OnePixel V1.4: Meet ‘Pinterest Pixel’ – Run Pinterest Ads that Convert!

Guess what? It’s OnePixel V1.4 – a stronger & better OnePixel coming to town!

In this latest version, we’re thrilled to bring to you the brand-new ‘Pinterest Pixel Tracking’. With this newly-updated feature, we aim to help you run high-performing ads on Pinterest, an image-based social platform that has just reached 450 million monthly active users. 

Let’s scroll down to see what you’ll get with OnePixel V1.4!

Introducing the brand-new ‘Pinterest Pixel Tracking’

With OnePixel V1.4, running high-performing ads on Pinterest has never been easier. That’s because you can now add Pinterest Pixel to your site with ease and track your visitors’ on-site behaviors wherever they go!

👉 Here are a few steps to install a Pinterest pixel on your website:

Navigate to the Other Platforms tab > Select Pinterest > Select Add New Pixel

A pop-up as shown below will appear:

Name your pixel, copy your Pinterest ID and paste it into the ‘Enter Pinterest Tag ID’. Then decide on your pixel target, it could be Entire Page; Collections, or Tag.

Where to find your Pinterest Tag ID? 

For any of you who don’t know where to find your Pinterest Tag, here’s how:

Log in to your Pinterest Ads Manager account > Click at ‘Ads’ > Select ‘Conversions’ > The Tag ID you’re looking for is in the ‘Pinterest tag’ section.

A Pinterest pixel installed with OnePixel allows you to track the events below:

  • PageVisit: track people who view your Product Detail Pages
  • AddToCart: track those who add items to carts
  • Search: track visitors who perform searches on your site to look for specific items
  • Checkout: track people who successfully complete their transactions

After setting up your Pinterest pixel, don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ and you’re all done!

💡 A few things to keep in mind when installing Pinterest pixels:

  1. You can add multiple Pinterest Tags to your website depending on your current plan.
  2. Pinterest Pixels can only help capture events from the browser-side

Besides the Pinterest Pixel tracking feature, in this latest version of OnePixel, we also bring some improvements to the in-app dashboard, making it easier for you to maneuver through.

Try OnePixel V1.4 Today!

Apparently, that’s everything we’re going to offer in this latest version of OnePixel. Should you have any further questions regarding these new updates, feel free to reach our dedicated customer support team via live chat or email.