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Top 10 Shopify Flash Sales Apps that Help you Sell like Crazy

Customers love splurging on literally anything on Black Friday. They also love buying home decorations and gifts on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the list goes on and on with Valentine, Halloween, etc.! So are you sure you don’t want to take advantage of these special occasions to sky-rocket your sales with these 10 best Shopify Flash Sales Apps?

Best Shopify flash sales apps to support your online business

Without any further a do, let’s dive right in the list of top Shopify apps that you can use for any flash sales campaign.

#1. Flashify

Rating: 4.9 (22)

Pricing: FREE

On the Shopify Appstore right now, one can find bunches of landing page apps and dozens of flash sales apps. But an app that offers a flash sales landing page? Only Flashify can do so, making it one of the best Shopify flash sales apps! This app is a newbie, but its robust flash sales features, full customizability and ease of use is no joke! To name a few? It empowers merchants to create and customize a flash sale landing page with advanced configuration and highly customizability. More importantly, it’s a-hundred-percent FREE!

Features of Flashify

  • Discount code: set and apply discount codes on selected products all-at-one
  • Pre-made flash sale landing page template: after adding products, you can select any ready-to-use landing page template to match with your store theme
  • Flash sales widget: embed your professionally-designed widget anywhere (homepage/product page/about us, etc.) to direct visitors to your landing page
  • Flash sales coming soon page: let your website visitors know about the upcoming super sales event of yours to warm them up
  • Countdown timer: do you know that a countdown timer boosts your revenue by 10%? Thus, embed a countdown timer on top of the landing page to stir up a sense of urgency
  • Feature items: this awesome app allows you to decide the order of flash-sales items as your preferences (TIP: pin Slow-Moving Items first)
  • Hot item indicator: as the saying goes’ scarcity increases desirability’. Hence, manipulate the number of items initially sold to demonstrate that your items are selling like hotcakes!
  • Sale icon: spice up your flash-sales landing page with a ‘Hot Badge’ at a corner of your product image (something succinct like ‘1 DAY ONLY -50% OFF’)

#2. Product Labels & Badges | BFCM

Rating: 5.0 (329)
Pricing: $5 – $20/month | Free Plan available

Add your labels & badges with no coding required

Add your labels & badges with no coding required

To add labels & badges freely without any coding, you will need an app such as Product Labels & Badges of BSS Commerce.

With a massive library of 3000+ samples updated weekly, you can easily choose badges & labels for festive sales, Few Left Badges, Halloween Stickers, Pre-order Badges, Trusted Badges, Vintage Badges, etc. Before holiday events, BSS Commerce always updates the new labels & badges for merchants to choose. So that, you don’t need to spend time searching for images on Google!
In addition, you can design your labels to attract customers’ eyes. Besides, Product Labels & Badges by BSS allows you to choose where the labels appear with nine pre-calculated positions within the product images in different sizes.

Finally, you can add variables to show the For Sale, In Stock, and Sold Clearly labels with numbers with the label per variants feature. More specifically, if you already have variations, the application supports displaying multiple labels at once and brings unexpected harmony instead of an overlap.

#3. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

Rating: 4.2 (39)

Pricing: $9.95 – $19.95/month | Free Plan Available

Having a sophisticated product catalog? Then applying discount codes on each item one after one must be unnecessarily time-consuming, isn’t it? If that’s the case, save your time with Bulk Price Editor/Price Change. Though it doesn’t offer many badass functionalities as Flashify, if everything you need is to change product prices in bulk for flash sales campaigns, then it is one of the best Shopify flash sales apps for your needs!

Features of Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

  • Adjust price by percentage: increase or decrease your product prices by percentage (e.g: 10% or 15% off)
  • Adjust price by a flat amount: increase or decrease your product prices by a fixed amount (e.g: $3 or $4)
  • Set price to the same amount: it’s reasonable to give the shirt with a more trending color a higher price. But when that color stops being hot, lower it immediately (or the item will stay in your inventory forever!). And this app allows you to set multiple product prices to the same amount (e.g: set all ‘wolf T-shirt’ to $50)
  • Advanced filters: you can use filters to adjust the price of only the products you want. And what makes this app cooler than many Shopify flash sales apps is that you can combine any filter that you want for a more precise result
  • Schedule your price changes: you can set the exact date and time to change the product prices for flash sales events and revert them back to normal prices when the events end

#4. Ultimate Sales Boost

Rating: 4.8 (7161)

Pricing: From $9.99 – $29.99/month | Free Plan Available

Ultimate Sales Boost is one of the best Shopify flash sales apps of all time. This cool app is trusted by thousands of merchants to run their flash sales campaigns effectively. To name a few, you can embed a sleek countdown timer anywhere on your site, add hot badge stickers to your flash sales products and feature them on homepage or wherever you want to. 

Features of Ultimate Sales Boost

  • Flash-sales widget: feature your promotional widget on Home page to let your customers know about your flash sales campaign
  • Countdown timer: always remind your customers that the clock is ticking and their sweet deals will go away soon. And this stunning app allows you to display a countdown timer anywhere on your site (home page, collection page, product page, etc.)
  • Get-it by timer on product page: let website visitors know the discount will vanish after a specific time (e.g: Order within 5 days 4 hours 10 minutes by 20 November)
  • Sales stickers: add a hot badge to your flash sales item to make them more appealing than other products
  • Low-stock indicators: show your customers that their favorite items can be out of stock in any time would give them more motive to purchase
  • BOGO message: with the Pro Plan, you can even upsell with Buy One, Get One campaign in the cart page

#5. Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

Rating: 4.1 (229)

Pricing: From $18.95 – $27.95/month | Free Plan Available

Want a robust app that offers some other features than just a price editor? Bulk Discount & Sales Manager, one of the best Shopify flash sales apps at this very moment, won’t let you down. This stunning app enables merchants to bulk assign sale price on any item they want, customize how their sale items look with hot badge and countdown timer. On top of that, it empowers merchants to sequence their flash sale campaigns into different stages and set autopilot campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis.

Features of Bulk Discount & Sales Manager

  • Bulk discount editor: set flash sales prices for multiple products/ variants or all your Shopify catalog all at one
  • Discount by rules: you can give discount codes on your selected items by percentage or a flat amount
  • Discount sequences: this cool function sets Bulk Discount & Sales Manager apart from other Shopify flash sales apps. For instance, the app allows you to set the discount at 30% for the first week and 20% for the second one
  • Hot badges: highlight your promotional items with eye-catching badges with drag-and-drop editor
  • Countdown timer: add a countdown timer right next to your flash sale items to create a sense of urgency
  • Autopilot flash sale campaign: this is one of the best Shopify flash sales apps that allow merchants to repeat discount codes on their items weekly or monthly

#6. Rubix Bulk Price Editor

Rating: 4.6 (42)

Pricing: $1.65 – $3.65/month | Free Plan Available

Changing prices for flash sale campaigns and reverting them back doesn’t have to be tiring, especially when you have Rubix Bulk Price Editor- one of the most economical and best Shopify flash sales apps that help you change sale prices and set them back to normal in a few clicks. This app is loved by many merchants for its simplicity and ease of use. With just around $2 to $4 a month, why not give it a try?

Features of Rubix Bulk Price Editor

  • Powerful filters: applying multiple filters at once to pick out exactly the products you want to use on your flash sales campaigns has never been easier (title, vendor, variant, collection, etc.)
  • Multiple price change options: adjust your discount price on selected products by percentage, by a flat amount or update to a specific value
  • Notification update: after the price has been altered, you’ll receive an email notification. This helps you to track your campaign more conveniently
  • Auto-revert: at the end of your flash sale campaign, the app will automatically set your promotional items to their original prices without you having to concern about it

#7. Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

Rating: 4.5 (530)

Pricing: $8.95-$17.95 | Free Plan Available

Have a meticulous demand for countdown timer and announcement bar? Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0 is no doubt one of the best Shopify flash sales apps that help add an urgent element to your eCommerce website with powerful configuration for countdown timer. Apart from that, you can spice up your store visuals with a fully customizable announcement bar on top of your site.

Features of Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

  • Customizable timer countdown backgrounds: when you install the app, you’ll get access to 11 ready-to-use timer countdown templates that can be customized to match with your store theme
  • Display countdown timer everywhere: you can set the same countdown timer and display it on Homepage, Collection Page, Product Pages or set separate countdown timers for each aforementioned page
  • Auto-restart: if you switch on ‘repeating’ then the countdown timer will automatically restart after the end date
  • Scheduled timer: you can schedule your countdown timer when you want it, or make it auto-appear on your selected page at certain times weekly/ monthly 

#8. Daily Deals: BFCM Flash Sales

Rating: 3.9 (60)

Pricing: $19.99 – $99.99/month | Free Plan Available

This list can hardly ever be complete without the savage Daily Deals” BFCM Flash Sales app. Similar to Flashify, this is one of the best Shopify flash sales apps as of writing this article. It is well-renowned for its flash sale landing page and other functions to run your high-converting flash sale campaigns with full control.

Features of Daily Deals: BFCM Flash Sales

  • Product selection filter: select specific products, collection or your whole inventory
  • Discount by percentage or fixed amount: just like any other Shopify flash sales apps, this one also allows you to apply your coupon by percentage or a flat amount
  • Flash sale landing page: showcase your flash sale campaign on a fully customizable landing page
  • Countdown timer: stir up your website visitors FOMO with a professional countdown timer which can be displayed anywhere including your landing page
  • Post-purchase upsells: after your customers have processed their payments, suggest them relevant items they might find appealing in the thank-you page
  • Save indicator: don’t make your customers do math to find out how much they’ll save! That’s why the app also allows you to add a saving indicator right below your sale price

#9. Disco: Black Friday Sale App

Rating: 4.1 (62)

Pricing: $9.99 – $19.99 | Free Plan Available

Disco: Black Friday Sale App is another one we’d like to introduce to you today. It’s actually one of the best Shopify flash sales apps that will surely help you sell like crazy on Black Friday, Christmas, New Year or what you call it. This app offers you efficient tools namely bulk price editor, timer countdown, announcement bar, etc. so that you can enjoy your sales perks during holidays or any occasion you want.

Features of Disco: Black Friday Sale App

  • Product filters: apply filter to select only the items/variants you want to push sales such as a Collection, a specific Vendor or the entire store
  • Discount options: after selecting your desired items, you can apply a discount code by percentage or by a specific amount
  • Product page countdown timer: encourage website visitors to make purchases by adding a live countdown widget right next to your product
  • Announcement bar: what makes the announcement bar powered by this app stand out from that of other Shopify flash sales apps is that you can add text, a countdown timer, an email collection box and even an CTA button on the announcement bar and position it everywhere

#10. BD Bulk Discount Price Editor

Rating: 4.7 (105)

Pricing: $9.95- $24.95 | Free Plan Available

As the app’s name suggests, BD Bulk Discount Price Editor is one of the most simple yet effective Shopify flash sales apps that help merchants edit their product prices in bulk to run flash sales campaigns without the sweating part. 

Features of BD Bulk Discount Price Editor

  • Bulk change price: apply discounts simultaneously on certain products, their variants, and collections by percentage or by a fixed amount.
  • Sequence discount: similar to Bulk Discount & Sale Manager, this function makes this app one of the best Shopify flash sales apps. For instance, you can set 10% off for the first week and up to 50% for the last sales week.
  • Auto rollback: when your flash sales event ends, the app will auto revert all the promotional items to pre-discount price, without you having to do so manually.

Final thoughts

Above are the best Shopify flash sales apps that you can take advantage of to increase your store’s profit. Especially when there are events incoming, these apps can easily help you sell even more products.

Besides, you can also increase your brand visibility and customers’ loyalty. All you have to do is create sale campaigns with the best offers so that no customer can ignore.