Socialwidget V2.11: More Optimizations to Improve Performance and Experience!

On December 23rd, 2021, Socialwidget V2.11 is coming to all merchants around the world.

In this new version of Socialwidget, we’d like to bring more optimizations to improve the app’s performance and your experience.

Let’s continue and find out!

Optimization for better gallery synchronization

We notice that in the previous versions, the numbers of gallery media didn’t match up or synchronize well. As a result, this caused lots of confusion and worries for online merchants.

You can now easily manage your galleries in Socialwidget V2.11

You can now easily manage your galleries in Socialwidget V2.11

Therefore, Socialwidget V2.11 will help provide better synchronization of your gallery. You can see and manage your gallery easily every time you upload your media sources. 

A small patch note for the Product Widget feature

In the last update of Socialwidget, we announced a new feature called Product Widget to help bring your Instagram feeds to the tagged product detail page automatically. 

However, we discovered that there were cases where merchants created a product widget unintentionally. This happened when they created a gallery for a tagged product without saving the whole process.

Therefore, we can expect in this version that product widgets can be created only when they are saved manually.

Socialwidget V2.11 offers a new solution for Invalid tokens while connecting to your Instagram account

There has been a case when your Instagram account, either personal or business, and TikTok business account conflict with the Socialwidget app. And, it leads to the “Invalid token” showing up on a particular account. In some cases, it would take merchants a while to completely solve the issue.

The Invalid token error

The Invalid token error

Therefore, in this new version, we have created a new flow to help you deal with this situation. You will be asked to reinstall the app when you receive an “Invalid token” from your account. Besides, you should keep in mind when you want to Reconnect an account. If one account lost token, you should not change your current settings, just simply reconnect it again.  

The whole process is quick and easy, so you should expect this problem to be solved in no time.

However, if the problem continues, we suggest you contact our CS team to solve it thoroughly.

No more missing thumbnail in the carousel on your storefront

More importantly, in this new update of Socialwidget V2.11, merchants can now identify their carousel galleries much more easily.

Once you add a carousel, you can see the thumbnail image of it showing up in your gallery. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of your stunning carousels from your Instagram account, you will no longer have to check one by one.

Additionally, there is one thing you should keep in mind. This thumbnail will be the first image from your carousel by default. In case your first item is a video, the app will scan through the second, third,… items to grab the first image in that carousel (if there is any). However, if there is no image at all, the thumbnail will use the default image from the app. 


There are more optimizations in Socialwidget V2.11 as we want to provide merchants with the best eCommerce experience while using our app. For more details, why not try this new version of Socialwidget on the Shopify app store for free.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact our support via live chat or email. We are glad to help!