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Top 10 Shopify Apps Honest Reviews

Shopify apps are the gears that help your store function. They run in the background allowing you to optimize your store performance and marketing in ways you wouldn’t easily be able to manage on your own. Let’s check out the top 10 Shopify apps reviews, we will let you decide whether it’s worth paying for.

Top 10 Shopify Apps Honest Review - Are They Worth the Money?

Top 10 Shopify Apps Honest Review – Are They Worth the Money?

If you’re new to Shopify, then you’re probably wondering which apps you need to boost your store’s revenue. You’re likely also looking at the monthly price of these apps and wondering to yourself: Is it even worth spending all this money? 

This is an important question, especially considering most of these apps come with a free plan, and others on the Shopify App Store don’t charge at all. 

We’re going to give you a clear answer today. 

We’re going to give you 10 Shopify apps reviews across different categories and figure out when they’re worth spending money on. 

Let’s dive in. 

Top Shopify apps honest reviews: Worth the money?

Social media apps on Shopify help you to create dynamic marketing campaigns to drive up conversions, while page builder and tool apps allow you to improve your website’s UX, meaning happier site visitors who are more likely to return. 

Thus, Shopify apps are usually worth the money because they can help your store generate more revenue. But you should consider where your store is in its development before committing to paying for them. Some apps are worth the money from the start, while others cater to larger stores with bigger product catalogs. 


You’ve no doubt heard of Oberlo if you’re planning on, or already are, running a dropshipping business on Shopify. Oberlo allows you to source products for dropshipping, manage orders and fulfillment, and scale your business. 

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Oberlo - Dropshipping App

Oberlo – Dropshipping App

You can use Oberlo for free to get your dropshipping business off the ground. In fact, it would be illogical to pay for Oberlo in the early days of setting up your store. 

You’ll start to long for more features from Oberlo once you begin to scale your dropshipping business – this is when it’s worth paying the $29.99 per month to unlock more advanced features like bulk orders, real-time order tracking, and product variant mapping. 

FINAL VERDICT: Oberlo is worth spending money on once your dropshipping business is scaling.


Instafeed is a simple social media tool that allows you to create a shoppable Instagram feed that will boost conversions in a flash. It is a simple way to put social proof on your website, as well as to get your official business Instagram page more followers. This is useful stuff, especially with the new Instagram Shops right around the corner. 

Instafeed - Instagram Feed

Instafeed – Instagram Feed

The basic plan of Instafeed is free and allows you to access most of the features. The Pro plan is very affordable at just $3.99 per month and lets you manage up to three separate feeds, as well as tag products – a feature that you’ll likely want to use. 

The Plus plan is more expensive at $19.99 per month and it allows unlimited feeds and product filtering by hashtag. 

FINAL VERDICT: It’s worth spending $3.99 per month on the Instafeed Pro plan even in the early days of your business. Being able to tag products on Instagram is a great feature that will bring in more conversions. You really can’t ignore it for such a low price

Product Reviews, Photo Reviews

Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Loox has become one of the most reviewed apps on Shopify – and for good reason. The Loox app automatically sends review requests over email and offers discounts for customers who submit photo reviews.

Product Review, Photo Review

Product Review, Photo Review

You can use photo reviews as social proof and share them on your social media apps to bring in more conversions. Having a bank of photo reviews is a goldmine for SEO as well as social proof, so this is certainly an app worth considering from the early days of setting up your Shopify store. 

The basic version of the Loox app starts at $9.99 per month and allows you up to 500 photo review requests. The pricing increases as your photo review requests step up, which means the pricing plans adjust fairly as you scale your business. The most expensive plan is $99.99 per month. 

FINAL VERDICT: Product Reviews, Photo Reviews is definitely worth spending money on because it gives you tons of user-generated content to share on social media apps, as well as more social proof for your brand. 

Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce offers an optimized search widget and product filtering solution to greatly improve your website’s UX. The majority of online shoppers profess to use a search bar when browsing a website and it’s not uncommon for them to report feeling dissatisfied with this experience. 

Product Filter & Search

Product Filter & Search

This app allows you to include product photos and prices, as well as suggested products, similar variants, and other information in the search widget. It also allows typo-tolerance and synonyms to be considered when someone is searching. In short, visitors to your site will never see ‘No Results’ again, increasing your chances of making a conversion. 

The basic plan is $20 per month and includes analytics reports so you can see which terms visitors are searching and adjust your site content accordingly. It also allows merchandising. The pricing plans have the same features but increase alongside the number of products in your catalog. 

FINAL VERDICT: Product Filter & Search is worth spending money on if you have more than a few dozen products in your store. It’s essential for larger stores. 

PageFly – Fast Page Builder

PageFly is a page builder app that lets you optimize your website’s UX and create high-converting landing pages. This is a very useful tool for building your website from the ground up. There are several free templates available, so you can get a taste for this Shopify app before committing to a paid plan. 

Pagefly - Fast Page Builder

Pagefly – Fast Page Builder

The PageFly app allows you to make your website stand out from the rest. It saves time and money because you can design your store yourself with a simple drag and drop mechanism. This means you don’t have to hire a web designer. 

Having a unique Shopify store will increase customer trust and ultimately lead to more conversions. It also allows you to optimize your store for SEO. 

PageFly starts with a free plan that allows you to create one page per page type. This means one homepage, one collection page, one blog page, and so on. You can join a paid plan once you begin needing more pages designed on your website. 

FINAL VERDICT: There’s no need to pay for PageFly when you’re first launching your Shopify store as you’ll likely want to stick to a free Shopify website theme to keep things simple and cheap. 

You will most likely want to use PageFly to design landing pages once your business is off the ground. Having 20+ landing pages can see you have a dramatic uptake in conversions, so in effect, PageFly will end up paying for itself! 


AliReviews by FireApps imports reviews from AliExpress to make your product pages more trustworthy. The products on your dropshipping site are the same as the ones on your supplier’s AliExpress page, so it makes sense to import the reviews from their page to your store. This increases customer trust and leads to more conversions. 



You can show your product reviews on the Google Shopping feed to increase the chance of conversions and you can use the app in conjunction with Oberlo to bulk-import reviews. 

AliReviews starts at $9.99 per month and scales to $49.90 per month. Of course, it makes sense to start at the bottom and work your way up – you can begin with a 14-day free trial to see if the pap is useful to you before committing to anything. 

FINAL VERDICT: AliReviews is definitely worth the money if you’re running a dropshipping business on Shopify. Having reviews on your products, both on-site and on Google Shopping is a major influencer in building trust with shoppers.

Printful: Print on Demand

Printful is a very clever app that works in a similar way to dropshipping. You list products with prints like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more on your website. When a customer makes an order, it’s sent to a supplier who prints it and sends it to the customer for you. 

Printful: Print on Demand

Printful: Print on Demand

Printful is an entire business model in one simple app. You can print designs and sell them anywhere in the world and you don’t have to hold any inventory. It’s a simple way to start up your first Shopify business on the side and allows you to save time and money. 

Printful doesn’t charge anything for their app. Instead, they charge you for the product and the printing costs. Whatever remains is your profit. 

FINAL VERDICT: With no monthly fees, Printful is an easy way to start up a business in a flash. Try it out and see if it works for you. You literally have nothing to lose when using their service. 

SEO Optimizer 

Organic traffic is key to the success of any online store. Ads and paid product listings will only get you so far. SEO Optimizer has been used by more than 640,000 stores and is one of the most popular Shopify apps today. 

SEO Optimizer

SEO Optimizer

The app has a free plan that works on your image alt text, image optimization, and SEO rank. The US-based SEO support makes it easy for you to get on with running your business without having to worry about the technical side of search engine optimization. 

The Pro plan costs $24.99 per month and comes with meta tag optimization, broken link fixing, Google snippets, and more. 

FINAL VERDICT: Obviously, you should install the free plan of SEO Optimizer. Wait until you’ve got a good amount of content out before you invest in the Pro plan. 

Socialpublish – Facebook & Twitter Auto Post 

Facebook & Twitter Auto Post by Socialhead is a comprehensive social media tool that takes the time and effort out of your social media marketing strategy. The app allows you to schedule posts in advance and quickly post products and content to Facebook and Twitter. 

Socialpublish - Facebook & Twitter Auto Post 

Socialpublish – Facebook & Twitter Auto Post 


Facebook & Twitter Auto Post also gives you insightful performance analytics so you can see how effective your posts were, as well as auto-posting reviews to build up consumer trust in your brand. 

The free plan of the app lets you connect to one social media account and schedule 30 posts for the month. It also allows you to auto-post reviews and manages hashtags. The paid plans start at $9.95 for three accounts and 250 posts per month and max out at $49.95 for 15 accounts and 5,000 posts per month. 

FINAL VERDICT: The free plan is the place, to begin with, Facebook & Twitter Auto Post. You’ll likely want to upgrade to the Standard plan before long to get the benefits of more posts and linked accounts. The extra conversions you’ll make will make the app a very profitable addition to your store’s arsenal! 

Social Sharing Buttons 

The Social Sharing Buttons app by Zotabox is another popular Shopify social media tool that drives more traffic to your store and your social channels. You can add up to 20 icons linking to your social media accounts from your website. 

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons

You can gain more followers with Social Sharing buttons by offering discounts and insider information about upcoming sales and product launches. 

There isn’t a free plan for this app. The Starter plan costs $12.99 per month. More expensive plans allow extra features like branding and let you connect additional websites.  

FINAL VERDICT: Social Sharing buttons are only worth paying for if you’ve got your social media channels properly up and running. You can get more conversions when you have more followers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so the investment will ultimately pay for itself. 

Shopify apps pay for themselves

Ultimately, with all the Shopify apps reviews above, we conclude that Shopify apps are worth the money. They usually generate more revenue for your store, so it’s a no-brainer to use them – even if they cost money.

Don’t be put off by an expensive price tag once your business is scaling. Oftentimes, the price tag is steep because the app is so effective. This means more sales and more profit.