Socialshop V1.7 – Enhance Latest Features For Further Feed Optimization & Customer Targeting

Since Socialhead has joined forces with Facebook as Official Marketing Partner, we have created seamless Facebook Shop onboarding experiences for worldwide merchants through our app – Socialshop

With thousands of feeds successfully synced from Shopify to Facebook Shop & Google Shopping as well as over 10,000 current users, we now continue to launch a brand new version of ‘Socialshop – Version 1.7’.  

In this version, we offer more new features to further simplify and improve user experiences. In addition, we want to provide our valued merchants all the tools they need to sell even better on Facebook Shop and Google Shopping through Socialshop V1.7.

Let’s check out what’s new in this version.

Socialshop V1.7 – Enhanced Latest Features For Further Optimization

Socialshop V1.7 will have 3 tabs instead of 2 like the former version: Feed Center, Product Source, Sources Setting. With most user interfaces and user experiences are improved, the new version of Socialshop will be much easier to use. 

Moreover, as we already revealed, Socialshop V1.7 will offer more new features that are surely useful for merchants.

Feed Center Enhanced

Brand New Create Feed Flow

Socialshop now provides users new flow to create a feed and sync products from Shopify to Facebook Shop & Google Shopping. The flow will be much easier to use and clearer to overview feed info.

New Feed Creating Flow – Easy, simple & clear

Product Filter

This feature allows users to include only specific products in the feed instead of all products like before. 

Product Filter function locates at the bottom of Create Feed Page

Set conditions to filter your products as you want

To do that, you must enable the function and set conditions for your feed. You can add several conditions; and for each condition, you also can add several sub-conditions. 

Generate Feed URLs

Each feed will have a URL generated after you create and sync products from Shopify to Facebook Shop or Google Shopping. 

There are 2 places where you can find your Feed URL:

  • Feed URL on your feed.

  • Click on your feed > Setting > Feed Info > Feed URL

With feed URLs, merchants can upload their feeds to multiple platforms just by copy & paste. It is easy, convenient, and time-saving for all merchants especially those who sell across multiple platforms besides Facebook and Google.

New Feed Setting Page

We built a new page for Feed Setting where you can check out your feed info as well as make some adjustments if necessary.

All 3 sections in the Feed Setting

In Feed Setting, there are 3 sections where you can 

  • Facebook Catalog: You can go straight to your catalog in one click.
  • Feed Info: Copy feed URL or plan your submit feed schedule.
  • Product Filter: Include only specific products in the feed by setting conditions.

Product Source Enhanced

In Socialshop V1.7, we continue to improve user experiences by giving them 2 options for viewing products – Grid View & List View.

List View

This is the familiar display of your product list like in the former version of Socialshop.

The products are listed as you usually see in Socialshop before.

Grid View

This is a new option we provide in Socialshop V1.7. With Grid View, we visualize the product list in an easier and simpler way for merchants to overview.

Products are showcased as large icons with information.

New Source Setting

Source Setting Tab is separated from Product Source to ease user experience. In Source Setting, you will find some general sections related to product sources from Shopify.


This is where you manage which Shopify product source is connected with your current account.

Source Filter 

You are allowed to filter product sources by adding specific product collections or Exclude Product.

You can filter the products that you want to sync.

There are two ways to exclude products: 

Exclude Specific Product

Merchants can exclude exactly the product they don’t want to sync from Shopify to Facebook Shop or Google Shopping.

Select the products you want to exclude

Search for products to insert for excluding

Exclude Products by Rule

You can also exclude a wide range of products without manually picking up each product. All you need to do is to set rules. 

You can exclude products by rules

According to the rules you set, the products which satisfy the conditions will be excluded from sources automatically.

Source Setting

We keep the Source Setting nearly unchanged except for one little feature Product Description Reference. You can choose to Use Default Description or Use SEO Description.

Schedule Sync

This is a completely new feature of Socialshop V1.7. We now enable merchants to select how often you want your inventory to be updated.

Schedule Sync allows you to set time for product source updating.

You can set Repeat with multiple options from every 3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours. You also can set time as well as the timezone.

Manually Sync Data Fields

Whenever you update meta field values, you totally can sync them from Shopify to our app manually by pressing this button.

Metafields such as SEO titles, SEO descriptions, Custom Labels, Age Group & others can be updated manually on our app through this button.


To sum up, we are so confident in Socialshop V1.7. By offering several new features as well as improving the existing functions and user experiences, we highly expect Socialshop to exceed merchants’ expectations in selling across platforms with our apps.

Just a small reminder that you now can create a Facebook Shop easily and quickly in Socialshop with our FBE function. Here is the complete guideline from A to Z to create Facebook Shop fast and easy.

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You are all invited to join our workshop to meet and ask Facebook team anything. Join our workshop here.

Don’t forget to get the latest Socialshop V1.7 for FREE on Shopify or Socialhead Platform to enjoy selling across multiple platforms easier than ever before.

If you have any questions or difficulties when using the latest features of our apps, do not hesitate to contact us via Or you can ask for immediate supports from our proactive customer service team via in-app live chat.