Top 5 Best Shopify Blog Sources For All Merchants To Follow

Are you looking for the most reliable resources of useful information and tips to start, grow and scale your business on Shopify? Then, you are in the right place! We are going to equip you with the 5 best Shopify blog sources that surely blow your mind and support you to survive and thrive in the e-commerce business.

Following these information portals, you are not only able to find full guidelines for Shopify beginners but also learn how to optimize and make your business last and shine at an advanced level. Moreover, the blogs from these sources are made to support you beyond what you receive from the Shopify customer support team. 

05 Best Shopify Blogs of all time!

Launching and running your Shopify store from scratch has never been an easy task. Firstly, you have to decide on which theme to choose so that it matches your brand voice. Then, you will have to put out great efforts to improve your store’s ranking on search engines.

Not to mention that as a newbie, you’ll find yourself struggling to earn traffic to your site, turn them into leads and eventually, convert them into loyal customers.

With so many marketing initiatives, you’ll have to learn a whole lot, and that’s why a good source of blog posts related to Shopify can be your life-saver!

Therefore, we’ve decided to compile the 5 best Shopify blogs that are a hundred percent worth browsing!

#1 Shopify Blogs

First things first, you are provided with the most reliable and updated information from the platform you are selling on, and it is the Shopify blog. As we used to mention in the article [How to get Shopify customer support], merchants are provided with a huge source of information through blogs written by Shopify bloggers themselves.

You can access a large number of useful blogs from Shopify for free

You can access a large number of useful blogs from Shopify for free

All the best Shopify blogs are broken into 6 different categories to specifically serve various needs of merchants:

  • Need an idea?: Discover brilliant ideas to start and grow your own businesses on Shopify.
  • Source products: Recommend you the best-selling products for your business.
  • Start your store: A guideline to instruct newbies to set up Shopify stores from A to Z.
  • Sales & Marketing: Offer you useful tips and tricks to help Shopify merchants drive sales and scale your business.
  • Founder Stories: Learn from the real founders of multiple successful Shopify stores.
  • Product updates: Inform you of the latest information about Shopify.

In brief, if you are seeking useful blogs to support your Shopify business, you should not miss the mainstream sources of blogs from Shopify.

#2 Socialhead Resources For Best Shopify Blogs

On the second position of this list, we want to recommend to you our proudful website where our content team has been producing a wide range of best Shopify blogs in multiple categories. 

Socialhead is a huge source of blogs about not only Shopify but also other platforms

Socialhead is a huge source of blogs about not only Shopify but also other platforms

The ultimate goal of Socialhead’s blogs is to provide all worldwide merchants with the most useful and reliable information to succeed in the Shopify business.

In total, Socialhead offers you 4 different blog categories including:

  • Get Started: Like its name, you can find all the instructions for beginners to set up a Shopify store and start selling from A to Z.
  • Store Management: It is easy to build up a store, but it is not that effortless to manage a business. This is how our blogs are going to help you.
  • Sales & Marketing: Blogs in this category are at an advanced level to help you not only start and grow your business but also scale up and drive sales efficiently.
  • Best Shopify Apps: There are thousands of apps (both paid and free) for you to select in order to support your business; however, you are unsure which one to choose or wonder if they are useful or not. Then, you can check out the best Shopify apps of Socialhead where we review and list down all the good apps that are worth your time and money.

Besides blogs on Shopify, we also produce content about multiple e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, BigCommerce). The blogs on these two platforms are separated into 4 categories as well. Just go to and check out Resources.

Moreover, our Socialhead content team aims to open more opportunities for merchants to learn about social selling through our Knowledge where we list down our useful blogs about Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, and Instagram Shopping.

For our current users, we build up an online library to update all the latest information about our 4 products (Socialshop, Socialwidget, Socialreply, Socialpublish) in Socialhead News.

#3 Avada Resources For Best Shopify Blogs

The third great source of best Shopify blogs that merchants should not miss is Avada Resources. Spending tons of time, Avada has built up a large library of content to cover nearly everything related to Shopify from the establishment to the growth and management stages of your business and even more.

Avada has a great resource of content about Shopify

Avada has a great resource of content about Shopify

This is a real big help center when merchants are in need of support. Come to Avada’s blogs, you will find all the guidelines you need to solve your own problems.  Furthermore, Avada constantly updates new content frequently, so all the latest information and most common Shopify issues are available here. Just go to Avada Resources and get over your difficulties.

#4 Oberlo

[ Oberlo Shutdown: Bad News for Dropshippers on Shopify? ]

One of the giant Shopify solution providers – Oberlo also has a grand source of content where you can find a lot of best Shopify blogs and even more. All the content of Oberlo’s blog will cover 5 main topics:

  • Business Ideas: Inspire you with a lot of practical ideas to start a business.
  • Build Your Business: Step-by-step guidelines and tips to grow and manage businesses.
  • Marketing: How to promote your products and drive more traffic and sales.
  • Design & Branding: Instructions to customize and optimize your storefronts to build better brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Entrepreneur Mindset: Blow your mind with motivational and entrepreneurial spirits. 

There are countless topics available on Oberlo for you to explore

Unlike other Shopify blog sources, Oberlo diversifies its content with more open practical topics that help business owners to build and grow not only their businesses but also themselves. 

#5 Pagefly

Last but not least, the next best Shopify blog source we are going to share is Pagefly Blog

Pagefly not only provides page builder solutions but also useful Shopify blogs

Known as one of the best page builder tools on Shopify, Pagefly also has a considerable library of Shopify content.  Currently, over 300 articles by Pagefly on multiple topics can cover all your needs including e-commerce best practices, guides, marketing, sales strategies, and even the latest updates. New articles will be updated frequently on Pagefly’s blog to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends.

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, we already recommend you the top 5 best Shopify blog sources where you can find all the useful knowledge and practical tips to support your Shopify businesses thrive in sales.  If you have other great resources of blogs on Shopify topics, please feel free to share them with us and other Shopify merchants in the comments below.