Hacking Instagram Explore, Increase Your Feed Posts’ Visibility

Getting your posts on the Instagram Explore page can mean a lot to a business. It allows more engagement from new audiences to reach your brand on Instagram, creating more possibilities for new potential customers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into hacking this Explore page!

What is the Instagram Explore page?

Instagram Explore is the network’s resource for any real-time content curation. The same appearance of the search function page shows different posts for every user on the platform. These posts are from accounts that users are yet to follow based on their likes and interests in the past. 

How the Instagram Explore page looks like

How the Instagram Explore page looks like

When users interact with your posts, your content will have a better chance of showing up on their Instagram Explore page. Moreover, it also has a better chance of showing up on this Explore page for those interested in your niche.  

Why is the Instagram Explore page important?

Generally, Instagram Explore brings you the same benefits as what you want for social media marketing – your brand’s recognition. 

By boosting your presence strategically on Instagram Explore, you can get more likes and engagement for your business. Moreover, you can also have more chances to sell your products, get new customers, and reach a wider range of audiences.

Hacking the Explore page is about knowing how to speak to your audiences in the right way. Ultimately, the content on this tab depends on how your targeted audience interacts with the app. When you can get it on the algorithm, Instagram will know how to connect the right brand to the right people. 

How does the Instagram Explore algorithm work?

You can hardly find an Instagram Explore page that is similar to another. That is because the content a person sees when they open the Explore tab is personalized by Instagram’s Explore Feed Ranking System.

How the Instagram algorithm works. Source: Instagram

How the Instagram algorithm works. Source: Instagram

This system is also known as the Instagram algorithm. It can adjust what content is to be displayed based on many data sources and ranking signals. Moreover, posts are chosen based on a user’s activity throughout the Instagram platform in this system.

You can learn more about this system from Instagram by visiting this post.

That’s why you should keep track of these “prints” of users and make your posts related to them. By doing so, you can get more chances of showing your products on the user’s Instagram Explore page.

How to get your posts on this Instagram Explore page

Now you are ready for the Instagram Explore page, you can take a further step and get your post on it. 

Know your audience’s taste

To make a successful post, you will need to make sure that your content is interesting and useful. When you can hold tight on the posts that your audience likes, you can get the most engagement and get featured on Instagram Explore

Therefore, you should pay close attention to the kind of posts that gets the most engagement for you. It can be a normal post or videos, or it can also be a carousel that attracts the most attention from your audience.

Take advantage of Insights to increase engagement with your brand

Take advantage of Insights to increase engagement with your brand

You can learn more about your audience’s preferences by using Instagram’s analytic tools. You will be able to sort out the best-performing post based on various metrics under the Posts section in Insights.

Moreover, you can also use a social media management tool to get insights and engagement for your posts. So, don’t forget that!

Remember to use relevant tags: geotags and hashtags

Tags are one of the most useful tools to increase the reach of your content in the Explore ecosystem. That’s why using them regularly in your Instagram posts can bring many benefits to your business. 

Besides, you should also remember that people use tags to search on the Instagram Explore page, too. If a particular hashtag catches someone’s interest, they can follow it as well. 

Instagram hashtags are not a strange term for anyone using this platform. They start with the symbol #, followed by text and numbers. However, they cannot include punctuations or symbols. On the Instagram Explore page, these hashtags are able to bring out the most related content easily and quickly.

Use hashtags for more chances of being discovered

Use hashtags for more chances of being discovered

On the other hand, geotags are quite different from hashtags. They use a specific location instead of just phrases and numbers. By using Instagram geotags, you can draw users’ attention who are interested in a location to your content posts.

Geotags help get your posts on the Instagram Explore page easier

Geotags help get your posts on the Instagram Explore page easier

When you want to start an Instagram shop, you need to take advantage of any opportunity. Therefore, choosing strategic Instagram hashtags and geotags will help create more engagements and get more followers to your feed post.   

Make Instagram posts while your followers are active

It doesn’t matter whether your posts have a stunning image or a good-looking product. If you post on Instagram at the wrong time, there won’t be many users interacting with your post.

Knowing when your followers are the most active can be the most important thing for your Instagram shop.  If you have an Instagram business profile, you can use the Insight page to check out your followers’ activity. By keeping track of their routines, you can make the most use of your gorgeous posts on Instagram.  

Try exceeding formats, such as Reels

There is no doubt that Instagram wants Reels to succeed. However, when it was first launched, people criticized it as a copy of TikTok. Still, Instagram Reels has proven itself to be a vital part of businesses of all sizes.

Try using other formats rather than just normal posts

Try using other formats rather than just normal posts

Additionally, Reels can integrate seamlessly with the platform’s AR effect and editing tools. As a result, this feature allows users to create clips which can last from 15 to 30 seconds. And of course, audiences are more fascinated by interesting moving content than just motionless pictures. 

Furthermore, getting discovered on the Reels tab means that you can also be discovered on the Instagram Explore page. Therefore, you should learn the tips to create Instagram Reels that work for your business.  

Final verdict

Hacking your way to the Instagram Explore page can help grow more sales for your business on this platform. Additionally, you can know more about your audience’s preferences and activity schedules to make better posts for your brand by using Insights.  

Therefore, you should take advantage of this information and get more engagement for your Instagram shop.