, by holding all the data details in between, Instagram will become more powerful compared to other platforms. This is definitely a good foundation for them to release new tools in the future.

Creators’ shoppable posts bring more discoverability for your brands

Creators’ shoppable posts bring more discoverability for your brands

It’s been a while since KOLs have to use third-way parties to earn commission per click, now it’s time for Instagram to collect back all that money.

Instagram Shopping from Creators: Huge benefits for brands.

Promote your products for more Sales!

As Instagram wants to give an extra highlight for Shopping from Creators, they will put it on top of your Explore page.

Unlike advertising, this section brings up more personalized experiences. It suggests related posts based on users’ interests, therefore you can target more potential customers around the globe.

Track insights performance of your Creators.

The key to driving more sales is analytics. And Shopping from Creators has combined all the essential tools to help businesses maximize their influencers’ performances.

By tracking views and clicks, you can understand customers’ behavior, improve products, and optimize sales campaigns better next time.

Drive engagement, CTR and revenues.

Creators’ shoppable posts will drive more engagements to your brand immediately. Not everyone believes in product photos, however audiences might have more trust in creators’ images instead.

Together with Instagram in-app checkout, customers don’t have to go back and forth to your page to find products anymore. Instead, they just need a few clicks to purchase right on the creators’ post.

Let’s build a stronger connection with your Creators

Literally, Instagram is really going all-in for Instagram Shopping from Creators this time. Though still in closed beta, the functions are expected to be the most powerful tool for businesses around the world.

How about you, are you ready for this trend?