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How to Calculate your Instagram Engagement Rate?

Have you ever seen an Instagram post so boring that you just want to scroll through it immediately? Well, that might happen to your posts if you calculate your Instagram engagement rate incorrectly and make wrong decisions accordingly.

What is Instagram Engagement Rate and Why you Should Track It?

Instagram engagement rate is an indicator showing how many users interact with your content on the platform. This includes the numbers of likes, shares, comments, saves, and more.

This metric is so important because it reflects how interesting and relevant your content isA high engagement rate means your content is on-point and resonates with your target audiences.

A high engagement rate means you're on the right track

A high engagement rate means you’re on the right track

However, if you have +10,000 followers but only a dozen of them hit the like button or leave a comment, you better watch out. The red flag is flying!  

Perhaps you are wasting your time on ineffective marketing campaigns. It could be low-resolution photos, unappealing content, ads with a wrongly-targeted audience, etc. 

To avoid these things, you have to evaluate your engagement rate correctly. Because besides telling how your posts perform, your Instagram engagement rate also affects how the Instagram Algorithm ranks your content in the future. 

How can you calculate Engagement Rate for your Instagram posts?

Calculating this rate for your Instagram account might not be as easy as you thought. Indeed, there is not only one fixated formula to do so. 

Some brands prefer to calculate this rate by dividing the number of (likes + comments) by the number of followers. Meanwhile, some say it’d be more accurate to divide by the number of impressions, not ‘followers’.

Furthermore, some businesses also claim that comments are more important than likes. Therefore, they assert that 1 comment should be equivalent to 1.5 ~ 2 likes.

That’s why in this article, we will show you the 4 most common ways to calculate your Instagram engagement rate.

#Formula 1: Engagement by Followers

To calculate your Instagram engagement rate this way, divide the number of likes and comments by your total number of followers then multiply by 100.  

Engagement = (Likes + Comments) / Followers x 100

The data such as likes & comments count, and total followers are public info on Instagram. That’s why this formula is perfect for you (well, it’s your one and only choice) if you:

  • Want to check out the engagement rate of the competitors to see how you perform compared to relevant brands in your niches
  • Intend to team up with an Instagram influencer and want to know whether this person/brand makes a big impact on their followers (visibility is of great importance)

However, using ‘followers’ instead of ‘impressions’ might be misleading. For instance, some of your followers only check their Instagram once or twice per month and they’ll definitely miss tons of posts including yours.  

#Formula 2: Engagement by Impressions

The second way to calculate your Instagram engagement rate is to divide the number of likes, comments, and saves by the number of impressions then multiply that number by 100.

Engagement = (Likes + Comments + Saves) / Impressions x 100

Because this formula takes into account the number of people who actually saw your posts and decided whether to engage with your content or not, it gives you more accurate insights into your performance.  

To view this data, ensure that your account is Instagram Business Account. Navigate to your profile > select the drop-down menu at the top right corner > Insights. After that, choose “Post” and adjust to ‘Impressions’ and ‘Engagement’.

Image Source: Later

Image Source: Later

However, to view this data, ensure that you switch from an Instagram personal account to an Instagram business account.

It should be noteworthy that the number of total impressions and saves count is confidential info. That means you cannot compare your engagement rate with any Instagram account. 

Nevertheless, this formula may be more useful if you run Instagram paid ads and need to evaluate your campaign effectiveness based on impressions.

#Formula 3: Factored Instagram Engagement Rate

In some rare cases, some might put more weight on certain factors than others in the equation.

The so-called “Factored Instagram Engagement” can be substantiated by the notions like “shares carry more weight than likes so it must be multiplied by at least 2”. 

For example, a marketer may value comments above likes, shares or saves, etc. Therein lies a formula like this:

Engagement = [ (Comments x 2) + Other interactions ] / Impressions x 100 

This approach apparently inflates the final result and thus can be highly deceptive. That’s why we do not recommend using it. 

Instagram Engagement Rate – Do & Don’t

DO- Try to earn Instagram engagement in an authentic way

Here are things you can do to drive more sales and level up your Instagram engagement rate:

  • Invest in Instagram paid ads

If you are a newbie, Instagram ads is an ideal solution since it is fully integrated with Facebook. That means you combine Facebook’s accurate targeting capabilities with Instagram’s high engagement.

Not to mention that Instagram ads come in many forms. One common way to drive traffic to your Instagram store is promoting your Instagram posts under Instagram Stories ads and add a swipe-up link on the ads to direct the audience to your profile.  

  • Utilize Instagram latest features

With IGTV and Instagram Reels, Instagram prioritizes the content we are most likely to be interested in (most are from those we haven’t followed yet). 

Also, videos created with Reels and IGTV appear prominently like this on Instagram Explore Page. So why not make the best use of this free boost?

Instagram Reels and IGTV do stand out from normal posts like this

That’s why we highly recommend using Instagram’s brand-new feature to expand your reach.

  • Try to get yourself on the Explore Page

Instagram will suggest to us posts we are likely to be interested in on Explore Page. And most content we see there is from the accounts that are new to us.

Thus, by boosting your visibility on Instagram Explore, you can improve your discoverability and eventually increase your Instagram engagement rate. Here’s how you can do it!

DON’T- buy fake followers and likes

If you’ve just dipped your toe in selling on Instagram, be patient. Bear in mind that boosting Instagram engagement is a long-term strategy. +10,000 followers or thousands of likes and hundreds of comments are things you cannot afford overnight.

And you should never ever buy likes and shares to show them as social proof. Here are 3 reasons why!

  • Your account might get banned

According to the Instagram Community Guideline, buying fake followers is now officially banned. And those who commit such fraudulent will put their own accounts in jeopardy.

The modern Instagram algorithm detects bots and deletes them in a literal flash. Are you sure you want to invest in something that is so unstable? Plus, Instagram might ban your account too for having such accounts in your follower’s list.

  • No return on investment

Now suppose that your account doesn’t get suspended, buying fake followers still sounds like an awful idea. It’s like throwing money over the window. 

Because genuine engagement from real people can drive you more sales or increase brand loyalty, fake engagement, at the end of the day, is fake bots.

That’s why fake followers and likes are completely useless in increasing revenue or brand awareness.

  • You will risk losing customers’ trust

Apart from constantly pouring money to earn likes and followers for your posts to make them look natural, this practice will damage your social credibility greatly. 

Customers can see through your little tricks as easy as a pie of cake. 

And once they realized you are trying to fool them, they will turn their back on you. Subsequently, you lose a potential customer to your competitors. 

Final thoughts

We hope you can calculate your Instagram engagement rate correctly and come up with appropriate strategies & tactics to improve your presence on the platform. 

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