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5 Master Tips To Manage Instagram Followers For All-sized Businesses

If you are having trouble maintaining and growing your Instagram followers, then this article is perfect for you. We are going to show you 5 master tips to manage Instagram followers effectively for businesses of all sizes.

With our powerful tips, we expect to help businesses grow faster and stronger on Instagram. Let’s waste no more time. Grab your pen and notes to get started with all the best ways to manage and cultivate your Instagram followers.

Manage Instagram followers with an Instagram Business account

The first thing you must do in order to monitor your followers easier and better is to switch your Instagram personal account into a business one.  

Why? Because Instagram business accounts will provide you with an Insights feature that enables you to access and track the real-time analytics of your Instagram channels from  A to Z.

Not only manage Instagram followers effectively, but you can also stay updated with everything happening on your Instagram. In general, the metrics are broken down into 3 categories to support your Instagram management as below:

  • Activity Insights: Divided into 2 subcategories (Actions & Discovery) to let you keep track of how followers are interacting with your Instagram channels.
Easily manage Instagram followers’ activities taking place on your Instagram channel

Easily manage Instagram followers’ activities taking place on your Instagram channel

Actions allow you to overview your followers’ interactions upon your Instagram profiles and posts (Profile visits, website clicks, emails, get directions). Meanwhile, Discovery consists of data of impressions and reach.

  • Content Insights: This enables you to evaluate how well your content is performing on your Instagram channel. It is shown by how your Instagram followers are interacting with your content (photos, videos, carousel posts, or stories).
Analyze your content performance

Analyze your content performance

  • Audience Insights: Give you complete and detailed metrics about your Instagram followers.
Audience insights help you break data into detailed information to manage Instagram followers easier

Audience insights help you break data into detailed information to manage Instagram followers easier

Audience Insights include follower count, demographics (Gender, Age range, Top locations).  This feature helps you manage Instagram followers better and decide the right content and posting time to keep followers engaged.

These are just the sum-up of what Instagram Insights are capable of. Switch to an Instagram business account and experience it yourself.

Always greet new followers with welcome messages and posts

One of the good ways to gain real Instagram followers organically and nurture them is trying to interact with Instagrammers who are likely to be interested in your business. For instance, by sending the new followers a welcome message, you are creating a good first impression on them and encourage them to stay in touch with your brand.

Welcome messages help you maintain, grow and manage Instagram followers

Welcome messages help you maintain, grow and manage Instagram followers

This method is perfect for young and small businesses but it seems to be impossible for those that own hundreds or thousands of followers. If you are falling in the second case, then we recommend you publish a welcome post instead of a message.

You can craft the welcome content in your own brand style, so be creative.

Strictly invest in your Instagram content

Content is what convinces Instagram audiences to follow your brand; therefore, it plays a vital role in managing Instagram followers as well. 

To ensure that your content on Instagram is able to keep audiences coming back for more and also drive new followers, remember to follow these key standards:

Only post high-quality content and keep it frequent

Perhaps, you don’t know that Instagram is a platform where content means everything. Therefore, you should only post the best-quality content on your Instagram. Or it means you should focus on quality instead of quantity of your content on Instagram. 

Investing in your content is a good way to manage Instagram followers too

Investing in your content is a good way to manage Instagram followers too

The high-quality content offers you better opportunities to nurture your followers but also turn them into brand loyalists. So, make sure that your content must be well-edited, engaging, trendy, and on-brand. 

Also, don’t let your followers forget your brand, you should post on Instagram more frequently. Experts recommend that you should post on Instagram at least once or twice per day. Business owners ought to create a social content calendar to keep their posting frequency consistent. 

Write captions that engage your audiences

If you already have nice and eye-catching images or videos, then captions will play a decisive role in audience engagement. The great connection you build between your brand and your audiences can help you grow and manage Instagram followers quite effectively. So, make sure that you write captions that best engage your audiences. 

Of course, we cannot give you the example of impressive captions to follow, but we can give you some useful tips to do it instead:

  • Keep your captions short and concise or a little long but descriptive and useful.
  • Leverage mentions and trending related hashtags to make your Instagram easy to find and also drive more traffic.
  • Make sure your content interesting and perhaps controversial to encourage audiences to interact with your brands.

Clear? It’s time for you to write your own captions. Be creative!

Make the most of other Instagram features to manage and grow followers

As you can see, business owners are provided with various features to better engage and manage Instagram followers. All of the features are given for free, then why don’t you leverage them for your business? 

Each feature will support you in different ways to grow, engage and maintain your followers. Here, we provide you with all you need about different Instagram features so that you can deeply understand and know how to use them wisely. We already have multiple articles about these features, so you can read them for more details as below. Let’s click on our links and find out:

Interact with your followers through Instagram stories

Interact with your followers through Instagram stories

  • Build brand awareness and connection with your followers through Instagram stories. Impress audiences and new followers with all the most standout content with Instagram Highlights.

Instagram videos content is a good way to engage and drive followers

Respond to your Instagram followers promptly

One of the most important parts of monitoring your Instagram followers is to be prompt in responding to comments and messages. 

It’s not easy for followers to leave you comments or messages unless they really want to tell you something. Therefore, you are not allowed to ignore them. You have to dive in to find out what your followers want and give them the proper and helpful responses. 

Monitor comments and messages properly to manage Instagram followers better

In some cases, your businesses have too many followers and a lot of comments and messages to handle, you should leverage some useful tools. Just go to Google and type ‘Instagram auto-reply tools’, and you will have a bundle of choices for your own businesses.

Once again, we emphasize that it’s important to respond to your followers promptly. Why? Because it offers you more benefits than you thought. When replying to your followers, you will be able to listen to their concerns. The followers who tend to comment on various posts or leave you messages really care about your brand or products. Therefore, you can send them new products, promotions, or special offers to boost sales later and more. So, make sure that you never miss any comments and messages from your followers.

Final thoughts

Please remember ‘manage Instagram followers’ means that you have to engage with your audiences, grow and maintain followers at the same time. However, it is not easy at all to monitor your followers. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you should apply our 5 master tips to drive and maintain your Instagram followers better. Good luck!