Instagram Live Rooms: Most creative ways to craft your best Live ever!

Good news for Instagram users around the world: You can now go Live with 4 people using Instagram Live Rooms!

First launched in 2016, Instagram has decided to strengthen their popular Live feature for a bit more with “Rooms”. From now on, we can share the room with more guests, instead of only one-man-stream as before.

Doing business in a pandemic is never easy, so it seems like this function can help us grow engagements, and add a little extra exposure to our brands.

If you’re looking for an effective way to use Live Rooms on Instagram, or just simply want to know how it works, you’ve come to the right place. 

Instagram Live Rooms: What is it?

It’s been a while since you can only have 1 guest join and co-host with you in a Live session. Earlier this year, Instagram announced that we can add a maximum of three people to participate in our live stream.

Go Live with a total of 4 people using Instagram Live Rooms

Go Live with a total of 4 people using Instagram Live Rooms

It’s not merely more fun when the room is crowder, but you can have the strong ability to expand your community and grow sales from there.

Instagram controls your safety over Live Rooms

Instagram has proved that they truly care about user security while managing all the related privacy for the co-broadcast. 

  • People who have been blocked by any of the Live parties will be banned from watching the Live.
  • If you already filter unwanted comments for your Instagram Live, the setting will be applied for ‘Rooms’ too.
  • During the broadcast, participants can report and block offensive comments.
  • Viewers whose live-access has been banned due to violations of Instagram Community Guidelines will not be able to join.

Why you should use it now for four times engagements

Obviously, Instagram Live Rooms isn’t for everybody. You might think that the function doesn’t really match your business style, however with all the benefits below, there’s no reason for not giving it a try.

#1. Grow followers and expand community fast

No need for any advertising or promotions, just simply going Live and everybody will receive an Instagram notification about it. 

The more people join the Live (whether they’re your followers or not) means the higher chance for you to impress and convert them into your followers. Why miss the opportunities to have potential audiences from all your parties flowing in at once?

Going Live in a Rooms help grow your subscribers list effectively

Going Live in a Rooms help grow your subscribers list effectively

#2. Free way to marketing your products or services

Valuable content can get you valuable followers.

So you don’t need to be exactly the type of business that audiences are looking for at the moment. Because hitting the “follow” button takes nothing from them, so Instagram users just simply hit follow anyone they like.

Make sure you already prepare an engaging, funny plan of what you gonna say during the Live to avoid awkward situations. If you’re a newbie, here are some tips to go Live on Instagram.

#3. Give your current followers a new way to engage

If you’re lacking ideas for your Instagram content, then Live Rooms definitely can help. 

In fact, going Live with more people allows you to be creative about concepts, rather than just you doing the speech again and again as before.

Give them a hint about your upcoming Live surprise, then inviting secret guests during broadcasting is a good way to boost engagement fast. Just like Instagram did on their posts:

Let the audience know about your upcoming event to hype them up

Let the audience know about your upcoming event to hype them up

Or, if you already have a really popular guest like Justin Bieber or Kim K., just add them simultaneously when you start going Live.

#4. Get closer to customers even in pandemics

Did you know how Instagram suddenly came up with the idea of Live Rooms? Check out this incredible 9.1 million view counts from the live rap battle between Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, recorded by Instagram:


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Pandemic situations make people feel like they can’t go anywhere to have fun, so the internet is the only way left to find entertainment. For that reason, Instagram surely cannot help but expand Live videos even more with “Rooms”, also they already put a lot of Live-supported features in the making.

We can’t wait to see what more creativity comes from this highly-requested update.

Said by Instagram growth team, to prove that Instagram Live Rooms is really a thing that you should consider trying this year.

How to set up and add people to your Live Rooms

There are only a few things that you need when starting a Live Rooms: An Instagram account, a good internet connection, and your participants. Now let’s go to the details.

#Step1: From your Instagram newsfeed, open your camera. Then keep swiping left until you meet the “Live” function.

#Step2: Put on a catchy Live title to attract audiences, you can also mention your special guests in it. There is an aligned left icon on the left side of your screen, press on it to change your title.

Step-by-step of how to start an Instagram Live Rooms

Step-by-step of how to start an Instagram Live Rooms

#Step3: Check your internet connection again, then press the Live button to start going live. 

#Step4: On the bottom of your streaming screen, you’ll see the little camera icon with plus (+) sign on it, press to begin adding guests.

#Step5: A window “Go Live in a Room” will pop up, press “Invite” to find which followers or guests that you want to co-host the broadcast with you.

How to add people to your Live Rooms

How to add people to your Live Rooms

#Step6: After accepting your Live invitation, you’ll see the guests show up together on your screen. Otherwise, you can check for all the Live requests that people have sent to you.

Most creative and effective ways to use Instagram Live Rooms

#1. Create talk shows

This is the most mainstream way. The preparation is quite simple, all you have to do is find a controversial topic and invite a few guests.

Tips to choose your best live broadcasting topics:

  • Ask your audiences in advance through Instagram Questions
  • Create Instagram Polls for them to choose 
  • Analyze your best performing posts to discover the most engaging subjects



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#2. Organize branded events

Since pandemics, people always crave public shows, however, it seems hard to have a proper one. For that reason, virtual events are your best way to attract viewers and drive engagements for the brand.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some live event ideas from us:

  • Jam session: Music brings people together, so hosting a live music performance or radio session will naturally drive lots of traffic to your Instagram account.


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  • Live selling: Live-shopping allows people to try on products virtually without taking any effort and time, that’s why it went viral. So with Live Rooms, you can have both speakers and models on the same screen, which helps deliver a better shopping experience to your audiences.


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  • Time-limited promotion or giveaways: Fun things keep audiences engaged to the broadcast. With Live Rooms, you can collaborate with other brands or influencers, to throw mini-games, giveaways or great deals. That helps attract more interactions for your Live. 

#3. Host Q&A sessions

Even Instagram itself frequently creates live Q&As, which proves how effective this method can be. Instead of replying to each comment or story as before, you can start a Live Rooms, it brings more traffic and customer trust.

#4. New product launching

Videos have the highest engagement rate compared to other single photo posts. Indeed, more than 84% of internet users said that videos can somehow convince them to buy more of a product or service.


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Live Rooms for that reason is a  great way to promote your newly launched products on Instagram. Together with creators, you can also host a full Live series about how good your product could be. Live videos will help deliver more product detailed information, also you can ask customers’ opinion about the item to improve it next time.

#5. Live fundraising

Instagram Live has allowed us to do Live Donations since pandemic happened, and it works pretty well ever since. 

Instagram has released Live fundraising worldwide

Instagram has released Live fundraising worldwide

In a world full of generous people, this method can strengthen your business image and reputation in a very good way. Even celebrities and popular brands have Live Fundraising adapted, so you can always give it a shot.

#6. Start virtual training

If you’re an expert in your own field, hosting virtual classes is an effective way to attract audiences. We’ve seen so many online training sessions in the last few years, especially fitness classes just like this one:


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Using Live Rooms, your virtual classes could turn out to be more interactive than ever with many hosts at the same time. 

Otherwise, with billions of Instagram users, you will always find your audiences somewhere, because this method can actually apply to every type of brand and field.

#7. Strengthen Brands & Creators partnerships

As we’ve talked about throughout the article, Creators and Influencers could actually take a pretty important role in your broadcast.


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There are many creative ways to maximize the efficiency of your Instagram creators using Live Rooms, such as:

  • Interviews or Q&A sessions
  • Live feedbacks and try-on from creators
  • Host classes or conferences

Having influencers joining your Live videos will help increase engagement and attract followers for your brands fast.

In a nutshell

Apart from Instagram Live Rooms, the social platform is planning to release many related features just to support Live videos in the future. Still, not many businesses opt to use this trend yet, so taking a step ahead of your competition is always a good choice.